AFK Arena Codes (December 2023) Free Gold, Diamonds & Scrolls

AFK Arena Codes Redeem For Gold, Diamonds, Chest Scrolls (December 2023) : AFK Arena is a RPG with amazing styles and beauty. The craze for this game is increasing day by day very rapidly. Lilith games offer outstanding redeemable codes in the beginning of every month. These codes are designed in such a way that it will surely get you attractive in-game rewards, which are essential for crossing each level of the game. And these rewards will make your character more firm and will be helpful in defeating enemies. AFK Arena is a game full of artistic beauty. Keep an eye on the updates on a daily basis to stay updated. Use these Arena codes on time before those get expired.

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AFK Arena Codes (December 2023) Redeem Free Gold, Diamonds & Scrolls

afk arena codes

Afk Arena Codes will offer Multiple prizes and bonuses in the game to get stronger in this RPG. Player should fight with enemy until the game ends to get extra freebies. Lilith Games will release New Redemption Codes every month for their users to participate in the game or in the part of their promotional activities.

What is the procedure for redemption of AFK Arena Codes?

The exact process of redeeming AFK Arena codes is not that complicated. Anyone can get these codes redeemed without as such difficulty. So let’s come and focus on the detailed elaboration about the redemption process. Here the steps are:

  • Head towards the official website of AFK Arena redemption.
  • Then log in to your AFK Arena account by providing the correct log in credentials and find out your game character, which will be available on the left most corner of the screen.
  • A panel will appear within a few moments and the code will also be available there.
  • Under player portrait click on settings tab and then tap on verification code for the purpose of verifying your account for security purpose.
  •   After the verification, a code will be sent to the player’s gaming mailbox.
  • Now copy the code that has been sent to mailbox and paste it on the website’s code redemption panel.
  • Now redeem the codes and get the rewards in the player’s account immediately.

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List of AFK Arena codes

AFK Arena codes Redeem is for free items like Hero Scrolls, Gold, Diamonds and Rare Soulstones. In this section we will mention both the valid and expired codes. You must check the expired codes as well so that u can get an idea of what sort of rewards are provided here. Check out the whole list here:

Active and 100% Working Codes for December Month 2023:
  • mystery2023 -mirror image
  • special2023 – powers of reflection
  • HAPPY2023 – 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 2,000 Diamonds, 10 Hero Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls NEW
  • SANSHUNEN – 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 2,000 Diamonds, 10 Hero Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls
  • 39acdh37nk – 1,200 Diamonds, 6 Hours of Hero EXP, 6 Hours of Gold, 6 Hours of Hero’s Essence
  • 39i4qttfzt – 600 Diamonds, 6 Hours of Hero EXP, 6 Hours of Gold, 6 Hours of Hero’s Essence
  • 39judaxj5p – 600x Diamonds, 6 Hour x Hero Resources
  • lightbearer – Light of Piety (NEW!)
  • mauler – Undying Flame (NEW!)
  • wilder – Tuneful Spring (NEW!)
  • graveborn – Gallant Souls (NEW!)
  • AFKRE0 – 1K Diamonds, 3 Large Hero EXP Chests,3 Large Gold Chests, 3 Large Hero’s Essence Chests (NEW!)
  • LUCKY2023 – 3,000 Diamonds / 10 Stargazer Scrolls / 10 Common Hero Scrolls / 10 Time Emblems
  • tqa9c5g35y – 600 Diamonds, 30 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • CHUKAHAE333 – 2K Diamonds, 10 Faction Scrolls, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 10 Stargazer Scrolls
  • tq8agz7wyv – 1K Diamonds, 3 Hero’s Essence Chests, 3 Large Gold Chests, 3 Large Hero EXP Chests
  • Brutus2022 – 300 Diamonds, 300k Gold
  • afk888 – 300 Diamonds, 20k Gold, 100 Hero’s Essence
  • misevj66yi – 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, 5 Common Hero Scrolls
  • uf4shqjngq – 30 Common Hero Scrolls

Expired AFK Arena Redeem Codes List:

Below Codes are Expired which are tested by users. Sometimes it will gets active. So try once in the game, if it works you are luckiest person!

  • Don2023 – 20 Common Hero Scrolls and 1 Hero Choice Chest
  • RYX8UE2ZHU – 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 60 Soulstones, 10 Faction Scrolls
  • rynfzjk85y – 5 Large Hero EXP Chests (8 hours), 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 5 Large Gold Chests (8 hours), 5 Large Hero’s Essence Chest
  • talene2022 – 300 Diamonds, 300k Gold
  • HAPPY333 – 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls, and 2,000 Diamonds
  • qrjfxjzicw – Free Rewards
  • qgk6h85pbd – 3 Hero’s Essence Chest L (8 Hours), 3 Large Crates of Gold (8 Hours), 3 Large Crates of Hero EXP (8 Hours), 1,000 Diamonds
  • pepmjfpuhs – 5 Hero’s Essence Chests L (8 Hours), 5 Large Crates of Gold (8 Hours), 5 Large Crates of Hero’s EXP (8 Hours), 3000 Diamonds
  • ntbdc2j4yj – 5 Large Crates of Hero XP (8 hours), 10 Common Hero ScrollS, 5 Large Crates of Gold (8 hours), 5 Hero’s Essence Chests (8 hours)
  • meeyzuxw87 – Free Rewards
  • thewitcher3 – Free Rewards
  • NISHUNEN – Free Rewards
  • kayd7grgvi– Free Rewards
  • iybkiwausg – 500 Diamonds

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Benefits of AFK Arena Codes redemption

Redeem Codes in any online games are essential for completing levels one by one. Here also in this game these codes are very important. These redeem codes bring players many exciting rewards like Gold, Hero Scrolls, Diamond, Soul Stones, Hero Essence. And these rewards are needed while playing AFK Arena to win the game. These redeemable in-game codes are released by the game developer in a particular time of each month.

AFK Arena Game Patch 1.110 Highlights

Final Thoughts

We would suggest all of the players to go and grab the codes immediately as the codes are temporary till the time new codes are getting released. So every month in the beginning as new codes will be released, everyone must get all these free rewards within time. Though the process is described in this article very well but in accessing any of these codes you find any complication you can send your queries to us.   

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