Free Fire OB40 Update Date, Time – Check New Features, Characters, Map Adjustments

Free Fire OB40 Update Date & Time: Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular battle royale game and its fans are all getting ready for the roll out of the latest OB40 update. Before releasing the Garena Free Fire Max update, the game developers rolled out their advanced server. The developers of Garena Free Fire OB40 update was going to be released and now the game is prepping to release Free fire cs rank season 19. According to the reports, the new update of Free Fire max may come on 31st May 2023. Check out the expected free fire cs rank season 19 start date below.

Free Fire max has got a new update OB40 Soon. Due to this update, the Free Fire server will be down for maintenance for few hours. After the OB40 update, players can have the fastest experience with an error-free environment. To enjoy the Free Fire more, players have to wait for the game.

Free Fire OB40 Update Date & Time – Check New Features, Characters, Map Adjustments

The Free Fire Max OB40 Update time and FF Game Maintenance Details:

Survivors! Kelly is back with the first episode of Kelly Show, Season 4! Tune in as she introduces you to the updates coming to Free Fire MAX in the NEW Patch. OB40 is packed with exciting new features such as the weapon leaderboard, character updates and new pet, CS and BR changes! Which new update are you most excited about? Share with us in the comments section!


Dear Suvivors,

We will have a new patch (OB40) on 31 MAY 2023. This update will start at 9.30 AM (IST) on the same day.

Before the OB40 update at 9.00 AM (IST), you will not be able to play any ranked matches until the maintenance is over at 2.30 PM (IST).

For more information about the patch, please visit the garena freee fire official website.

Free Fire Max CS Rank Season 19 start date

Garena has been releasing the new updates either the day or the day before the CS-Ranked Season 19 (Clash Squad-S19) draws to an end. Users can subsequently predict the release date of the OB40 version as well. It is being speculated that the next Free Fire update will be issued around 31st May 2023 as the CS-Ranked Season will end on 01-06-2023. New free fire cs rank season 19 start date is 1st June.

OB40 Update Date31st May 2023
OB40 update maintenance start time10.00 AM IST
OB40 update maintenance end time2.30 PM IST
Free Fire CS Ranked Season 19 Start Date & Time1st June 2023

During the Free Fire Maintenance time, players may not be able to access the game. But after the update, the game will be coming up with newly added features and faster access.

Go to Google Play Store/App Store to update your Free Fire game after 1.30 PM IST. The device speed matters to catch this update faster. If you are using an outdated software in your device go for APK and OBB files to access the OB40 update faster.

Free Fire MAx OB40 Update Features and Enhancements

Survivors! Kelly is back with the third episode of Kelly Show, Season 4! Tune in as she introduces you to the updates coming to Free Fire MAX in the NEW Patch. OB40 is packed with exciting new features such as the new CS Duo Active Skill Mode, Achievements System, social experience optimisations & more!

NEW PATCH OB40 | Releasing On 31 MAY | Garena Free Fire MAX


Character System Remake

Unlock characters using Gold. Instantly unlock max. skill power. Go and customize your favorite skill sets now!

“Skills are one of the most iconic and enjoyable features of Free Fire and we want all players to freely experience and enjoy customizing skills on their characters! So go ahead and test out your combinations without worry!”

Changes to the Character and Pet mechanisms:

  • All characters can now be purchased also using Gold.
  • Character and Pet skills are unlocked at maximum skill power. Levels no longer affect skill attributes.
  • Character Bond: Bond can only be enhanced when using the Character in battles. Inherits the progress from the player’s original character levels. 
  • Changing characters will only affect your appearance. For quick skill combination changes, you may switch between skill preset plans.

