BGMI Redeem Code Today 7th October 2022 (Rs 75, 380) | Battle Ground Free UC Redeem code

BGMI Redeem Code Today: Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) is such a fascinating game which does not require any introduction at all, as a huge number of youngsters are involved in playing this game. It is easily available on Google Play Store and that is for free. Earlier, the game PUBG mobile has now been changed to a different name i.e. BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India), whose pre-registration was done on 2nd July 2021, and it got a huge response. Today this article is going to be useful for all the BGMI players because here is the entire details of new BGMI Free UC redeem code.

BGMI Redeem Code Today 7th October 2022 (Rs 75, 380) | Battle Ground Free UC Redeem code

Let’s get straight to the topic. battleground mobile redeem codes are for redemption of several rewards, gifts, goodies, etc. These codes are no doubt very helpful to play the game as the players get so many rewards which allow them to play this game efficiently and clear levels easily. But if one is not grabbing this opportunity, they may lose out on getting many attractive gifts from the BGMI team. Each time previously PUBG, now BGMI comes up with new and exciting BGMI Free UC Redeem Codes, which players eagerly wait for. Don’t miss out this golden chance.

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Who is eligible to access these BGMI Redeem Codes? It is quite obvious that you must have an account before codes redemption. So, those who have done pre-registration in 2021 early July can easily get notified and can access the codes. They are eligible to avail the opportunity. But if you are one of those who didn’t be a part of BGMI pre-registration, then you will not get free skins for vehicles, weapons etc.

BGMI Free UC Redeem code Today (Rs 75, 380)

Daily You Can Get free uc bgmi redeem code

Enter Your CHARACTER ID below Comment Box. We will Select one Random Person and Send 60 UC.

53PVTFPKUXSREU6R – Rs 75 -07-10-2022 (7th October 2022)

12DFBFLNEN5YJRXJ – Rs 75 -06-10-2022 (6th October 2022)

EEDZ2H95EK5SLU9B – Rs 75 -04-10-2022 (4th October 2022)

HG9KT31RXKNGNGK0 – Rs 75 -03-10-2022 (3rd October 2022) 

9RBDG8AP352N8DVK – Rs 75 -02-10-2022 (2nd October 2022) 

49G9G49NMPVKPCUD – Rs 75 -01-10-2022 (1st October 2022) 

AXVWF1DTZGNRSXG8 – Rs 75 -29-09-2022 (29th September 2022) 

455VKP8CGX5D2CGA – Rs 75 -27-09-2022 (27th September 2022) 

367AKU6F1BDYU7XY – Rs 75 -26-09-2022 (26th September 2022) 

4E8T3F54SMZB9VHR – Rs 75 -25-09-2022 (25th September 2022) 

A49829YWF91RX4BA – Rs 75 -23-09-2022 (23rd September 2022) 

GETMTHX1M56PN9MF – Rs 75 -21-09-2022 (21st September 2022) 

4U7JYA91WJ4VVC25 – Rs 75 -20-09-2022 (20th September 2022) 

0VUJMMY63UEZLB3E – Rs 75 -19-09-2022 (19th September 2022) 

CSHVU4A826DGJ03P – Rs 75 -18-09-2022 (18th September 2022) 

7NV8FH0ECZM47JM4 – Rs 75 -17-09-2022 (17th September 2022) 

GDBZR3FRAEYPMZCJ – Rs 75 -16-09-2022 (16th September 2022) 

GW7D9TZPXBMZ3M1T – Rs 75 -15-09-2022 (15th September 2022) 

3TYWDDY9GH6DRL4A – Rs 75 -14-09-2022 (14th September 2022) 

9KYUFCPJ8WRGC7D1 – Rs 75 -13-09-2022 (13th September 2022) 

J437JV4UFFJY4FYF – Rs 75 -12-09-2022 (12th September 2022) 

BSJTRUMYBT3N6P6P – Rs 75 -11-09-2022 (11th September 2022) 

FRE9HZEUU37J43DT – Rs 75 -10-09-2022 (10th September 2022) 

ENSRZN6RREW0F10V – Rs 75 -09-09-2022 (9th September 2022) 

K0JYUFN5HN1L5L65 – Rs 75 -08-09-2022 (8th September 2022) 

B5UXG8MV17GL3UP3 – Rs 75 -07-09-2022 (7th September 2022) 

52ADWN61MXXE83LN – Rs 75 -06-09-2022 (6th September 2022) 

