Win Win Lottery Result Today 10 10 22 List (W688): Live Kerala Win Win Lottery Result

Win Win Lottery Result Today 10 10 22 (W688): Do you want to know the result of the Win Win Kerala Lottery? If Yes, then keep reading. The draw for the Win Win Kerala Lottery result today list took place and the result was announced on 10 10 22. We bring you the Kerala Win Win weekly lottery result live for this week. Many people nowadays try their luck in lottery as with growing time it is tough to cope up with financial needs with less salary. From kids to youngsters to old aged people, all are buying Kerala Lottery on a daily basis and the reason for it is basically the high prize money, that is Rs 75,00,000. Kerala Win Win lottery is conducted on each Monday. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out your winning ticket!

Win Win Lottery Result Today 10 10 22 List (W688): Live Kerala Win Win Lottery Result

Win Win Lottery Result Today

Win Win Lottery Result Today Live 3rd October

The Kerala Win Win Lottery Result Today is a great news for all the lucky winners. All the participants have won and improved their lives in a big way. The Kerala government has put in place a great system to manage the lottery which has ensured that all participants are happy. If you have any questions about the Win Win Lottery Result Today, please feel free to contact your local lottery operator. There is no standard way to check one’s lottery result online, as each lottery operator has their own system in place. However, some methods of checking one’s lottery result online include visiting the lottery website, entering one’s personal information, and clicking on the “results” tab.

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Kerala Win Win lottery Result Today W688

Today’s Win Win Lottery number is Win Win W688, whose result is being published after 3 pm today. And you will also get the PDFs after 4pm onwards, from where you can check your ticket. This is basically a weekly Lottery, so the amount is also very high. This Lottery system was organized by Indian state of Kerala in 1967 when the entire private-based Lottery system was banned by Kerala Government. But it came up with a new Lottery system just not to affect people’s financial state as many of them are dependent on Lottery system in Kerala. And now it is way too popular worldwide.

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There is no specific rule for choosing a lucky winner, but yes, it is done randomly by the ticket manufacturer. As this lottery system is totally luck based so chances of winning 1st prize is very tough, but still people are trying to achieve the 1st Prize.

Kerala Win Win Lottery Result Today Online Live (10/10/2022): Overview

Kerala lottery result online can be found at the official website of Kerala State Lottery. The website offers a variety of options for users to find their winning numbers and claims. Lottery results are updated every day, so it is easy to determine whether a ticket is a winner. If you win a prize in the Kerala Lottery, you will need to contact the lottery office to claim your prize. The office can provide you with instructions on how to claim your prize.

Winners Name of Kerala Win Win Lottery Today W 688 (Full Details)

If you’re looking for the Kerala Win Win lottery result today, you’re in luck! The draw took place at 3:00 PM IST on 3rd October and the lucky numbers are as follows:

Win Win Lottery Result Today 10 10 22

WIN-WIN LOTTERY NO.W-688th DRAW held today on:- 10/10/2022, 03:00 PM


1st Prize Rs :7500000/-WE 102657
Cons Prize-Rs :8000/-WA 102657 WB 102657 WC 102657 WD 102657 WF 102657 WG 102657 WH 102657 WJ 102657 WK 102657 WL 102657 WM 102657
2nd Prize Rs :500000/-WF 213390
3rd  Prize Rs :100000/-1) WA 993544
2) WB 883428
3) WC 793355
4) WD 452257
5) WE 863314
6) WF 995088
7) WG 537850
8) WH 871882
9) WJ 572539
10) WK 711434
11) WL 299788
12) WM 539008
4th Prize-Rs :5000/-0216 1588 1915 3107 3119 3575 3665 4086 4189 4343 4506 5322 5512 6059 6679 8620 9851 9984
5th Prize-Rs :2000/-0634 0800 1015 1393 3029 3519 3627 4458 7233 7547
6th Prize-Rs :1000/-0777 1059 2348 2902 3432 4512 4672 4791 5002 5216 5771 6816 7537 7692
7th Prize-Rs :500/-0150 0195 0345 0388 0833 0862 1246 1261 1561 1573 1630 1677 1739 1953 2374 2439 2495 2519 2522 2575 2617 2721 3088 3297 3423 3567 3577 3597 4393 4486 4745 5065 5278 6045 6516 6555 6598 6714 6867 7158 7159 7205 7284 7299 7464 7552 7702 7766 7794 7808 7819 7873 7902 7974 8120 8229 8353 8417 8419 8436 8496 8543 8617 8659 8796 8805 8820 8959 8994 9027 9107 9145 9180 9191 9201 9271 9347 9406 9552 9623 9754 9884
8th Prize-Rs :100/-0173 0454 0557 0616 0831 2003 2014 2173 2251 2677 3156 3368 3587 4179 4347 4664 5012 5333 5341 5813 5842 5893 6274 6359 7088 7090 7203 7356 7723 7964 8136 8425 8618 8622 8885 9239