Changes to the Character System:

  • The Character page now contains a Preset customization section. You may customize up to 5 Preset combos here, including character appearance, character skills, pet skills, and loadouts.
  • You may bind a specific Preset to a common mode (e.g. Battle Royale, Clash Squad, Lone Wolf). The Preset will be automatically applied to the selected mode.
  • You can copy and paste the preset code (of others or your own) to a new slot, or you can apply a recommended preset to a chosen slot. 
  • You may see the character list by tapping on your character. We have also added artistic visuals of different characters.
  • The LINK system will no longer be available. Your current LINK character will be sent to you within 10 working days after the patch update, so worry not!

Changes to the Pet System: 

  • The Pet system will be a part of the Character page. The lobby entrance has been merged into the Character system. Tap your pet on this page to view the pet list.
  • You can now hide your pet when playing matches by ticking the checkbox. (Once set, your pet will be automatically hidden during matches; no need to repeat the operation.)
  • Pet level is changed from 7 to 4 (i.e., only levels with rewards will be retained). The total rewards will remain unchanged, and the previous level data will be inherited.

Easier Character awakening:

  • Accumulate mission progress simply by equipping the skill of the character you’d like to awaken.
  • Missions will not be refreshed daily, so the accumulated progress will not be cleared.
  • Less Gold required to refresh missions.

New Character


Orion is a man struggling to find himself in a world that has taken all that he has, including his dignity. His journey is of a broken man trying to find himself and a way to ground himself back in the world instead of living in the past. His main goal is to fight the demons of his past so that he can secure his future.  However, he doesn’t know if he can do it. Triggers often cause the beast within him to emerge and he doesn’t know how to control it.

The Crimson Energy renders its user immune to damage for a certain period of time and can absorb HP from enemies.

“Orion is gifted with the Crimson Energy that enables him to release the accumulated force to become immune to damage for some time and absorb HP from enemies. In close combat, such energy provides Orion with a better advantage and more room for action.”

Crimson Crush

Replaces EP with 300 Crimson Energy. Consumes 150 Crimson Energy to activate its protection, during which you cannot take damage or attack enemies and will absorb 15 HP from enemies within 5m. Lasts for 3s. Cooldown: 3s.

Awakened Character


A magnificent explosion!

“As the only demolitionist, Alvaro will be awakened in this version with an enhanced grenade talent. Alvaro “Rageblast” can deal greater grenade damage to a wider range. Even if he cannot eliminate the opponent instantly, he can gravely impact the opposing team. Let’s witness the grand explosion fiesta in Bermuda!”

Original Skill:

Art of Demolition

Explosive weapon damage increases by 20%, damage range increases by 10%.

Awakening Skill:

Split Blitz

1s before detonating, grenade produces 3 extra grenades, which can cause 30% damage of their original.

Character Reworks


Enhanced battle endurance and canceled HP decay.

“Xayne is meant to be the ideal choice for close-range assaults but her HP decay made it hard for the user to accurately control when to release the skill. We’re hoping that, by making Xtreme Encounter easier to operate and enhancing its battle endurance, you guys could discover its beauty and potential.”

Xtreme Encounter

Xtreme Mode: Get 50 temporary HP for 8s. During this time, HP-healing effects are enhanced by 75%. Cooldown: 75s.


Added enemy location marking and movement speed reduction. Added another skill trigger – self knockdown.

“We realized that Otho’s skill effect after eliminating enemies isn’t widely applicable and lacks variety. This patch, we added another scenario to activate Memory Mist in order to add more diversity to your battle strategies.”

Memory Mist

After knocking down an enemy, mark enemies within 20m of the knocked down enemy and slow down their movement speed by 25%. Lasts for 4s. When knocked down, mark and slow down nearby enemies.


Enhanced rate of fire and movement speed after eliminating an enemy.

“Previously, Dasha’s skill lacked a clear purpose. Her rework now has rate of fire and movement speed boosts after eliminating an enemy. If she achieves a kill streak within a certain time, the skill will get a further boost. Let’s witness Dasha’s clutch moments!”

Partying On

After eliminating an enemy, enter Highlight mode, which increases rate of fire by 18% and movement speed by 12% but then decays quickly. Lasts for 6s. During Highlight mode, consecutively knocking down enemies will reset countdown and further boost rate of fire by 4% and movement speed by 3%.