ELGUS6B4MND0UM0E – Rs 75 -05-09-2022 (5th September 2022) 

7CGSKCDNHS68SDVW – Rs 75 -04-09-2022 (4th September 2022) 

F6858W2MR7ER9RXW – Rs 75 -03-09-2022 (3rd September 2022) 

KC1HFY59GU9P4UNB – Rs 75 -02-09-2022 (1st September 2022) 

BPY3NA65K62FFB3N – Rs 75 -31-08-2022 (31st August 2022) 

8477VPXXRHV4616Z – Rs 75 -30-08-2022 (30th August 2022) 

7NDF8E8T7XHMUPEL – Rs 75 – 29-08-2022 (29th August 2022) 

53DXLVGD9R5YM4LX – Rs 75 – 28-08-2022 (28th August 2022) 

FH6XCU184PHRGS8E – Rs 75 – 27-08-2022 (27th August 2022) 

3Z6L9SLU53212X86 – Rs 75 – 26-08-2022 (26th August 2022) 

JZ1NYRLJ6DNSE968 – Rs 75 – 25-08-2022 (25th August 2022) 

BE4LCZW0R0199R39 – Rs 75 – 24-08-2022 (24th August 2022) 

HNFEL0R66YNERSK0 – Rs 75 – 23-08-2022 (23rd August 2022) 

BFKV3HF3696P13UZ – Rs 75 – 22-08-2022 (22nd August 2022) 

B2RM204XKE8TL9JS – Rs 75 – 21-08-2022 (21st August 2022) 

27YDEZ6MLUGMPVBZ – Rs 75 – 20-08-2022 (20th August 2022) 

961881AEEZ6K4AUX – Rs 75 – 19-08-2022 (19th August 2022) 

2VHVMPF503JGS3CZ – Rs 75 – 18-08-2022 (18th August 2022) 

HT8G8EFXAWNF8LJG – Rs 75 – 17-08-2022 (17th August 2022) 

7488U3PLHU7YMNDZ – Rs 75 – 16-08-2022 (16th August 2022) 

9SBLALJ9HD707HNM – Rs 75 – 15-08-2022 (15th August 2022) 

EA0J0SH66H9B3PRB – Rs 75 – 14-08-2022 (14th August 2022) 

5ABGPX557E2PSYBT – Rs 75 – 13-08-2022 (13th August 2022) 

GDP216KXYGELT4KT – Rs 75 – 12-08-2022 (12th August 2022) 

FKB3EFWRYBAU6P74 – Rs 75 – 10-08-2022 (10th August 2022) 

4JX5DW1KBA2U4MTB – Rs 75 – 09-08-2022 (9th August 2022) 

9SJY1228XN03V25N – Rs 75 – 08-08-2022 (8th August 2022) 

GHB7PBFCFPE8LR8V – Rs 75 – 07-08-2022 (7th August 2022) 

CD92H38ZDCWPUT8T – Rs 75 – 06-08-2022 (6th August 2022) 

367UYJHKZX5W0KVJ – Rs 75 – 03-08-2022 (3rd August 2022) 

FTFEPPJW2G4MEN5J – Rs 75 – 31-07-2022 (31st July 2022) 

5PUVARAGJ3AX9BGJ- Rs 75 – 30-07-2022 (30th July 2022) 

KT7TDZ61LPZP5GVA – Rs 75 – 29-07-2022 (29th July 2022) 

7HEU9AY8VST07AJC – Rs 75 – 28-07-2022 (28th July 2022) 

FM9XVZMRNUVJ0F01 – Rs 75 – 27-07-2022 (27th July 2022) 

21K7EWLJ863PZFCP – Rs 75 – 26-07-2022 (26th July 2022) 

GS5RFCUYXYM1J8K8 – Rs 75 – 25-07-2022 (25th July 2022)

J9RJ0KRM6PH31HWG – Rs 75 – 24-07-2022 (24th July 2022)

9VWH7LTX1VJ11URB – Rs 75 – 23-07-2022 (23rd July 2022)

5N0BX8WW4PBYFKCH – Rs 75 – 22-07-2022 (22nd July 2022)

FEL3BY2CZ9JVK8WURs 75 – 21-07-2022 (21st July 2022)

DSCHV6CXCHMAN52U – Rs 75 – 20-07-2022 (20th July 2022)

56TC1VR338C9VZD7 – Rs 380 – 19-07-2022 (19th July 2022)

AZBL277UFXSW6555 – Rs 380 – 18-07-2022 (18th July 2022)