NOTE: The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days. In case any winner fails to claim their prize within this time period, their ticket will be disbursed amongst all losing ticket holders.


Win Win Lottery Result Yesterday

WIN-WIN LOTTERY NO.W-688th DRAW held today on:- 03/10/2022, 03:00 PM


1st Prize Rs :7500000/-1) WU 498499 (IRINJALAKUDA)
Cons Prize-Rs :8000/-WN 498499 WO 498499 WP 498499 WR 498499 WS 498499
WT 498499 WV 498499 WW 498499 WX 498499 WY 498499
WZ 498499
2nd Prize Rs :500000/-1) WV 469045 (THIRUR)
3rd  Prize Rs :100000/-1) WN 619421 (KOLLAM)
2) WO 386172 (PALAKKAD)
5) WS 648070 (GURUVAYOOR)
7) WU 612863 (ERNAKULAM)
8) WV 714087 (GURUVAYOOR)
9) WW 694087 (PAYYANUR)
10) WX 543882 (KASARAGOD)
12) WZ 487842 (VAIKKOM)
0078 0409 1844 2025 2584
3005 3172 3912 4205 4958
5184 6248 6410 6478 7212
7927 8235 9126
5th Prize-Rs :2000/-0811 2171 4826 5537 6467
6547 7591 7743 8774 9897
6th Prize-Rs :1000/-0528 0725 0743 1729 2270
3120 3794 3848 5048 5417
5810 5872 5885 8695
7th Prize-Rs :500/-0074 0142 0164 0204 0273
0456 0641 0643 0896 1051
1100 1133 1335 1344 1429
1677 1684 2003 2078 2112
2257 2367 2569 2649 2667
2766 2776 2881 2901 3013
3362 3523 3566 3792 4024
4249 4528 4656 4682 4683
4720 4758 4961 4988 5208
5278 5452 5572 5749 5802
5928 6220 6640 6922 7004
7014 7073 7228 7248 7552
7576 7740 7786 8261 8426
8535 8730 8772 8869 8922
8933 8954 9023 9060 9067
9272 9442 9474 9487 9591
9894 9917
8th Prize-Rs :100/-0048 0066 0227 0291 0293
0436 0612 0874 0942 1081
1209 1230 1271 1284 1312
1387 1472 1492 1498 1531
1565 1706 1835 2162 2212
2279 2299 2545 2564 2581
2624 2634 2917 2949 3001
3010 3050 3070 3224 3256
3274 3329 3401 3541 3565
3570 3829 3942 3993 4002
4028 4046 4130 4157 4274
4419 4610 4733 4765 4804
4846 5010 5065 5193 5197
5300 5374 5396 5485 5816
5946 5954 6005 6069 6082
6137 6252 6253 6262 6357
6439 6470 6559 6609 6643
6647 6670 6678 6753 6913
6923 6989 7022 7103 7274
7323 7505 7553 7597 7661
7793 7967 8137 8281 8301
8415 8416 8430 8464 8521
8577 8688 8691 9083 9122
9210 9423 9560 9602 9649
9738 9801 9804 9863 9911

Process of Checking Kerala Win Win Lottery Results 10 10 22

If you are that curious one who has bought tickets of Kerala State Lottery, then without wasting any more time, check out the process to view Win Win Lottery Results. You are advised to follow the steps mentioned below to check Kerala Lottery Results Today without any hazard:

  • Firstly, you must check result from the official website of Kerala State Lotteries,
  • Go to the home page and tap on Kerala Lottery Results option.
  • Now click on Win Win weekly Lottery (W-688) link with the draw date of (10/10/2022).
  • And now download the PDF of Win Win W 688 Lottery Results. 
  • Open the PDF and check your lottery number immediately.