A brand new sailor! Restores HP when taking damage.

“As we’re tackling the improper behavior of intentionally taking zone damage, we’re scrutinizing skills that may enable such behavior. This patch, we lowered Ford’s ability to take zone damage but offered more scenarios for his skills usage.”

Iron Will

When you take damage, you gain 10 HP per second for 3 seconds. Cooldown Time: 20s. The active skill will reset immediately after you release it.

Character Balance Adjustments


The training of a swordsman.

“Kenta’s rework in the previous version brought in high win rates but was still shy from Kenta’s swordsman ideals. Let’s witness Kenta’s accomplishment of becoming the #1 swordsman this patch!”

Swordsman’s Wrath

Forms a shield of 5m width that reduces 50 → 60% weapon damage coming from the front. When firing, damage reduction reduces to 10 → 20%. Lasts for 5s. Cooldown: 70s.


Less HP recovery.

“We realized that Alok is a popular man but his skill has given its users too big of an advantage under many scenarios. In this version, we nerfed Alok’s HP recovery to give Drop The Beat a clearer skill focus.”

Drop the Beat

Creates a 5m aura that increases movement speed by 15% and restores 5 → 3 HP per second for 10s. Effects do not stack. Cooldown: 50 → 45s.


Spawned mannequin can now travel on its own!

“Santino’s teleporting ability has offered a lot of fun to Free Fire’s gameplay as it enables the skill user to move around the fighting pit more flexibly. However, the mannequin’s immobility was not as useful as we intended, so in this patch we enabled its automatic movement. Let’s witness the exquisite strategies that the fashion designer can now bring!”

Shape Splitter:

Spawn a 200 HP mannequin that moves forward for 12s, then use this skill again to teleport to the mannequin’s position. The mannequin will be destroyed after use or after the 12 seconds is up. Cooldown: 80s.

Battle Royale

In-Match Quests

It’s quest time!

“In the world of Free Fire, Kelly has grown tired of the long runs in Battle Royale mode. She has decided to introduce a new quest system. Kelly will trigger corresponding events when quests are completed!”

  • An In-Match Quest may appear during the match. Players will trigger events by completing the quest. All quests and events are random. 
  • Some matches will have hidden quests, and the quests’ corresponding events will be triggered automatically after they are complete.
  • Quest types:
    • Eliminate a certain number of enemies within a certain range.
    • Spend a certain amount of FF Coins at the Vending Machines. 
    • Accumulate a certain amount of eliminated players under the UAV.
    • Consume a certain number of mushrooms.
  • Event types:
    • Discount on items at the Vending Machines.
    • 15 airdrops in the Safe Zone.
    • Revival Points will not close.
    • Reveal the position of the second last Safe Zone.

Super Revival

When revived, you will land with better equipment and weapons!

“Still worried about being vulnerable when revived? Use the Super Revival Card to revive your teammates so that they can obtain better armor and weapons when they return to the fighting pit!”

  • We’ve added a Super Revival Card at the Vending Machines that costs 600 FF Coins. Use it to revive your teammates and they will get a Lv. 2 Armor and a UMP when revived.


Map Balancing


“For Mill in Clash Squad mode, the win rates of the two teams have high discrepancy. The team closer to the yellow see-through stairs would take much longer than the other side to reach the top, making them an easy target to hit when running on the stairs. On the other hand, if the team chooses to rush to the hill from the right, they will lose the upper hand. So, this patch, we have adjusted the layout of Mill to ensure fairness for both teams.”

Mill changes:

  • Moved the yellow staircase to ensure a safer route to the platform.
  • Removed the tire that enables bouncing to the roof.
  • Removed the two cars on the platform and added a box to lessen the upper hand when hiding behind a cover.
  • Added more cover on the ground floor and changed the layout of the cartons for diverse assault routes.
  • Added cartons on the route to/from the hill to enable returning to the initial location.


