Warzone Bunker Codes (December 2023) Call Of Duty Bunker Locations, MAP

Call of Duty is counted as one of the best leading entertaining online games in recent days, which has left behind all other games. As different types of techniques and weapons are essential in a game, so these bunkers will be beneficial in the warzone. Because, these bunkers will provide many interesting and essential loots. And these warzone bunkers are only accessible by bunker codes. The main purpose of this game is to defeat rival groups by using these objects after looting those under a bunker. There are several maps which will guide you to find and utilize the stuff hidden under bunkers.

Call Of Duty Warzone Bunker Codes (December 2023) Bunker Locations, Map

Warzone Bunker Codes

Let’s have a close look further at the codes, how to enter these bunkers, redemption procedure, etc. through this article. We hope to provide you with all the important details in this article so that it becomes easier for all to play the game.

Active Warzone Bunker Codes (December 2023) – Working

Here We have Updated Warzone Bunker Codes in the game which you need to enter to find the location of bunkers.

  1. Prison – 72948531
  2. Farmland – 49285163
  3. South Junkyard – 97264138
  4. North Junkyard – 87624851
  5. Park (nuke) – 60274513
  6. TV Station – 27495810

Procedure of Warzone Bunker Code Redemption

The process of getting these codes redeemed is as simple as any other online game. For these codes just go to the preferred bunker and type the required code against that particular bunker. After that, players will get the advantages including all the loots available in the bunker.

But sometimes some bunkers are in need of red access cards, which you can find out from any random place in the bunker loot crate. These bunkers have no particular codes to be redeemed, and these codes are being found on the deceased or in the orange chests. There are total 11 red access card bunkers, i.e.  Bunker 0 to Bunker 11.

List of Warzone Bunker Location Codes

Here in the below list many several kinds of Bunker codes are mentioned. Let’s have a look-

  • Bunker 00: Just off the cliff on the coast by Promenade West
  • Bunker 01: Right in the left corner of the map, just north of the Kart Racing Track
  • Bunker 03: Right next to bunker 02. To access this bunker, you’ll need to head through a trap door.
  • Bunker 04: In the upper left corner of the map, between the Gora Dam and Riverside 
  • Bunker 05: In between Jarvdinsk Spomenik, the Crash Site, and Arklov Military Base
  • Bunker 06: Just north of block 18 and east of block 15
  • Bunker 07: Underneath a trap door, right by Karst Bridge
  • Bunker 08: Opposite Bunker 07, down the stairs
  • Bunker 09: In the cliff by the Prison
  • Bunker 10: South of Tavorsk park

New bunkers are kept adding with time. Whenever new bunkers are launched those get attached immediately to the list of these bunker codes. We will keep you updated with the exact information about Call of Duty game or else players can focus on the official website or social media handles.

Season 6 patch of Call of Duty online game added many new things like- in 5th November. 2021 new series that is being called ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ etc. All the players must be very careful while playing as other groups of players will also try to enter and loot the bunkers.

Final statement So this was all about today’s article regarding Warzone Bunker Codes for Call of Duty online game. As these above mentioned bunkers are way too important to take escape from the opponents successfully. Visiting these bunkers is more likely to take much more time for each player than the usual time. No doubt these warzone bunker codes are useful in successful game play, but then players have to be attentive and must have a look into the bunkers before the other rivalries access there. At last you are advised to head towards bunkers and enemies with a proper plan.

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