Phoodle Answer Today (7th October) Food Wordle Puzzle Daily Solutions, hints

Phoodle Answer Today October 2022 Solutions : Phoodle is the word puzzle game that is being played by a large number of people. This 5-letter puzzle word game got a lot of attention from the players. This is the word guessing game based on the food recipes. Food lovers having prior knowledge on various food items can play Phoodle game well. The Phoodle word puzzle game is absolutely free to download and play. The “marthastewart” is the developer of this food word puzzle game. Players can download Phoodle word puzzle game on Android, Ios gadgets. This game can be enjoyed on laptop, PC, Tablet, or other gadgets. While players can check the Phoodle answers of October month from the following. Also, players can check the archived answers of previous months. To solve the Phoodle word puzzle game, some hints will be provided by the developers.

Phoodle Answer Today (7th October) Food Wordle Puzzle Daily Solutions, hints

Phoodle Answer Today

The developers of Phoodle word game, marthastewart daily releases the Food word of the day. Players will get 6 maximum tries to solve any puzzle. Players who are playing the Phoodle Game can check the October month answers from the following. The puzzle words will be updated 12 am daily. 5 letter words will be updated by the developers. Players can guess the correct answers within 6 attempts.

Phoodle Game Word Puzzle Answers October 2022

Game NamePhoodle – Food version of wordle
Developed bymarthastewart
New puzzle time12 AM local time
Session7th October 2022
Recent Answer UpdatedToday
Phoodle Puzzle official

Phoodle word Daily answers List (October 2022)

Phoodle power language solution lists October 2022 were given in the following. The answers mentioned below are 100% accurate. Phoodle players can check the correct answers and analyze their game.

Phoodle Answer of the Day for 7th October 2022 is (07/10/2022) : FARRO

Phoodle Word Date5 Letter Food Word Answers
7th October 2022FARRO
6th October 2022ACORN
5th October 2022CHARD
4th October 2022tacos
3rd October 2022LIVER
2nd October 2022SCALD
1st October 2022eater
30th September 2022aspic
29th September 2022Ounce
28th September 2022gourd
27th September 2022roast
26th September 2022beefy
25th September 2022CREME
24th September, 2022Ponzu
23rd September, 2022Jerky
22nd September, 2022GAMEY
21st September, 2022CATER
20th September, 2022CRUMB
19th September, 2022float
18th September, 2022matzo
17th September, 2022kefir
16th September, 2022HALVA
15th September, 2022CHOPS
14th September, 2022fryer
13th September, 2022Yolks
12th September, 2022pluot
11th September, 2022anise
10th September, 2022cajun
9th September, 2022MACHE
8th September, 2022CLAMS
7th September, 2022GUMMY
6th September, 2022SAVOY
5th September, 2022PUNCH
4th September, 2022CACAO
3rd September, 2022BACON
2nd September, 2022PILAF

How to Play Phoodle game

Phoodle word puzzle game is absolutely free to download and play. This game can be downloaded on PC, Laptop, mobile, or tablet. Check the following process to download Phoodle word puzzle game and instructions to play.  

  • Visit the official website of the Phoodle game
  • Now you see 5 letters puzzle game on the screen.
  • A total of 6 attempts will be given to solve the word.
  • Guess the Phoodle in 6 tries.
  • Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word.
  • Press the enter button to submit.
  • The color tiles will be indicating whether your answer is write or wrong.

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