So go and quickly have a look on the Kerala ticket results today online with the easy step by step process mentioned above without visiting the ticket selling agent. Anyone can independently check their ticket results. Once you download the PDFs you can see the whole list of winners.

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How can one claim the prize money of Kerala lottery winning ticket?

What Is The Procedure To Claim Your Ticket For The KARUNYA Lottery? The procedure to claim your ticket for the karunya Lottery is as follows:

People purchase lottery tickets in order to be the lucky one to get the first prize. But some of them, after getting the reward do not know how to get it from the authorities. Today we are here to let you know the whole process of claiming your winning prize money. Once you check your lottery ticket and confirm your victory, you can claim your won prize money within a limited time period of 30 days before it gets expired.

The prize-winner of a lottery shall surrender the prize-winning ticket within 30 days of the draw with all necessary documents. Prizes up to Rs. 1Lakh may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices concerned. Prize winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh shall be surrendered before the Director of State Lotteries after affixing the signature, name and address of the prize winner on the back side of the tickets with the following documents.**

1A claim application along with a Photostat copy of both sides of the ticket, self attested.
2Two Passport size photographs of the prize-winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
3A receipt for the prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth Rs.1/- with full address of the prize-winner (download).
4If the prize winner is a minor, Guardianship certificate from a competent authority.
5In case of joint claims, one of the prize-winners should be authorized to receive the prize money and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- should be executed.
6Self attested copy of the PAN Card.
7Attested document to prove identity ( Attested copy of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card etc)

Prize amount can also be claimed through Nationalized, Scheduled or State/ District Co-Operative banks. The prize winning ticket should be surrendered to the bank with all the above documents, if necessary. The bank should submit the claim to the Director of State Lotteries with the following certificates: 

1The letter of Authorisation from the prize-winner (download)
2The certificate from the receiving bank (download)
3The certificate from the collecting bank (download)

Tax :

For prize moneys more than Rs. 10,000, income tax at prevailing rate will be deducted and credited into the central government account. As of now, an Income tax of 30% will be deducted for all the prize winning claims exceeding Rs. 10,000/- For the agents prize claims an amount equivalent to 10% of the claim will be deducted as income tax. Presently no surcharge or educational cess is deducted as per the Income Tax rules.

** Prize winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh and up to Rs.20 Lakhs shall be passed for payment by the Deputy Director(Prize) and that above 20 lakhs by the Director.

This site is for people like you who are interested to get the daily update of official Win Win Lottery Result 2022. You can check out the list of winners of Kerala Lottery Results from the PDFs. Check out your name with the Lottery ticket number now, whether you are that lucky one to grab first prize or not. Keep following our site for daily updates of Kerala Lottery Results 2022 Live Daily.

List of Weekly Lotteries and Prize Structures

The Department of State Lotteries has been rolling out six weekly lotteries,two biweekly lotteries and six bumper tickets until Aug/2010.But in compliance with the judgement of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in WP(C) 25632/2010,the Government have instructed vide GO (MS) No.223/10/TD dated 31.8.2010 to reduce the number of weekly lotteries to one, retaining the six bumper lotteries per year. Accordingly the department was conducting only one weekly lottery namely Win-Win on every Wednesday besides the six Bumper Lotteries per year from September 2010 onwards. But vide GO (MS) No. 105/11/TD dated 10.8.2011, the Government have accorded sanction to restore the weekly lotteries temporarily stopped. The details of weekly lotteries and Bumper Lotteries conducted by the department from September 2011 is shown below.

Weekly Lotteries

MONDAYWIN-WIN (Download Prize Structure)
TUESDAYDHANASREE (Download Prize Structure)
WEDNESDAYAKSHAYA (Download Prize Structure)
THURSDAYKARUNYA PLUS (Download Prize Structure)
FRIDAYNIRMAL (Download Prize Structure)
SATURDAYKARUNYA (Download Prize Structure)
SUNDAYFIFTY FIFTY (Download Prize Structure)


1. Tickets will be printed in seven series.

2. The maximum retail price of one ticket will be Rs.30/- only. One book of tickets will contain twenty five tickets.

3. The first , second and third prizes will be drawn in full coming under the assured portion of prizes. The remaining prizes will be under variable portion depending upon the sale of tickets.

4. The consolation prizes of Rs.10,000/- each will be awarded to the tickets in other six series, having the same number of 1st prize winning number.

5. The fourth prize will be determined by drawing the last five digits once and extended to all sold tickets in all series.

