Free Fire CS Ranked Season 15 Start Date & Time – Rewards, New Features, Rank Reset

Free Fire CS Ranked Season 15 Start Date & Time: Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular battle royale game and its fans are all getting ready for the roll out of the latest OB36 update. Before releasing the Garena Free Fire Max update, the game developers rolled out their advanced server. Last month, the developers of Garena Free Fire OB36 update was released and now the game is prepping to release Free fire cs rank season 15. According to the reports, the new update of Free Fire max may come on 21st September. Check out the expected free fire cs rank season 15 start date and time below.

Clash Squad Ranked is one of the main game modes in Free Fire MAX. Players can enjoy the round of seven matches and grind hard to climb up the ranks in the game. The new season of the Clash Squad ranked mode, ie. Season 15 is scheduled to be released on .

Free Fire CS Ranked Season 15 Start Date & Time – Rewards, New Features, Rank Reset

The new season of the Clash Squad mode is all set to be released today, 21st September 2022. The previous season commenced on 21st July 2022 and will conclude on 20th September 2022. Each season lasts for around two months, followed by a major update. The approximate time of release can be estimated at 2:30 PM IST.

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Free Fire Max CS Rank Season 15 start date & Time

Garena has been releasing the new updates either the day or the day before the CS-Ranked Season 15 (Clash Squad-S15) draws to an end. Users can subsequently predict the release date of the OB36 version as well. It is being speculated that the next Free Fire update will be issued around 21st September 2022, as the CS-Ranked Season will end on 16th November 2022. New free fire cs rank season 15 start date is 21st July 2022.

OB36 Update Date21st September 2022
free fire cs rank season 12 Start Date22nd September 2022
free fire cs rank season 15 start Time22nd September 2022 at 2.30 PM
free fire cs rank season 15 End Date16th November 2022

During the Free Fire Maintenance time, players may not be able to access the game. But after the update, the game will be coming up with newly added features and faster access.

Go to Google Play Store/App Store to update your Free Fire game after 5.30 pm IST. The device speed matters to catch this update faster. If you are using an outdated software in your device go for APK and OBB files to access the OB35 update faster.

CS Rank Season 15 Rewards

Complete the CS Ranked Season 15 Matches and get Free Rewards As follows:

Bronze II: Summon Air Drop, Gold (x200), Rank Token (x10)

Bronze III: Bonfire, Gold (x200), Rank Token (x15)

Silver I: Silver Banner S15, Universal Fragments (x100), Rank Token (x25)

Silver II: Scan (x2), Gold (x500), Rank Token (x35)

Silver III: Bonfire, Gold (x500), Rank Token (x45)

Gold I: Gold Banner S15, Gold Royale Voucher, Rank Token (x55)

Gold II: Bonfire, Gold (x800), Rank Token (x70)

Gold III: Golden M14, Universal Fragments (x200), Rank Token (x85)

Gold IV: Summon Air Drop (X3), Gold (x800), Rank Token (x100)

Platinum I: Groza Skin (7 Days), Platinum Banner S15, Rank Token (x125)

Platinum II: Bonfire (x3), Gold Royale Voucher (x2), Rank Token (x160)

Platinum III: Scan (x3), Universal Fragments (x300), Rank Token (x200)

Platinum IV: Gold Royale Voucher (x3), Gold (x1500), Rank Token (x225)

Diamond I: Groza Skin (30 Days), Diamond Banner S15, Rank Token (x300)

Diamond II: Bonfire (x5), Bounty Token (x3), Rank Token (x400)

Diamond III: Map (x5), Universal Fragments (x500), Rank Token (x500)

Diamond IV: Airdrop (x5), Gold (x2500), Rank Token (x600)

Heroic: CS Season 15 heroic shirt, CS Season 15 Heroic Emote (60 Days)

Master: CS Season 15 Master Emote (60 Days), Rank Token (x700)

Grand Master I, II, III, IV, v: CS Season 15 Grand Master Avatar & banner (60 Days)

The list of main rewards in the previous seasons is as follows:

  • Season 1 – Golden Desert Eagle
  • Season 2 – Golden G18
  • Season 3 – Golden FAMAS
  • Season 4 – Golden P90
  • Season 5 – Golden MP5
  • Season 6 – Golden M500
  • Season 7 – Golden M1014
  • Season 8 – Golden AN94
  • Season 9 – Golden M4A1
  • Season 10 – Golden UMP
  • Season 11 – Golden SKS
  • Season 12 – Golden SCAR
  • Season 13 – Golden M14
  • Season 14 – Golden AC80
  • Season 15 – Golden XM8