“Pochinok in Clash Squad mode also sees a high discrepancy in the win rates of the two teams. The team that spawns further away from the 2-story warehouse would be an easy target when rushing towards the structure. If the team chooses to round the sides or return to the original position, they are still an easy target and might lose their advantageous position. When the zone shrinks to the middle, they would have to endure enemy fire from top of the warehouse. Therefore, we adjusted Pochinok’s layout for better balance.”

Pochinok changes:

  • Added covers at the empty area in the middle, where the Safe Zone usually shrinks. This would ensure fairer movement and safety for both sides during combat.
  • Closed up the gaps between different structures to make way for more combat strategies.

Map Structure Optimization

Guard Tower rework.

“The design of Guard Towers has made it not only the perfect hiding spot but also hard to escape. We remodeled the structure to solve these issues.”

  • The metal panels have been replaced by bars, which are see-through and enable firing. This lowers the possibility of sneak attacks from Guard Towers.
  • Added indents to the 3-sided metal panels.  When standing, the player can shoot or be shot at. When crouching, the player cannot shoot at enemies, increasing the risk of exposing location and lowering the advantage of hiding in Guard Towers.
  • Reduced the height of Guard Towers to prevent fall damage.
  • Moved the kiosk to the corner to facilitate navigation and ease-of-use.

Other Modes

Pet Smash

Pet Smash incoming!

“Wanna have a good fight using your pet? The new mode, Pet Smash, is here! Choose your pet and blast your enemies with teammates to win and become the Pet King!”

  • In the new Pet Smash mode, players can pick one of 3 pets to enter the battle. Each pet has its own unique attack style and ultimate.
  • The game is a 2v2 mode. Players score points through eliminations. The team that reaches 7 points first or earns more points at the end of the 5-minute game wins.
  • Hitting an enemy will charge your pet’s ultimate skill with energy. When the energy is full, you may release the ultimate to deal serious damage to the enemy.
  • You will be revived at a random location 3 seconds after being eliminated.
  • When you are attacked and have low HP, you can leave the fighting pit for 4 seconds to recover HP and then return to combat.  
  • Buffs that boost attributes will spawn randomly on the map. Make sure you get there before your foes do!
  • Pet Smash will be available later in this version. Stay tuned!

Triple Wolves

Bored of fighting against just one enemy? Want more action?

“Pick your and your opponents’ guns and fight 2v2v2 or 1v1v1 fiercely on Ice Ground. Win by eliminating enemies and scoring more points!”

  • A new official mode, Triple Wolves, with better gameplay, fairer rules, and a unique map will be available soon!
  • 6 rounds of 2v2v2 or 1v1v1 brawl matches.
  • Points are awarded for eliminations or survival. The team with the highest score after 6 rounds wins.
  • Each player will have the opportunity to pick the gun you want for all players in that round.
  • The battle will take place on the new winter-themed Lone Wolf map.
  • At the beginning of each round, each player will automatically get a Flashbang, a Flash Freeze, Lv. 2 Helmet and Armor, and 2 Gloo Walls. 

Coin Clash Mode Optimization

Join the Millionaire Club!

“Still worried about getting weak weapons after being revived? Still frustrated by landing at a place crowded with enemies? The new Coin Clash mode will solve all your worries and make you happy AND rich!”

  • Optimized revival mechanism: Players can now choose where to revive on the map. Land near your teammates and let them help you out!
  • If you don’t choose your revival spot within the time limit, you will be revived somewhere close to your teammates or with few enemies. You don’t have to worry about dying too soon after being revived!
  • After revival, players will carry all the guns and items they had before they were eliminated (FF Coins will still be deducted for the revival). No more scavenging and upgrading weapons and armor again after you land.

Lone Wolf Cup Mode

Be the first Lone Wolf Cup champion!

“If you want to prove yourself in Lone Wolf, beat all your enemies to win the Lone Wolf Cup and earn plenty of rewards!”