6. The fifth prize will be determined by drawing the last four digits fifteen times and extended to all sold tickets in all series.

7. The sixth prize will be determined by drawing the last four digits twenty two times and extended to all sold tickets in all series.

8. The seventh prize will be determined by drawing the last four digits thirty times and extended to all sold tickets in all series.

9. The eighth prize will be determined by drawing the last four digits sixty times and extended to all sold tickets in all series.

10. If any prize numbers in any category is repeated the same will be cancelled and redrawn.

11. An amount equal to 10% of prize money will be deducted from 1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes and given as agents commission on prize to the agents concerned . An amount equivalent to 10% of the prize money on 4th to 7th and consolation prizes and 20% of the prize money on 8th prize will be given to the agents concerned as agents commission on prize from Government fund.

12. (i) Registered agents will get the tickets at the following discounted rates, for the entire purchase irrespective of the district of purchase.

(a) Up to 2000 tickets – 74% of the maximum retail price

(b) Up to 10000 tickets – 73% of the maximum retail price

(c) Above 10000 tickets – 72% of the maximum retail price

(ii) The highest eligible discounted rate will be allowed for the entire tickets purchased by an agency. The above mentioned discounted rate will be allowed based on the total purchase of tickets from the different District Lottery Offices. The dues or excess amount collected, if any, will be adjusted in future claims or by exchange of tickets of the next lottery ,as the case may be, from the office of registration.

13. The prize winners shall prefer their claims within 30 days from the date of draw. The first and second prize winning tickets should be surrendered to the Director of State Lotteries in person or by insured registered post or through Nationalised/ Scheduled Banks/ State or District Co-operative Banks supported with necessary documents.

14. The prizes of Rs.1,00,000/- and below may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices / Directorate of State Lotteries. In the case of claimants from outside the state , the claims should be submitted in the Directorate. The prize winners should record their name, address and signature in the space provided on the reverse side of the ticket. Payment of prize money will be made only after ascertaining the genuineness of the tickets with counterfoils or by any other method as decided by the Director from time to time.

15. Agents are allowed to collect prize tickets with prize money of Rs.5000/- and below and pay the prize money to the prize winners themselves and thereafter claim prize money on behalf of prize winners by exchange of tickets. The agents should clearly state whether the prize tickets are collected and prize money already paid to the prize winners by them, while presenting the same for payment.

16. Claims on mutilated or tampered tickets will be rejected outright. One ticket can win only the highest prize awarded on it. Income Tax and Surcharge etc. if any, will be deducted at source from the prize money as laid down in the Finance Act (Central).

17. Legal jurisdiction of this Lottery will be at Thiruvananthapuram.

FAQs (Kerala State Lotteries 2022)

How can we check Kerala Lottery Results 2022?

Kerala State Lotteries result is one of the most awaiting matters for each and every person who has purchased lottery tickets. Rather than roaming here and there, one can simply go to the official site of Kerala State Lotteries and search their lottery name and check out the results. You can follow our site to get the updated results as well. 

How Can I Estimate My Chances Of Winning In The Kerala Win Win Lottery?

There is no definite answer to this question as it largely depends on the specific lottery draw that you are playing.
However, some basic tips that could help you estimate your chances of winning include playing only the lotteries that offer higher jackpots, and ensuring that you enter your correct mobile number when you buy your tickets..

What is the prize money amount?

Prize money amount is very high for the winner because it is a weekly lottery.
1st Prize – 75 lakhs,
2nd Prize – 5 lakhs,
3rd Prize – 1 lakh,
4th Prize – Rs 5000,
5th Prize – Rs 2000,
6th Prize – Rs 1000,
7th Prize – Rs 500,
8th Prize – Rs 100.

Is there any consolation prize?

Yes, there is consolation prize money of 8000 Rs. If  you don’t get the 1st Prize, you can be the consolation prize winner. So check results properly.

Can I Exchange My Winning Ticket In The Kerala Lottery?

1. Yes, you can exchange your winning ticket in the Kerala Lottery. You will be asked to provide verification documents such as your ID card and proof of residence.
2. Present your winning ticket to the ticket office at the lottery centre where you purchased it.
3. You will be asked to provide verification documents such as your ID card and proof of residence.
4. If your ticket is a jackpot or multiple-winner ticket, you will also have to provide bank documentation to prove your claim..

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