492N2YJ0CCXB3PTR – Rs 380 – 17-07-2022 (17th July 2022)

AKB2VFPUS5BNZZVC – Rs 380 – 16-07-2022 (16th July 2022)

9J4FNWC87HL5UPXN – Rs 380 – 15-07-2022 (15th July 2022)

8M333T8TP0DL6R8B – Rs 75 – 14-07-2022 (14th July 2022)

0CZ2FWGZKSVJH6MT – Rs 75 – 12-07-2022 (13th July 2022)

4MME30HEJ0VH1F8URs 75 – 12-07-2022 (12th July 2022)

Winner (12-07-2022): bgmi id is . —

K2F902F8E7Y7CC6KRs 75 – 11-07-2022 (11th July 2022)

Winner (11-07-2022): bgmi id is . —

A131A3CRTZ3MZ3PSRs 75 – 02-07-2022 (2nd July 2022)

Winner (12-02-2022): bgmi id is . 5730062542

8Z06N5YN410T0W44 – Rs 75 – 12-02-2022 (13th February 2022) Updated

Winner (11-02-2022): bgmi id is . 5630050931

5LPSM7K4CZV1EF88 – Rs 75 – 11-02-2022 (11th February 2022) Updated

DA7NU6VADW88YJHA – Rs 75 – 10-02-2022 (10th February 2022) Updated

KY7KKLY0ZGT2N9XR – Rs 75 – 09-02-2022 (9th February 2022) Updated

0H2515JFEA3886CH – Rs 75 – 08-02-2022 (8th February 2022) Updated

J2CMX6WGRVPPLSX2 – Rs 75 – 07-02-2022 (7th February 2022) Updated

K4V2DK7EK6L81FH6 – Rs 75 – 06-02-2022 (6th February 2022) Updated

8FG8G3DH08W22EJG – Rs 75 – 05-02-2022 (5th February 2022) Updated

34M2WAYR290LETW9 – Rs 75 – 04-02-2022 (4th February 2022) Updated

HXHC285STRY7TJA7 – Rs 75 – 03-02-2022 (3rd February 2022) Updated

BGMI UC Redeem codes are often used for the various redemption and rewards that are being offered by BGMI. For more details of the rewards, you can visit the official websites of Battleground Mobile India i.e.

What will players receive after BGMI code redemption? Many beneficial rewards, accessing these codes are given to the BGMI enthusiasts. Many features like updated skins for guns, UC, silver coins, royal points, costumes, new weapons, masks, new skins for vehicles, new hats etc. Users can purchase all of these with UC. But they have to buy UC with their own money. Some lucky users also get BGMI name change card, through which they can change their name on their BGMI account.

Not only these redeem codes but also some other frequent events, contests are there which can get you such interesting and jaw-dropping gifts. Be a part of those events, too.

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List of BGMI Redeem Codes October 2022

Here is the list of battleground mobile india redeem code today

  • EBGURMTDOKS- Gold racer set
  • FET10FCAJ9- UMP 45 Gun skin
  • LEVKIN2QPCZ- Crate coupon
  • DKJU5LMBPY- Silver fragments
  • WU38FC19I- Motor vehicle skin
  • TJXFTNLZMYS- Assassin skin
  • NGXMPL4SREB- Legendary outfit
  • UF53216HEE- AKM glacier skin
  • YI24HP5LQLA- Bumble Bee set
  • TPW0WLBPSS- Golden pan
  • XMEBDXJL1X- Random outfit
  • GMLQPJLZLQ- Stealth Brigade set
  • MCTBDB6TX- Skin (KAR98 sniper)
  • HLJC5HVCN8E- M416 Gun skin (for first 5000 users)
  • ULNBXVFCQUT- Motor vehicle skin
  • U46IHZGP2V- Free companion
  • VSKBGF08H- Free fireworks
  • 3VG49QKBAKT- 3 Motorcycle

Best Items to Purchase with BGMI UC

There are different items that you can buy with UC. Here’s what you need to know:

Royal Pass

The first thing you can buy with BGMI UC is the Royale Pass. The Royal Pass allows you to acquire exclusive items by completing certain tasks. There are two types of Royale Pass including a standard Royal Pass that cost you 360 UC (First purchase gives an extra 200 RP points) and Elite Pass Plus which is priced at 960 UC (First purchase gives an extra 300 RP points).