  • Lone Wolf mode added to the Free Fire Cup.
  • Enter this mode from the lobby or the mode selection page.
  • No need to team up in advance. You can start matchmaking immediately.
  • You will play 3 rounds of 1v1 matches against 7 other players. Win more, earn more! 
  • Lone Wolf Cup will be available later in this version soon. Stay tuned!

Training Grounds Optimization: Realistic Targets

Fake, but realistic.

“Here comes realistic targets that can make you feel like you are in an actual battle! Players can customize the targets’ HP and Armor level to enhance their training on Training Grounds!”

  • There will be 2 Realistic Targets on the Training Grounds.
  • In comparison to the previous targets, you can destroy the armor on the realistic targets. 
  • You can freely configure the HP and Armor level of the realistic targets.
  • The realistic targets will respawn after being knocked down, so that you can continue practicing!


Weapon Glory Leaderboard Optimization

More regions, tougher competition!

“The Weapon Glory Leaderboard has added sub-divisions! Be the first to shine in your area!”

New sub-divisions and titles in the Weapon Glory Leaderboard.

Clash Squad Protection Points Optimization

Smoother rank-up in CS-Ranked!

“We realized that the previous 100-point limit did not line up with the hard work you guys put into CS-Ranked. So this patch, we raised the upper limit of Protection Points. This allows you to earn more Protection Points and convert them into bonus Stars! Experience the new mechanism in the new Clash Squad season!”

The cap on CS-Ranked Protection Points is no longer 100. If your Protection Points exceed the required amount, you can earn an extra star by deducting the extra Protection Points.

Criteria for additional protection points:

  • Teammate AFK or exhibit toxic behavior
  • Winning streak
  • Dealing damage
  • Eliminating enemies
  • MVP

CS-Ranked Daily Challenge

Here come the benefits! Complete the CS-Ranked Daily Challenge to earn more rewards!

“We noticed that many of you loved the BR-Ranked Daily Challenge, so we decided to add missions and rewards to CS-Ranked. Come and complete daily challenges to get more rewards!”

Get extra Protection Points for your first daily Booyah in CS-Ranked. 

Complete random CS-Ranked Daily Challenges to get Rank Tokens.

Rank History

Your past can guide your future!

“This patch, you can now look back on past glories and save previous highlights from the previous rank seasons in your history page. Go ahead and record your growth!”

Tap the data icon on the right side of the rank interface to view detailed data of your past glories.

Map Pool Adjustment

Alpine is back in the game!

“Alpine is back in the ranked map pool. Come and brawl it out on this exciting map!”

The BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked map pool has been updated. In the new version, Purgatory will temporarily leave the map pool, and Alpine will take its place.  

Maps in the pool: 

  • Bermuda
  • NeXTerra
  • Alpine

Map Pool Adjustment

Alpine is back in the game!

“Alpine is back in the ranked map pool. Come and brawl it out on this exciting map!”

The BR-Ranked and CS-Ranked map pool has been updated. 

Maps in the pool: 

  • Bermuda
  • NeXTerra
  • Purgatory
  • Alpine

Map Protection

Unfamiliar with a map? Not a problem! Every weekend, the first match on the map will not deduct points.

“Still afraid to try different maps for fear of losing points? We’ve introduced the daily Map Protection! Dive into different maps and feel the thrill!”

Every weekend, there will be one map in the map pool that will not deduct points! (Except Bermuda.)

Replay Function Optimization and Highlights

Your highlights should not exist only in your memory!

“The Replay Function has undergone a rework. In addition to improving the video-playing experience, we also added a match achievement function to mark out noteworthy moments of the match!”

Minimum requirement for enabling Replay: minimum of 64 bits and 1GB of RAM.

Video-playing optimizations: 

  • The number of rounds is indicated in the progress bar. You may tap the corresponding round to view its recording.
  • Pause function now available.
  • After exiting the recording page, you will be redirected to the recording list instead of the Lobby.

