Free Fire BR Rank Season 30 Start Date & Time – Rewards, New Features, Rank Reset

Free Fire BR Rank Season 30 Start Date & Time: The free fire br rank new season is all set to be released on 14 October 2022 at 12.30 PM. The previous season 29 conclude on 14 October 2022 at 9.30 AM. Each season lasts for around two months, followed by a major update. The approximate time of release can be estimated at 12:30 PM IST.

Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular battle royale game and its fans are all getting ready for the roll out of the latest OB36 update. Before releasing the Garena Free Fire Max update, the game developers rolled out their advanced server. Last month, the developers of Garena Free Fire OB36 update was released and now the game is prepping to release Free fire BR rank season 30. According to the reports, the new update of Free Fire max released on 21st September. Check out the expected free fire max br rank season 30 start date and time below.

Free Fire BR Rank Season 30 Start Date & Time – Rewards, New Features, Rank Reset


The Battle Royale mode is now in the midst of Season 29, which will remain active for a few more days. Users can continue to climb through the ranks and obtain a variety of rewards set by the developers. However, as the end date of the ongoing season draws closer, many individuals are looking for details regarding Ranked Season 30 of the mode. The following section provides its release date and more information.

Free Fire Max BR Rank Season 30 start date & Time

Garena has been releasing the new updates either the day or the day before the BR-Ranked Season 30 (Battle Royale-S30) draws to an end. Users can subsequently predict the release date of the OB36 version as well. The current Ranked Season 29 began on 12th August and will continue until 14th October. The highly-anticipated Season 30 will start on the same day (14th October) at about 12.30 pm IST. As a result, players do not have to wait long for the upcoming season. Ranked Season 30 will commence within the days.

OB36 Update Date21st September 2022
free fire BR rank season 30 Start Date14th October 2022
free fire BR rank season 30 start Time14th October 2022 at 2.30 PM
free fire BR rank season 30 End Date9th December 2022

During the Free Fire Maintenance time, players may not be able to access the game. But after the update, the game will be coming up with newly added features and faster access.

Go to Google Play Store/App Store to update your Free Fire game after 2.30 pm IST. The device speed matters to catch this update faster. If you are using an outdated software in your device go for APK and OBB files to access the OB36 update faster.

BR Rank Season 30 Rewards

Complete the BR Ranked Season 30 Matches and get Free Rewards As follows:


Bronze II: Summon Air Drop, Gold (x200), Rank Token (x10)

Bronze III: Bonfire, Gold (x200), Rank Token (x15)

Silver I: Silver Banner S13, Universal Fragments (x100), Rank Token (x25)

Silver II: Scan (x2), Gold (x500), Rank Token (x35)

Silver III: Bonfire, Gold (x500), Rank Token (x45)

Gold I: Gold Banner S13, Gold Royale Voucher, Rank Token (x55)

Gold II: Bonfire, Gold (x800), Rank Token (x70)

Gold III: Golden M14, Universal Fragments (x200), Rank Token (x85)

Gold IV: Summon Air Drop (X3), Gold (x800), Rank Token (x100)

Platinum I: Groza Skin (7 Days), Platinum Banner S13, Rank Token (x125)

Platinum II: Bonfire (x3), Gold Royale Voucher (x2), Rank Token (x160)

Platinum III: Scan (x3), Universal Fragments (x300), Rank Token (x200)

Platinum IV: Gold Royale Voucher (x3), Gold (x1500), Rank Token (x225)

Diamond I: Groza Skin (30 Days), Diamond Banner S13, Rank Token (x300)

Diamond II: Bonfire (x5), Bounty Token (x3), Rank Token (x400)

Diamond III: Map (x5), Universal Fragments (x500), Rank Token (x500)

Diamond IV: Airdrop (x5), Gold (x2500), Rank Token (x600)

Heroic: BR Season 30 heroic shirt, BR Season 30 Heroic Emote (60 Days)

Master: BR Season 30 Master Emote (60 Days), Rank Token (x700)

Grand Master I, II, III, IV, v: BR Season 30 Grand Master Avatar & banner (60 Days)

The list of main rewards in the previous seasons is as follows:

  • Season 26 – AUG
  • Season 27 – SPAS12
  • Season 28 – P90
  • Season 29 – M500
  • Season 30 –

Battle Royale Rank Season 30 Rank Reset:

Before Season 30 of the Clash Squad ranked mode is released, the ranks of mobile gamers will be reduced as follows:

  • Score: 1000 – 1200 (Bronze I and Bronze II) to Score: 1000 (Bronze I)
  • Score: 1201 – 1400 (Bronze III and Silver I) to Score: 1130 (Bronze II)
  • Score: 1401 – 1600 (Silver II and Silver III) to Score: 1310 (Silver I)
  • Score: 1601 – 1850 (Gold I and Gold II) to Score: 1410 (Silver II)
  • Score: 1851 – 2100 (Gold III and Gold IV) to Score: 1520 (Silver III)
  • Score: 2101 – 2350 (Platinum I and Platinum II) to Score: 1610 (Gold I)
  • Score: 2351 – 2600 (Platinum III and Platinum IV) to Score: 1740 (Gold II)
  • Score: 2601 – 2750 (Diamond I) to Score: 1855 (Gold III)
  • Score: 2751 – 2900 (Diamond II) to Score: 1990 (Gold IV)
  • Score: 2901 – 3200 (Diamond III and Diamond IV) to Score: 2110 (Platinum I)
  • Score: 3201 – 6000 (Heroic) to Score: 2400 (Platinum III)
  • Score: 6001+ (Master) to Score: 2600 (Diamond I)

At the end of each season, your rank will be reset. Your new starting rank in the next season will depend on your performanace in the previous season.