One can also buy different Crates in the game with the help of UC. Crates allow you to get a chance to win legendary and mythic outfits that are quite rare in the game. There are different types of crates, including Premium crate, Classic, PMGC, Steampunk and Lucky, which you can purchase with UC.


You can also buy new companions or pets with UC in the game. Players can buy different companions like  Falcon, Godzilla, Poro, or Kong. Apart from this, one can also buy Companion food to increase their points.

How to redeem BGMI Redeem code?

The process of BGMI code redemption is not at all difficult. Here is the step-by-step process in detail;

1. Firstly open Official Battleground Mobile India – BGMI redemption center or Click Here

2. Once you have reached the redemption center page, enter the asked details like BGMI Character ID, Redeem code, Verification code, and in the asked field.

3. Once you have filled in all the details correctly, click on the “Redeem” button.

4. A pop-up will be shown in which you will be asked to check the details that you have entered.

5. There will be a confirmation page before final submission. Click on the yes and then on the ‘OK’ option.

6. Within few hours you will get your rewards and gifts in your Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) account. Recheck your BGMI account once.

Save our post and site for daily updates on your favorite online games (launch, Redeem Code, update etc.). Isn’t it really super cool that you are neither investing a penny nor playing hard to receive those free rewards? If you have read the article so far, you might understand the process and profit of BGMI Redeem Codes. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab the opportunity fast before it gets expired. Use the free BGMI Redeem Codes at specified time or else you will get nothing in hand and may have to buy those rewards with money.

List of BGMI UC Packages For Android & iOS (Package Offers)

The developers offer a wide range of packages for BGMI UC purchases. Interestingly, you will get a set amount of free UC if you buy more UC from the game. For example, you can get 300 UC for free, if you first purchase 1500 UC in BGMI. That being said, here is a full list of UC packages available in Battlegrounds Mobile for Android:

PriceUCFree UCTotal UC
Rs 7560 UCNA60 UC
Rs 380300 UC25 UC325 UC
Rs 750600 UC60 UC660 UC
Rs 1,9001500 UC300 UC1800 UC
Rs 3,8003000 UC850 UC3850 UC
Rs 7,5006000 UC2100 UC8100 UC

Sadly, you have to pay a bit more on iOS. Here’s the list of all UC packages available for iOS users:

PriceUCFree UCTotal UC
Rs 8960 UCNA60 UC
Rs 449300 UC25 UC325 UC
Rs 899600 UC60 UC660 UC
Rs 2,0991500 UC300 UC1800 UC
Rs 4,1993000 UC850 UC3850 UC
Rs 8,5006000 UC2100 UC8100 UC

Crates and Coupons

There’re three kind of Crates and Coupons in game:


1. Premium Crate (Can be opened by using Premium Crate Coupon or UC);

2. Classic Crate (Can be opened by using Classic Crate Coupon or UC);

3. Supply Crate (Can be opened by using Supply Crate Coupon or UC).


1. Premium Crate Coupon (Combined with 10 Premium Crate Coupon Scraps) ;

2. Classic Crate Coupon (Combined with 10 Classic Crate Coupon Scraps);

3. Supply Crate Coupon (Combined with 10 Supply Crate Coupon Scraps).

Crates can be opened by using corresponding Coupons or spending UC directly, the Scraps can be gained from some specific events or opening the Crates.

Where can we get the update of redeem codes?

Ans: If you want to get the updates about things related to BGMI, you simply can follow the official site of it, i.e., Or else you can follow our site to get the information as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of these redeem codes?

Ans: Several free gifts like; guns, vehicles, weapons, costumes are provided to BGMI players through these codes, which they may otherwise buy with real cash.

What does “Redemption limit has been reached” mean in the game?

Ans: If any player notices such a thing, don’t get panicked. It just means that the limit of using that specific code has met its maximum limit due to excessive usage of the code by players, or you can wait for sometimes if the code gets refreshed and resetting its limit.

How long are these BGMI redeem codes Valid?

Ans: These codes are available for a limited time period. When new codes arrive, the old ones get closed or become inaccessible. Time to time game developers introduce new codes. So keep an eye on that and get the benefits fast.

FAQs About BGMI Redeem Codes:

IS Released BGMI Redeem Code Free Today?

Yes, Its Available to grab now.

Can I use one redeem code more than once?

Ans: No, you cannot use one Code more than once. Each PUBG player gets one chance to use each code for a single time and avail the rewards of the code.

Who designs these BGMI Redeem Codes?

Ans: Krafton, the developer of the game Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) is the one who designs and offers such free Redeem Codes.

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