Canuckle Answer Today (November 2022) Word Game hints, Solution

Canuckle Word Answer Today November 2022 : Canuckle, a web-based game where you find pleasure by guessing the correct word of the day. This online game was developed taking inspiration from Wordle- the online word guessing game. Though this game is made up following Wordle online game, the words which are used here in Canuckle no doubt very familiar, and there is nothing we can call adult wording. So this is the main difference between the Canuckle game and Wordle online game. Here Each and every word that comes up daily is related to Canada entirely. Those who love Canada or live there will love this game. All the words are decent so anyone can play this word game. There is no age limit is set to play this game. It is basically a 5 letter word game where you will just get 6 attempts. With each attempt Canuckle team will give you a hint as to whether you are guessing it on the right track or not. Daily one-word puzzles are released at 12 am.

Canuckle Answer Today (30th November 2022) Word Game hints, Solution

Canuckle Answer Today

You can play Canuckle game anytime by visiting the official website of Canuckle. But there is a limit of playing this game. Like you can play this word game once in a day. But if you want to attempt this game more than once in a day, then you can once try to open this game in incognito mode on your browser. It is not confirmed, but you can give it a try once. We have mentioned the process of how you can access the game and also the accurate results are published here.

Canuckle online word game – Today’s answer November 2022

Today’s Canuckle word is very easy. With those clues it became easier to guess. Are you excited to know about today’s Canuckle word? No need to wait anymore. Here your waiting comes to an end. So today’s Canuckle word of the day. This is the Canuckle online game. If you are interested to know about the words of other days as well, you can follow the table attached below. Here is the list of Canuckle Answers:

Canuckle Word Answer for 30th November 2022 (30/11/2022) is :- STEAK

Canuckle Word DateCanuckle NumberCanuckle Word Answer Daily
30th November 2022#200STEAK
29th November 2022#199SHALE
28th November 2022#198RAINY
25th November 2022#195DANCE
24th November 2022#194SUPER
23rd November 2022#193FILMS
22nd November 2022#192MODEM
21st November 2022#191LAUGH
20th November 2022#190
19th November 2022#189MOUNT
18th November 2022#188CURLS
17th November 2022#187LIGHT
14th November 2022#184CIDER
13th November 2022#183ARGOS
12th November 2022#182PERCH
11th November 2022#181SERVE

How can we play Canuckle Online word game?

Canuckle is a very interesting and easy to play game. Anyone of any age who loves to play this kind of word game where you have to guess the words within certain numbers of trials can play this game. Do you want to know how this game works? Let’s come and check it out below:

· Visit the official website of Canuckle i.e. https://canucklegame.Ca
· There you will get the online game of 5 letter word with gaps.
· For each word players will get 6 attempts within which you have to guess the correct word.
· After each trial you need to tap on the submit button.
· With each trial the color of each box becomes red or gray or yellow. It happens as per your answer.

 Below here is an example which will help you to understand how you can play this Canuckle game.

If we take the word ‘PROUD’, which is today’s word, and now look, the alphabet ‘O’ is in the word and placed in the correct position. So here the color of the box is showing red.


But what if the alphabet you are placing is in the word but not in the right position? Don’t worry below there’s one more example.


So the word would have been PIZZA, and here the alphabet is in the wrong position but is present in the word. Thus it turns into yellow.

And the last clue that Canuckle gives while you are guessing the word is when you are guessing the wrong alphabet and the wrong position too, then the color of the box will become grey in color.


As you can see the ‘I’ alphabet is in the wrong position as well as that is not included in the word. So the word should be STORM. And the color is showing grey now.

This game is quite like the Wordle game where exactly the same way you just have to guess the right word within a few trials.


Whenever you are in doubt regarding Canuckle or any other game, just tap on our website to resolve your doubts. You must bookmark our page for future use. Here every day we post the Canuckle word of the day to keep you updated. Have you guessed today’s word already? Do not forget to comment down your answer below. Let’s see how many of you have become pro in this game. We will come with another post, till then, thanks for reading.

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