Wordle Answer Today #529 (30th November 2022) Hints, Clues, Solutions

Wordle Answer Today 30th November 2022 Hints, Clues, Solution : Out of many online word games Wordle is one of the most extremely demanding games. This game involves you to use your brain and decide on new words daily. Wordle is a 5 alphabet word guessing game in just 6 attempts. Everyday at sharp 1 am a new word puzzle comes out on the official website of Wordle.  Josh Wardle used to release this word daily  but with its growing popularity New York Times has taken the initiative to present it on a daily basis on its official website.

Wordle Answer Today #529 (30th November 2022) Hints, Clues, Solution

Wordle Answer for 30th November 2022 (Wednesday) : In this article we will be discussing the Wordle word of the day for 30th November, 2022. And the number of this word till now is 529. This article will give you proper information about how to play this game, it’s rules and the correct answer of the day. Few players have guessed it right in just  2-3 attempts but then others have taken a total of 6 attempts also.

Clues for 529 Wordle word of the day

Today’s word is much uncomplicated that anyone can anticipate in just first 2-3 trials. Though you have  3-4 other attempts left. Let’s now be attentive to the clues mentioned below:

  • It includes 1 vowels.
  • There is no duplicate Letter
  • its an noun and verb
  • learning and regard are the synonyms for today’s puzzle word.
  • It starts with S and ends with Y alphabet.

 You will get a word daily to guess. So if any way you are not able to guess it correctly don’t count yourself as a morose one. 

Today’s Wordle Answer for 30th November, 2022 (Wednesday)

Everyone is patiently waiting for today’s word (529th word). Now without wasting time let’s all of you know about the word, it is “STUDY”. This word is not that tough. Now it’s time to see how many of you can exactly give the right answer and in how many trials.

Wordle Answer Today #529 (30/11/2022) 28th November 2022 is : STUDY

Previous days Wordle Game Answer History Archives:

  • Wordle 522 Answer for 23rd November 2022(23/11/2022) is “DRIVE”
  • Wordle 519 Answer for 20th November 2022(20/11/2022) is “BRAVE”
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  • Wordle 513 Answer for 14th November 2022(14/11/2022) is “MAPLE”
  • Wordle 511 Answer for 12th November 2022(12/11/2022) is “VALET”
  • Wordle 510 Answer for 11th November 2022(11/11/2022) is “MEDAL”
  • Wordle 509 Answer for 10th November 2022(10/11/2022) is “UNITE”
  • Wordle 508 Answer for 9th November 2022(09/11/2022) is “RAINY”
  • Wordle 507 Answer for 8th November 2022(08/11/2022) is “SPELL”

How can we play Wordle game online?

As we already mentioned that this game is very easy to access just it  requires a bit of knowledge in word stock. This game may shake up your mind to the fullest.

•             Go to the official website of Wordle game i.e www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html.

•             Now type any word that consists of  5 alphabets and  hit the enter button to get some clues against that particular word.

•             Now guess the word using the hints available there. If any alphabet is wrong you will get notification accordingly by changing the color of the tiles.

As this game is very easy and mind-blowing at the same time, so we are approaching you to play this once.

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Rules of Wordle Online word game

There are certain rules for this online game. You must be aware of these rules as that will guide you throughout the game. And so players can play it with proper guidance and concentration. Here we are describing  the rules and guidance for this game:

•             You will get a total of 6 attempts.

•             On each attempt if your answer is wrong it will show some indication as per your response.

•             If you have chosen any alphabet that is not in the word then colour of that tile will become grey. And if the colour becomes yellow then the alphabet is in the word but not in the proper position. Now at last if the tile gets the green colour then it is a clear indication about the alphabet that it is in exact correct position in the word.

You all sitting back there should obey these rules to make your game easier. Go after the rules & clues and then at last we have shared the  Wordle word of the day. These rules are important to take up the word game challenge. Everyday at midnight it will be up with a new word.

Benefit of Wordle Online game

Though Wordle is a game only but it gets you many advantages. You must be astonished to know about the benefits of playing this game. It sharpens your brain as you keep thinking about the words and thus it increases your vocabulary knowledge as well. It is quite beneficial for everyone because each day you get a chance to learn a new word. Sometimes this word can be easy and sometimes it can be hard also depending on its level.

Final Words

Hope these clues along with all the other information have been provided you with the proper leg up. If you still find any issue regarding this Wordle game we are here to help you, just share your problem with us. We always respond within time to resolve your queries and issues. If you want to know about Wordle word on a daily basis then you can save the page and follow the daily updates on Wordle Online word game.

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