Highlights Optimizations – Match Achievements:

  • Each of your eliminations will be rated based on your weapon and elimination difficulty. You will be awarded a special match achievement depending on how well you played.
  • We have a total of 10 achievements in this version. Go play matches and unlock them!

Lobby Recording (rollout feature): 

  • You can enable Lobby Recording through Settings. After doing so, the recording panel will appear on the screen for you to start recording.
  • The size of the recording is 2.4Mb/s, and the recording will be automatically saved in your phone album.
  • Only available on the iOS system.

Game Environment

Game Environment Optimization 
For a fairer gaming experience.

“More timely evaluation of toxic behavior.”

  • Players who modify the game file will receive a warning, and repeatedly ignoring the warning may result in harsher penalties.
  • Optimized reporting feedback notifications and added compensation.
  • Optimized reminder for toxic behavior: when the system detects toxic behavior during a match, a window will pop up on the side.
  • Optimized the reporting system: players may directly report inappropriate nicknames on the leaderboard; Optimized voice reporting: players need to confirm before submitting a report in order to avoid erroneous reporting.

Weapon and Balance 

Grenade Indicator

With our optimized visual indicator, grenades are no longer your nightmare.

“Often eliminated instantly by grenades? With the optimized visual indicator, you will have more time to dodge!”

In the new version, you will hear the grenade sound when the enemy is cooking the grenade and you can see their location on the minimap during this time.

Weapon Balance Adjustments

More balanced weapons for a more enjoyable game experience.

“Our weapon balancing this patch focuses on reducing the effective range for certain weapons. We want to make sure that each weapon has a unique scenario to use in!”

Rifle Adjustments:

  • M14-I: Rate of Fire -5%
  • M14-II: Rate of Fire -5%
  • M14-III: Rate of Fire -5%
  • Famas-I: DMG of 3rd bullet +8%
  • Famas-II: DMG of 3rd bullet +8%
  • Famas-III: DMG of 3rd bullet +15%
  • Scar-I: Rate of fire -3%
  • Scar-II: Rate of fire -3%
  • Scar-III: Rate of fire -3%

SMG Adjustments:

  • UMP: Muzzle slot disabled
  • P90: Damage +10%, accuracy +20%, built-in Silencer

Marksman Rifle Adjustments:

  • AC80: Damage +20%, headshot effective range -20%
  • Woodpecker: Headshot effective range -20%

Shotgun Adjustments:

  • M1887: Minimum damage -10%, minimum range -25%

Pistol Adjustments:

  • M500: Headshot effective range -20%

Sniper Adjustments:

  • M24: Penetrates Gloo Walls to inflict 40% damage to enemies (similar to the M82B), twice the regular damage to Gloo Walls


  • Katana: Higher damage to Gloo Walls
  • Bat: Movement speed +5%

CS Store Price Adjustments

  • SVD: 2000 → 2400
  • MAC10: 1500 → 1600
  • AK: 1800 → 1400
  • UMP: 1600 → 1500
  • P90: 1300 → 1700
  • MAG-7: 1700 → 1600
  • AC80: 1900 → 2000
  • Woodpecker: 1900 → 2000
  • XM8: 1600 → 1500


Loadout Adjustments

More balanced Loadout for a better game experience.

“We made some adjustments and optimizations to Loadouts, in hopes of achieving greater  fairness!”


  • In Clash Squad and Battle Royale, the number of Bonfires is changed from 3 to 2, and the effect is changed from 15HP/s and 10EP/s to 10HP/s and 10EP/s.
  • To prevent accidental taps, we added a cooldown time between consecutive Bonfire placements.

