NYTimes Wordle Answer Today #642 (23rd March 2023), Yesterday Solution, Hints & Clues

Wordle Answer Today 23rd March 2023 #642 (Thursday) : Wordle is an online free word game that can be played anytime and as often as you want. It’s easy to do, and it’s a lot of fun, but, much like a crossword problem, you can only do it once a day. Every twenty-four hours, a new word is selected to serve as the “word of the day,” and it is your responsibility to figure out what that word is.

Wordle provides participants with six different opportunities to guess a five-letter word that will be selected at random. When an appropriate letter is entered into the improper location, it will become yellow as you write. The color of a letter changes to gray if it does not contribute in any way to the meaning of the word.

You are permitted to submit a total of six words, which indicates that you may make use of five “burner words” to acquire knowledge about the letters and the locations they occupy. After then, you will only have one opportunity to utilize those tips. You might even try to maximize your speed by attempting to guess the word of the day in as little as three, two, or even just one try.

Wordle Answer Today #642 (23rd March 2023) Hints, Clues, Solutions

NYT Wordle Answer Hints, Clues, Solution : Out of many online word games Wordle is one of the most extremely demanding games. This game involves you to use your brain and decide on new words daily. Wordle is a 5 alphabet word guessing game in just 6 attempts. Everyday at sharp 1 am a new word puzzle comes out on the official website of Wordle.  Josh Wardle used to release this word daily  but with its growing popularity New York Times has taken the initiative to present it on a daily basis on its official website.

Wordle Answer for March 23rd, 2023: In this article we will be discussing the Wordle word of the day 642. This article will give you proper information about how to play this game, it’s rules and the correct answer of the day. Few players have guessed it right in just  2-3 attempts but then others have taken a total of 6 attempts also.

Clues, Hints for 642 Wordle word of the day

Today’s word is much uncomplicated that anyone can anticipate in just first 2-3 trials. Though you have  3-4 other attempts left. Let’s now be attentive to the clues mentioned below:

  • It includes 2 vowels.
  • There is No duplicate Letters.
  • its an adjective.
  • “sedate” and “quiet” are synonyms.
  • It starts with S and ends with D alphabet.

 You will get a word daily to guess. So if any way you are not able to guess it correctly don’t count yourself as a morose one.

Today’s Wordle Answer for 23rd March 2023 (Thursday)

Everyone is patiently waiting for today’s word (642nd word). Now without wasting time let’s all of you know about the word, it is “STAID. This word is not that tough. Now it’s time to see how many of you can exactly give the right answer and in how many trials.

Wordle Answer Today #642 (3/23/2023) 23rd March 2023 is : STAID

Yesterday’s Wordle Answers Archive List:

Wordle DateWordle Number TodayWordle Answer Today
March 23rd (3/23/2023)#642STAID
March 22nd (3/22/2023)#641DUVET
March 21st (3/21/2023)#640TOUGH 
March 20th (3/20/2023)#639GLOVE
March 19th (3/19/2023)#638CREDO
March 18th (3/18/2023)#637YACHT
March 17th (3/17/2023)#636MEALY
March 16th (3/16/2023)#635CIDER
March 15th (3/15/2023)#634SWEEP
March 14th (3/14/2023)#633SURLY
March 13th (3/13/2023)#632BLAME
March 12th (3/12/2023)#631BIRTH
March 11th (3/11/2023)#630EMAIL
March 10th (3/10/2023)#629REVEL
March 9th (3/09/2023)#628WHERE
March 8th (3/08/2023)#627REGAL
March 7th (3/07/2023)#626HORSE
March 6th (3/06/2023)#625PINKY
March 5th(3/05/2023)#624TOXIC
March 3rd (3/03/2023)#622SQUAT
March 2nd (3/02/2023)#621ABOVE
March 1st (3/01/2023)#620MOOSE
February 28th (2/28/2023)#619POLKA
February 27th (2/27/2023)#618WORSE
February 23rd (2/23/2023)#614VAGUE
February 22nd (2/22/2023)#613RIPER
February 21st (2/21/2023)#612RUDDY
February 20th (2/20/2023)#611SWEAT
February 19th (2/19/2023)#610KIOSK
February 18th (2/18/2023)#609AVAIL
February 17th (2/17/2023)#608CACHE
February 16th (2/16/2023)#607MAGIC
February 15th (2/15/2023)#606SALSA
February 14th (2/14/2023)#605SOUND
February 13th (2/13/2023)#604USAGE
February 12th (2/12/2023)#603GIANT
February 11th (2/11/2023)#602Debug