Battle Royale Season 30 Few Features

Battle Royale

Revival Point Mechanism Adjustments

Adjusted the design and number of revival points.

“Ever came so close to successfully reviving your teammates at a revival point but was discovered by an enemy and did not have a Gloo Wall to take cover? In this patch, there will be a pillar inside the revival point, not only used for indicating your revival progress but also providing cover for when enemies attack. Enjoy being celebrated as a hero who resurrected three comrades while low on HP!”

Revival points will now have a pillar, which glows to indicate revival progress.

The locations of revival points will now be fixed, instead of random.

Increased the number of revival points from 8 to 12 in Bermuda, Alpine, Kalahari, and Purgatory.

Revival points are now immediately shown on the minimap at the start of a match.

Other Battle Royale Mode Adjustments

New loot: Gloo Melter, Treatment Laser Gun, Marksman Foregrip, Shotgun Stock, and Shield Gun (NeXTerra only).

Removed loot: Vest Thickener, SMG Muzzle, and Double Magazine.

New Vending Machine items: Gloo Melter, Sniper Stock, and Shield Gun (NeXTerra only).

New reward in Supply Missions: Ice Gun.


NeXTerra adjustment

New map interactions – moving carousel and platform in Farmtopia.

“Good news to all our Free Fire Players who loved the map interactions in NeXTerra! This patch, we activated the carousel in the middle of Farmtopia and the moving platform on the second floor. You can now have a more varied game experience in Farmtopia. Remember to watch your head!”

Farmtopia’s carousel and moving platform are now activated.


Weapon Skins Lifetime Progress

Permanently own weapon skins, forever and always.

“We’ve all had that tearful moment when we had to say goodbye to our time-limited weapon skins. Now, there’s a chance to let your favorite weapon skins stay for good! In the Lifetime system, you can accumulate Lifetime progress of a weapon skin by obtaining its time-limited versions. When the progress reaches 100%, you will own the skin permanently, even if the actual validity of the skin has passed. Check out the Gallery for a comprehensive list of weapon skins and your Lifetime progresses. Now go and fight for your beloved skin!”

In-game Experience Optimizations

Rank and matchmaking adjustments

“We always work toward an enhanced gaming experience, including improved matchmaking fairness, winning streak special effects, protection points, team contribution appreciation, convenient info display, and quicker in-game navigations.”

Rank Protection Cards:

  • Battle Royale and Clash Squad will now have corresponding rank protection cards.
  • The new rank protection card will be time-limited and automatically used during ranked matches.
  • The new rank protection card will have a strict restriction on applicable rank, season, and availability.
  • The former rank protection card will be converted into equal amounts of the new versions.
  • You can obtain a rank protection card by reaching the designated rank.

Teamwork Appreciation:

  • In BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked, helping up, healing teammates, and reviving will all count towards the final score.
  • The score details will be displayed on the match results page.

Team-Up Bonus and Buddy Mart

Kudos to those who love helping out newbies and veterans!

“Starting from this patch, newbies and returning players will receive a Team-Up Bonus whose perks can be shared with their fellow teammates. During the process, you can also earn Buddy Coins, which can be used to exchange for rare items at the Buddy Mart. Summon your newbie and veteran buddies for a match now!”

Team up with newbies and returning players to enjoy a faster LINK progress accumulation and more character fragments.

New Store addition: Buddy Mart. Spend your Buddy Coins here on exciting rewards.

Weapon and Balance

New Weapon: Treatment Laser Gun

New treatment weapon available in Battle Royale.

“If you want to be the Best Bud that everyone is searching for, here’s your chance! On top of the Treatment Sniper and Treatment Pistol, we designed the Treatment Laser Gun that heals teammates quickly and easily at mid-range.”

Heal amount per firing: 10.

Rate of fire: 0.12.

Range: 20m.

New Throwable: Gloo Melter

The Gloo Wall Destroyer.

“Gloo Walls can be such blockers to your road to victory. This patch, we are excited to introduce the Gloo Melter! Let it help you break down your enemies’ walls.”

After the explosion, the grenade will create a circular range at the target location, inflicting 150 damage to the Gloo Walls in it for 12 seconds. While the throwable is active, Gloo Walls inside the range will also take double damage when attacked by weapons.

New Attachments

Weapon-exclusive attachments!

“If you often find that you run out of ammo very quickly, it’s probably because you did not attach a magazine to your weapon. Attachments are key to enhancing weapons, so don’t give all the credits to Upgrade Chips. This patch, there will be specialized attachments for different weapons.”