Clash Squad:

  • Scan: Mark all enemies (visible only to the user) when the first Safe Zone starts to shrink. → On top of this, Clu’s skill visual effects will be displayed on the user.
  • Bounty Token: 300 extra cash for each enemy eliminated in this round (choose to use at the beginning of the round, and only available for one round). → After using, get 100 extra Cash for each enemy eliminated in the round. 
  • Armor Crate: When the round starts, restore 80% Helmet and Vest durability and get additional items (details below).
    • Round 2: Lv. 1 Helmet and Lv. 1 Vest
    • Round 3: Lv. 2 Vest
    • Round 4: Vest HP Booster and Helmet Hardener
    • Round 5: Vest HP Booster and Helmet Hardener
    • Round 6: Vest Enlarger
    • Round 7: Vest Enlarger
  • Secret Clue:
    • Cost of restoring EP for all teammates: 500 → 300
    • Boost EP to HP conversion to 5 HP/s and the effect costs 600 CS Cash → Boost EP to HP conversion to 4 HP/s and the effect costs 500 CS Cash
    • Give a Med Kit to each teammate at a cost of 400 CS Cash → Give 2 Inhalers to each teammate at a cost of 200 CS Cash
    • Cost of 20% team movement speed boost: 2000 → 1500

Battle Royale:

  • Airdrop Aid: Summon an airdrop. After the game starts, the airdrop you summoned would have a 430s cooldown, which can be reduced by 30s per elimination and 1s per 5 damage dealt. → Summon an airdrop. The airdrop will come with a Level III weapon. Once the match starts, the airdrop you summon will have 600s cooldown, which can be reduced by 60s per elimination and 1s per 5 damage dealt.
  • Leg Pocket: Lv. 2 Backpack + 100 Backpack Capacity upon landing. → Lv. 2 Backpack + 200 Backpack Capacity upon landing.
  • Secret Clue: A supply point is marked on the map after parachuting. At the supply point, you will get 3 Gloo Walls, a Launch Pad, 600 FF Coins, and a Treatment Gun. → On top of this, after looting the first supply point, the location of the second point will be marked on the map! 

Group Voice Chat

Exclusive voice chat channel for you and your friends.

“When you and your friends join a team of strangers, you will no longer feel awkward for turning on your mic to talk to your gang.”

  • Now you can choose between chat channels: Group or All. In Group Voice Chat, your conversation with your friends will not be heard by others. At the same time, you won’t be able to hear those who talk in All Voice Chat mode.

Duo Network Connection (SG ONLY)

A more stable experience.

“Problems do occur when you manually switch between networks due to poor Internet connection. Now, you no longer have to contemplate which one you should choose because you can have them all! We can now automatically switch to your best network connection.”

  • If you enable Duo Network Connection in Settings, Free Fire will automatically select the best network for you during the match.
  • Please be aware that, when enabled, this feature will consume data.

High Ping Solution II (SG ONLY)

Less damage bugs even in high ping.

“In the last version, we optimized issues relating to damage bugs for players experiencing high ping. Our move was well received by many of you. Therefore, we would like to make further improvements in this patch by optimizing the urgent issues in the players’ feedback we collected.”

Improved game experience for players with high ping:

  • When you’re under high ping and firing at the same time as your enemy, your damage is now more likely to be successfully inflicted even if the server renders that you’re knocked down. (P.S. To ensure fairness, this optimization will take place only when the match result will not be affected.)
  • Reduced the possibility of walking through walls from other players’ viewpoints.

Optimized player perception of ping to help them better determine battle strategies based on network conditions:

  • In Settings, choose whether to display only the damage values validated by the server in case of high ping.
  • Improved the refresh rate of the ping display for timely knowledge network fluctuations.

Optimized Auto-Aim on Knocked-Down Enemies

Smoother firing operation when facing multiple enemies.

“Do you have trouble aiming at a new enemy after knocking down the one next to them? Now you can choose to aim at the knocked down enemy or the one that just appeared.”

  • Easier to aim at a standing enemy when a knocked-down enemy is near your aim.
  • If your crosshair is on a knocked-down enemy, it is now easier to shift it to aim at another enemy.

Unable to Jump Over a Gloo Wall

No more unfair gameplay.

“Have you ever been attacked by enemies from strange positions? Players can no longer jump on a Gloo Wall to attack their enemies.”

