Valorant Codes Redeem (December 2023) Get Free Skins, Player Cards!

Valorant Redeem Codes: How to Get Free Rewards December 2023 : Valorant is one of the most brilliant games developed and published by Riot games in the June month of 2020. This is the shooter hero game which has gained much popularity in very less time. With excellent game play, team Valorant has added a way out called redeem codes, redeeming those game lovers can get goodies like Valorant skins, ornaments, player cards, cosmetics etc. for free; which otherwise have to be bought with real cash.

Valorant Codes Redeem (December 2023) Get Free Skins, Player Cards!

Valorant Codes
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Source of new Valorant redeem codes : The best way to receive free codes is to follow the game developers or the official website of Valorant game.  You must follow them on social channels like Facebook, Discord, and Twitter etc to get the latest update or else we are always here to let you get these very easily.

Valorant Redeem Codes List: Valid and Invalid codes

Here the updated list of Valorant Redeem codes is listed. This codes updated here are mentioned to save your time, so that players will not waste their time redeeming the expired codes, which are of no use now. Thus both the expired and actives codes are upgraded here. Though there is not a lot of active codes available now, except for one code only. Pay attention in the below section at the codes:

Active Valorant Codes:

YTILAUD – Exclusive Player Card

Expired Valorant Codes:

  1. PRISMATIC – Pride Player Card
  2. COTTONCANDY – Pride Player Card
  3. PRIMARY – Pride Player Card
  4. GALACTIC – Pride Player Card
  5. SUNSET – Pride Player Card
  6. TWILIGHT – Pride Player Card
  7. SHERBERT – Pride Player Card
  8. JUBILANT01 – Ally Player Title
  9. JUBILANT02 – Proud Player Title

How to get Valorant codes redeemed for December month?

Before redeeming these Valorant codes, players need to log in to the game first and then only he/she can proceed further. We can assure you on this point that, the redemption process of this game is way too easy in comparison to other online games. So to let you all know about this uncomplicated process, here we are sharing the simple instructions. Just simply follow and go with the direction mentioned here.

  1. Firstly select a browser to operate the Valorant game.
  2. Go to the official website of Valorant i.e. and launch the game.
  3. Now head towards the code list and copy any of the codes.
  4. Tap on the Valorant icon which is seen on the screen.
  5. Click on the “Prepaid cards and codes” option.
  6. Then a dialogue box will appear. Paste the code here in the blank space of the box.
  7. Tap on the redeem code option. It will take less than a minute but sometime it can be more than an hour to get the rewards in each player’s Valorant game account.

Here the entire method is mentioned which will guide you thoroughly.


Why to waste time and money while you have the opportunity to get it for free, just by redeeming codes. These codes are uploaded always time to time whenever new codes appear on the official website.  Don’t get stressed out if you notice the Valorant code redemption site collapses again and again. It may be because of the older codes are not active anymore. So get all information from here and don’t ruin your precious time.

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