Previous days Wordle Game Answer History Archives:

  • Wordle Answer #579 (19/1/2023) 19th January 2023 is :
  • Wordle Answer #578 (18/1/2023) 18th January 2023 is : CHARD
  • Wordle Answer #568 (8/1/2023) 8th January 2023 is : OPERA
  • Wordle Answer #567 (7/1/2023) 7th January 2023 is : LEMON
  • Wordle Answer #565 (5/1/2023) 5th January 2023 is : SLEEK
  • Wordle Answer #562 (2/1/2023) 2nd January 2023 is : SKIRT
  • Wordle Answer #561 (1/11/2023) 1st January 2023 is : WHINE
  • Wordle Answer #559 (30/12/2022) 30th December 2022 is : MOLAR
  • Wordle Answer #557 (28/12/2022) 28th December 2022 is : IMPEL
  • Wordle Answer Today #556 (27/12/2022) 27th December 2022 is : CONDO
  • Wordle Answer Today #552 (23/12/2022) 23rd December 2022 is : –
  • Wordle Answer Today #551 (22/12/2022) 22nd December 2022 is : EXCEL
  • Wordle Answer Today #548 (19/12/2022) 19th December 2022 is : SLATE
  • Wordle Answer Today #544 (15/12/2022) 15th December 2022 is : RIVAL
  • Wordle Answer Today #543 (14/12/2022) 14th December 2022 is : USUAL
  • Wordle Answer Today #540 (11/12/2022) 11th December 2022 is : NAIVE
  • Wordle 522 Answer for 23rd November 2022(23/11/2022) is “DRIVE”
  • Wordle 519 Answer for 20th November 2022(20/11/2022) is “BRAVE”
  • Wordle 518 Answer for 19th November 2022(19/11/2022) is “AVERT”
  • Wordle 513 Answer for 14th November 2022(14/11/2022) is “MAPLE”
  • Wordle 511 Answer for 12th November 2022(12/11/2022) is “VALET”
  • Wordle 510 Answer for 11th November 2022(11/11/2022) is “MEDAL”
  • Wordle 509 Answer for 10th November 2022(10/11/2022) is “UNITE”
  • Wordle 508 Answer for 9th November 2022(09/11/2022) is “RAINY”
  • Wordle 507 Answer for 8th November 2022(08/11/2022) is “SPELL”

How to Play Word Online

The creator of Wordle has enhanced the website with a user-friendly pop-up tutorial that explains how the game is played and is intended to assist new users in getting started. The objective is to correctly guess the word within 6 opportunities. After you have guessed a word at random, you will see that the letters of the word are surrounded by either yellow, green, or gray blocks. And the following is an explanation of what each hue in Wordle represents:

  • The letter is present in the target word and located in the appropriate block, as shown by the green color of the block.
  • In the meanwhile, the letter’s presence in the target word is shown by the yellow block, which indicates that the letter is in the wrong location inside the word.
  • The fact that the letter is not present in the target word is shown by the gray block.
  • You are permitted one playthrough of the game every day, and you are given a fresh word on a daily basis. This strategy has increased anticipation among users, which has contributed to the retention of players.

How can we play Wordle game online?

As we already mentioned that this game is very easy to access just it  requires a bit of knowledge in word stock. This game may shake up your mind to the fullest.

•             Go to the official website of Wordle game i.e www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html.

•             Now type any word that consists of  5 alphabets and  hit the enter button to get some clues against that particular word.

•             Now guess the word using the hints available there. If any alphabet is wrong you will get notification accordingly by changing the color of the tiles.

As this game is very easy and mind-blowing at the same time, so we are approaching you to play this once.

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Rules of Wordle Online word game

There are certain rules for this online game. You must be aware of these rules as that will guide you throughout the game. And so players can play it with proper guidance and concentration. Here we are describing  the rules and guidance for this game:

•             You will get a total of 6 attempts.

•             On each attempt if your answer is wrong it will show some indication as per your response.

•             If you have chosen any alphabet that is not in the word then colour of that tile will become grey. And if the colour becomes yellow then the alphabet is in the word but not in the proper position. Now at last if the tile gets the green colour then it is a clear indication about the alphabet that it is in exact correct position in the word.

You all sitting back there should obey these rules to make your game easier. Go after the rules & clues and then at last we have shared the  Wordle word of the day. These rules are important to take up the word game challenge. Everyday at midnight it will be up with a new word.