  • When standing at the top of a Gloo Wall, tapping the jump button will prompt a notification saying that jumping is not enabled.

Other Adjustments

  • Fixed Rafael’s skill description to match the actual skill effect. 
  • When auto-jumping, you will face the center of the map rather than the airplane route.
  • In the Daily Chest display area, you can now see the model of the rare weapon skin reward.
  • Optimized UI for Battle Royale and Clash Squad match results page.  
  • The new Battle Royale scoreboard allows you to quickly know the status of your teammates. In multiplayer mode, you can now view the scoreboard by holding or tapping the team panel. This feature is turned off by default.
  • Adjusted the display position of the remaining people in the cabin in Battle Royale mode, so that players who open the map on the plane can still see the number.
  • Optimized the zooming logic when zooming in on the map in Battle Royale mode, making the overall operation smoother.
  • Optimized the item wheel to make it easier to use.
  • More score details will now be displayed on the match history page.
  • Optimized auto-download: Auto-download will be paused when playing a match and resume when the match ends. 
  • Special items marked will be more visible on the minimap. 
  • To avoid players using pins to spam teammates, the sound effect will have a cooldown time (the pin function itself will not have a cooldown time).
  • Optimized the Settings page so that the dependencies of some settings can be more easily understood.
  • In Clash Squad mode, players will not purchase repeated items during poor network connection. The weapon upgrade icon will appear after the connection is stable.
  • Optimized UAV red dots in Clash Squad mode: The size of the red dots has been adjusted to better suit the minimap size. You can now more accurately see enemy locations.
  • Optimized loading time required for entering a match.
  • The Rank Protection Card duration is now permanent but you can own only up to 2 of such cards.
  • If you perform a melee attack while sprinting, the animation cuts back to sprinting as soon as you finish the attack.
  • Better control when falling: Less possibility of staggering after jumping from a high ground.


Mid-Game Joining

Enjoy a fairer game!

“Still bothered by teammates/enemies quitting mid-game? We added a mid-game joining mechanism to this version to greatly improve your game experience. This feature will automatically fill in players for incomplete teams.”

When crafting a map, the creator can set general parameters related to fillers, such as whether or not to support mid-game joining and the maximum number of fill-in players.

Craftland Download Center Optimization

Experience wonderful content faster!

The optimized Craftland Download Center will help you free up storage on your phone. All you need to do is download the basic Resource Packs for Craftland! Tip: Downloading the map resources before playing the new map will make it smoother when teaming up with friends!

  • You must first download the basic pack before playing Craftland maps.
  • For random matchmaking, you can first match and then download corresponding map resources.
  • In Craftland rooms/Create Room, you need to first download the map resources.
  • When using Craftland Studio, you must first download the new object before placing it on your map.

Longer Replay Value for Some Games

An ongoing enhancement!

“Wanna challenge the leaderboard heroes or set a record? In the new version, progress can be saved and updated in Craftland. Challenge yourself and see what you can achieve! “

  • Leaderboards, Levels, and Experience Systems have been added to some games.

Optimized In-Game Experience for Some Maps

Quickly understand gameplays of different maps!

“Don’t waste any second! Pay attention to the rules and demonstrations at the beginning of the game to help you quickly adapt to any field of battle.”

  • New rules and image tutorial features added to some maps. Players in the game can tap the Help icon to view the tutorials.

Other Optimizations

  • Upgraded map tags will be displayed below the map name and on the map details page, reflecting the mode and gameplay.
  • In the room list, “Advanced Room” will be displayed for rooms in which custom parameters can be adjusted.
  • Tap Map Details to view Map Rating and Estimated Time. Such information can help players select the best maps.
  • The loading interface now displays map name, localized description, map tags, rating, and estimated time.
  • The map comment pop-up window has been optimized to rearrange the positive and negative comments, with some positive and negative comments having mutually exclusive logic (i.e. when one comment is selected, the other entry is automatically rendered unselectable). 

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