Free Fire Unban Date India 2022 | Garena FF Unban kab hoga Latest Updates

Free Fire Unban Date India 2022: This is not required to remind the game lovers like you about Garena Free Fire, one of the popular battle royale games which was launched on 23rd August, 2017 by Garena and easily available on Google Play Store. And now the latest update regarding unban of Free Fire has come for which people were waiting for so long. As the Free Fire game was banned along with around 50 other Chinese mobile applications by Ministry of Home Affairs of Indian Govt. under section 69 (A) on 14th Feb, 2022, players became very disappointed. So players kept asking about the Free Fire unban date in India, Free Fire unban kab hoga etc. It is one of the demanding and so far the most downloaded games. Though the Free Fire for Android was banned, the Max version is still easily available on Google Play Store but not on the Apple App Store.

Free Fire Unban Date India 2022 | Garena FF Unban kab hoga Latest Updates

Overview of Free Fire game: This game is basically a multiplayer game and up to 50 players can play the game altogether. Here, basically, one needs to land on an island with the help of a parachute and then have to collect weapons to kill his rivals. And in this place of entertainment players can select any place as their starting point and collect required equipments. There is a plane as well through which you can earn and collect weapons, medical stuff, armor, other objects etc. Players are allowed to play different modes of Fire Free like; battle royale and clash squad mode.

Name of the gameGarena Free Fire
Date of ban14th Feb,2022
Date of unbanNo official information yet
Official website of Free

You can check out our website or the official website of Garena Free Fire as well that is mentioned in the above chart for any latest news about Free Fire game.

Free Fire unban kab hoga ?

So today we have come up with this article to update you about the state of Free Fire in India, whether it’s going to be unbanned or not. Keep reading out the article till last. Let’s have a look into the matter. As we already know India has banned Free Fire because of security concerns, a question is always in our mind that what is the Free Fire unban date? Though there is no exact date revealed yet and not even any surety is there about the Free Fire unban date India. But because of some official statements there are some possibilities in the case of unban of Free Fire game in India.

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Latest News About Free Fire Unban Date

It’s been said by few people that if the game is already installed in your system (Android) then you can access the game and play it, although the operational process of it is very critical and tough. The Free Fire MAX version is available and there are no such issues with the server yet, but there is no information about whether the server will get distorted some day or not. Some people are downloading the APK Mod file directly from the PC and enjoying the game without any hazard. If the server is down any day in India then game enthusiasts will not be able to access the game at all. So to avoid such inconvenience, it is better for Garena to follow the path of Krafton.

Free Fire Unban date in india 2022

There is no such official declaration from Garena about Free Fire Unban Date in India. We can only hope and expect to get the Free Fire or the new version of Free Fire India back soon. During the time of global crisis such decision of unban was taken but now as the situation is quite under control so we can expect Free Fire to be returned in India. But nothing is official, as we have mentioned it so many times, but, we can assume that there are some chances to get it back.

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Free Fire banned current situation in india; Official News

Are you looking for the Free Fire Unban Date India? Then yes, you are at the right site. Here you will get to know about all the latest official updates regarding the Free Fire unban. As PubG was banned in India and so Kraftan then launched a new Indian version of PubG, that is BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) maintaining all the rules and regulations mentioned by India and players now have become calm after getting their game back. So exactly like that, if Free Fire will launch an Indian version of Free Fire, then it will be absolutely possible for Indians to access this game like others. Or else Free Fire can be banned all over the world if it does not follow proper rules and regulations set by countries, and also Kraftan will take legal action if Garena copies BGMI (former PubG) because Garena has so far imitated so many modules like, weapons, airdrop materials, color pattern etc. But Garena is giving its best to deal with the inconvenience and become available again in this country. At such a hard time, Garena must follow the strategy of Krafton.

Though no exact date is revealed yet but we can expect to see a new version of Free Fire soon. We need to wait for few more months to get any positive response from Garena. But again there is no guaranteed response for this current matter.

Final Words

If you have read out the whole article so far then it means you have got answers to all your questions. So do comment down below whether you want Free Fire Indian version or not and also do not forget to mention any of your query regarding Free Fire- the action adventure game. We will definitely respond to your comments and queries as soon as possible. And also bookmark our site for further important information about Free Fire Unban date.

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