Clash Squad Rank Season 15 Rank Reset:

Before Season 15 of the Clash Squad ranked mode is released, the ranks of mobile gamers will be reduced as follows:

  • From Master 0-30 to Platinum I
  • From Master 30-80 to Platinum I
  • From Master 80-180 to Platinum II
  • From Master 180-280 to Platinum II
  • From Master 280-380 to Platinum II
  • From Master 380-480 to Platinum III
  • From Master 480-580 to Platinum III
  • From Master 580-680 to Platinum IV
  • From Master 680-780 to Platinum IV
  • From Master 780-880 to Platinum IV
  • From Master 880-949 to Diamond I
  • From Master 0-30 to Platinum I
  • From Master 0-30 to Platinum I
  • From Heroic to Platinum I
  • From Diamond I to Gold III
  • From Diamond II to Gold III
  • From Diamond III to Gold IV
  • From Diamond IV to Gold IV
  • From Platinum I to Gold I
  • From Platinum II to Gold I
  • From Platinum III to Gold II
  • From Platinum IV to Gold II
  • From Gold I to Silver II
  • From Gold II to Silver II
  • From Gold III to Silver III
  • From Gold IV to Silver III
  • From Silver I to Silver I
  • From Silver II to Silver I
  • From Silver III to Silver I
  • From Bronze I to Bronze I
  • From Bronze II to Bronze I
  • From Bronze III to Bronze III

At the end of each season, your rank will be reset. Your new starting rank in the next season will depend on your performanace in the previous season.

Clash Squad NEW Season

Survivors! Get ready to experience 2 new major changes with the new patch:
– Revival Points will now be in fixed locations and have pillars. These pillars will indicate your revival progress & you can take cover behind them if you’re surrounded by enemies.
– New weapon upgrade system in CS matches. You can now upgrade the same weapon to enhance your attacks. Additionally, new players will also get weapon recommendations to make it easy for them to select weapons!



We’re bringing some exciting new changes and features for you –
– New character: Tatsuya
– Gloo Melter Grenade
– New CS Map: NeXTerra & so much more!

Clash Squad

New Map

NeXTerra is now available in Clash Squad Ranked and Casual modes.

“After releasing NeXTerra in Battle Royale, players are looking forward to more gaming experiences in the new map. With the new zones and unique map interactions in NeXTerra, you can look forward to having a fierce Clash Squad battle in NeXT season!”

Available Zones:

  • Intellect Center
  • Mud Site
  • Deca Square
  • Museum
  • Grav Labs
  • Rust Town
  • Farmtopia

Weapon Upgrade System

Upgradable weapons are now available in Clash Squad.

“To bring new excitement to Clash Squad, we are thrilled to introduce upgradable weapons to this 4v4 mode. You now have more weapon options for the last few rounds, in which you could either purchase a secondary weapon or invest all your CS Coins in upgrading to an ultimate weapon.”

The CS Store now contains upgradable weapons, which can be upgraded using CS Coins. Available weapons:

  • MP5-I / MP5-II / MP5-III
  • M60-I / M60-II / M60-III
  • M4A1-I / M4A1-II / M4A1-III

Teammate Skill Combination Display

View the details and statuses of your teammates’ skills.

“Information about skills is at the core of the battles in Clash Squad. Therefore, we added skills displays in various places so that you could see the skills equipped by teammates. Such information is now available while in the lobby with your team, on CS Battle Cards, and from the CS scoreboard. This means that you and your team could communicate strategies right in the lobby. Even if you are teaming up with strangers, you can still adjust your battle tactics according to your teammates’ skills combination to find the best way to Booyah!”

Teammates’ skill combinations are now available in the Team Lobby and on Battle Cards and scoreboards.

Clash Squad Winning Streak

Show the world that you are on fire!

“On a winning streak and eager for a way to show it off? Now, you can flaunt your consistent victory to all your teammates. There is also a new winning streak animation after your Booyah. Be sure to check it out!”

3 winning streaks will earn you a winning streak emblem.

CS winning streak animation after Booyah.

CS winning streak will now be displayed in several places:

  • Team lobby
  • Match results page
  • In-game scoreboard

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