Shotgun Stock: on top of possessing the accuracy boost from a typical Lv. 3 Stock, this item reduces reload speed by a 0.2s and weapon-switching speed by 0.1s.

Marksman Rifle Foregrip: on top of possessing the accuracy boost from a typical Lv. 3 Foregrip, this item increases rate of fire by 7% and scope speed by 10%.

Sniper Stock: on top of possessing the accuracy boost from a typical Lv. 3 Stock, this item increases rate of fire by 7% and movement speed while scope in by 10%.

Weapon Balance Adjustments

“On top of regular weapon enhancements, we also adjusted the headshot damage. Were you ever suddenly eliminated but couldn’t locate the attacking enemy? This patch, you have a chance to respond to an ambush, such as placing a Gloo Wall behind you and letting your teammates have your back while you heal.”

Shotgun Adjustments:

MAG-7: Muzzle slot closed. Distance of max. headshot damage: 7m → 5m.

SPAS12: Muzzle slot closed. Distance of max. headshot damage: 8m → 5m. Distance of min. headshot damage: 13m → 12m.

M1887: Foregrip and stock slots available. Distance of max. headshot damage: 7m → 5m.

M1014: Distance of max. headshot damage: 5m → 4m.

SMG Adjustment (except VSS):

Distance of max. headshot damage: 12m → 8m.

Rifle Adjustment:

Distance of max. headshot damage: 30m → 25m.

Marksman Rifle Adjustments:

Distance of max. headshot damage: 35m.

Distance of minimum headshot damage: 60m.

Factor of minimum headshot damage 5.5 → 4.

Adjusted the following weapons:

PLASMA: Rate of fire +12%.

PARAFAL: Rate of fire +10%.

FAMAS-II / FAMAS-III: Armor penetration +5%.

VSS-II / VSS-III: Rate of fire -5%.

M24: Damage +10%.

Anti-materiel Launcher: Damage to Gloo Walls 100 → 640.

Ice Gun: Now a rechargeable weapon.

SCAR: Now an upgradable weapon.

  • SCAR → SCAR-I: increase in damage and rate of fire.
  • SCAR-I → SCAR-II: increase in damage and rate of fire.
  • SCAR-II → SCAR-III: increase in damage and accuracy.

Adjusted the following armor:

Helmet Lv. 2: Damage reduction increased by 2%.

Helmet Lv. 3: Damage reduction increased by 1%.


New Default HUD

Try out the new HUD!

“Based on players’ feedback, we added a new set of HUD, which places buttons for throwables, Gloo Walls, quick messages, and pins to the right side of the screen. The buttons of commonly used functions are also bigger, so that you can conquer the fighting pit easier!”

New HUD available on the Custom HUD interface.

Training Grounds

The former Social Zone is now an independent Social Island.

“The new Training Grounds will now be solely used for training purposes. The previous Social Zone is now an independent territory, called the Social Island, which can be found on the mode selection page. We built a football pitch on the Social Island, where you will be able to flaunt your sportive side once the pitch opens up!”

Players can enter the Social Island from the bottom of the mode selection page.

Other Adjustments

  • When picked up, armor attachments will be automatically substituted with their higher-tier versions.
  • When a player is knocked down, they can choose whether to stand or crouch after being helped up.
  • In Battle Royale mode, players can choose to give up their lives when knocked down.
  • Quick messages can now be used while spectating.
  • After being knocked down, you can now view the reason for being eliminated and enemies’ damage statistics.
  • Added audio-balancing function, which can be used to tweak the proportion of voice messages and sound effects without affecting overall volume.
  • Mission progress on the match results page will now include veteran missions.
  • Updated the level-up pop-up window.
  • Updated the daily check in page.
  • Adjusted the position of the replay function button for better convenience.
  • Adjusted the auto-download content at the Download Center. The very old resources will no longer be automatically downloaded.
  • Receive immediate report feedback once you successfully report a player.


Quick Join

Search for rooms according to the desired map.

“Now, you can search for available rooms based on a certain map. Just pick your favorite map, and join a room to get it going!”

Quick Join button on the map details interface.

Currently only supports certain popular maps.

Available starting 9/23, 12:00 GMT+8

Droid Apocalypse Mode Template

Craftland Studio now offers the Droid Apocalypse template!

“Use this template to design your own droid attributes and create entirely new gameplays. Of course, a customized terrain for the war will make it perfect.”

Players can customize:

  • Properties of Humans and Droids
  • Play area terrain
  • Round duration and other basic settings
  • And much more!

Customizable Game Economy

Craftland Studio now supports in-depth customization of store and game economy.

“It’s FINALLY here! A customizable store has always been high on the wishlist, and we are excited to make it come true. As a creator, you may now fine-tune currency outputs, store items, and pricing. Feel this brand new power at your fingertips!”

In-game purchases via deployment of Vending Machines.

Supports the sale of most weapons and equipment.

Customize equipment slots and pricing.

Supports multiple stores in one map.

Other Craftland Optimizations

  • Enhanced the default terrains for some modes.
  • User-friendly enhancements for Studio.
  • Supports all vehicle types.
  • Towers now support the neutral setting for attacks.
  • Updated the cover image for some modes.

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