Benefit of Wordle Online game

Though Wordle is a game only but it gets you many advantages. You must be astonished to know about the benefits of playing this game. It sharpens your brain as you keep thinking about the words and thus it increases your vocabulary knowledge as well. It is quite beneficial for everyone because each day you get a chance to learn a new word. Sometimes this word can be easy and sometimes it can be hard also depending on its level.

Wordle: Tips and Strategies

Here are some amazing tips and methods that will help you figure out the word fast now that you understand how the game is played and are seeking to join the rising number of players of Wordle.

  1. Make an informed decision about the word to use as your initial guess in Wordle.

This is the single most crucial decision you will make when you attempt to complete the puzzle. Now, there are two things that you need to keep in mind: first, that inputting a word that has distinct letters will be useful, and second, that typing two or three vowels in the initial guess will help you get a solid feel for the term.

If you put ARENA as your first guess, for instance, you are not making the most of your initial guess since you are recycling the letter A. Instead, we propose you visit an universe like RADIO or MEDIA.

  •  It is possible for the same letter to occur twice

You read it correctly. If you are becoming low on available letters and the most of them have been muted, then there is a significant likelihood that certain letters have already been used more than once in your Wordle. You can end up with terms like “SPELL,” “SHEEP,” or “CARRY,” all of which call for you to enter the same letter in order to properly identify the word. If you haven’t been successful in finding many green or yellow bricks up to this point, we recommend that you put this helpful hint to use on your fourth or fifth attempt.

  • When solving a Wordle, you should avoid inputting any letters that are gray and prohibited from the grid.

This is one of the most difficult rules to keep in mind and adhere to. If a letter has been covered up in gray, you should not use that letter in your next guess. By doing so, you will only be squandering one of your turns.

  • Pick a different term each and every time.

Choosing a different word each time you start a new sentence Wordle is a technique that not many people are aware of, and it has the potential to provide you with an advantage in a number of different games. The daily word puzzle game may also be made more entertaining by beginning each round with a different word. But keep in mind that each time you should choose a word that has a unique combination of vowels and consonants.

  • Every time starting with the same word as the previous time

Players have been successful with the technique of beginning each new game of Wordle with the same word, despite the fact that selecting a new word is a challenge. It is possible to get to the Wordle of the day in a time-efficient manner by selecting words that include at least two or three vowels in addition to the majority of the frequent consonants. For example, the words “sauce,” “saute,” and “dancing.”

  • Watch out for sequences of letters that appear more than once.

Words like “drool,” “never,” and “glad” all contain the same two letters, hence it is imperative that players use extreme caution while using them. This has the potential to throw the player off guard and require them to use up their guesses. It is important to keep in mind that just because a letter is now located on a green tile does not indicate that it cannot be utilized in the word again.

  • Put a pen and some paper to use.

When it comes to Wordle, using conventional methods is effective. For the sake of greater comprehension, jot down all of the knowledge you currently possess on a sheet of paper. For example, you may jot down the letter in the tile that is green while leaving the other tiles blank. This will make it easier for you to predict the following word in the sentence. It will also help you move the letters in the yellow tiles to their next likely positions, allowing you to come closer to the final phrase without having to start the game again.

  • Take help

These are just few sidebar Wordle tricks that might come in helpful, but some people consider it to be cheating. You may play the word game on a few of different electronic devices.

If you are already on your fifth guess but are still nowhere near the word of the day, it is time to pull out another tool and make use of the information you already have in order to locate the solution. In the event that even this does not work, you may seek assistance from several online databases of five-letter words, which are accessible over the internet.


A talent that is often overlooked is the ability to cultivate and maintain a positive frame of mind. Before you go to the Wordle website for your daily game, try to remain offline for a short bit. It’s preferable to solve the daily word consistently than it is to be showy with enthusiastic answers, so keep that in mind. Solving the daily problem in only a few of tries is impressive, but it’s also exceedingly rare. It’s a great technique to be alright with utilizing your first few efforts to gather knowledge, so don’t be discouraged if it takes you longer to complete the puzzle.

Final Words

Hope these clues along with all the other information have been provided you with the proper leg up. If you still find any issue regarding this Wordle game we are here to help you, just share your problem with us. We always respond within time to resolve your queries and issues. If you want to know about Wordle word on a daily basis then you can save the page and follow the daily updates on Wordle Online word game.

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