Cookie Run Kingdom Codes (December 2023) Redeem Free Rewards

Cookie Run kingdom Redeem Codes December 2023: Cookie Run: Kingdom is quite a fascinating role-playing video game developed and published by Devsisters on 21st January, 2021. Any Android or iOS users can run this game without any issue. It is an RPG mobile game where without any prior notification redeem codes get released to hold the interest of players towards the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom game is one of the games in the whole Cookie Run series. Cookie Run Kingdom includes both city building and battle strategy and also unique & colorful characters, unique cookies and kingdom too. Like any other online game, this game releases codes with distinctive redeem codes. Today’s article will guide you how you can earn free goodies from these Cookie Run Kingdom redeem codes.

Cookie Run Kingdom codes are not dissimilar to any online game redeem codes except for the goodies. Every game has its own set-up and so it releases codes which provide such effective freebies. In game currency, compass, horns, and crystals are the top free rewards from these codes.

Several exciting and eye-catching rewards and gifts are waiting for all of you, which you can acquire through redemption of the above mentioned active redeem codes before its expiry. Here by these codes’ redemption you can avail 500 crystals, 1000 crystals, 3000 crystals, 5000 crystals, star Jellies, 500 Rainbow  cubes, special Cookie, magic cutters, magic cookie cutters, Aurora stuff, time jumpers etc. So don’t waste your time anymore and go & grab your gifts. all coupon codes for cookie run kingdom are mentioned below.

Active codes list

Here is the entire list with a detailed description of the free gifts. There cookie run kingdom codes are not expired.

  • CRKINDONESIA – 3000 gems
  • CHERRYSPRINGGIFT – 20 Time Jumpers
  • BRAVESPRINGGIFT – 300 Rainbow Cubes
  • HERBSPRINGGIFT – 100 EXP Star Jelly Lv. 5 and 100 Stamina Jellies
  • BLOSSOMINGGIFT – 1,000 Crystals
  • CRKALWAYSLOVEYOU – Loads of freebies
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD5 – 30 Time Jumpers
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD6 – 10 Treasure Tickets
  • CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD7 – 3 Special Cookie Cutters
  • MEETSORBETCOOKIE (NEW) – 1,000x Crystals / 500x Warmth-imbued Wind Flower
  • NEWUPDATEISAHEAD – 1,500 rainbow cubes & 3,000 crystals
  • FOLLOWINGINLATAM – 2,500 crystals
  • 1015CKCOOKIELIVE – 2,500 Army Bombs (new!)
  • THANX200MPLAYERS – 2,000 crystals and 2,000 rainbow cubes 
  • 0224CRKDARKCACAO – 3000 Crystals
  • COOKIELIVECOUPON – 3 Treasure Tickets, 3x 30-min Speed-up, 2 Magic Cookie Cutters, 2 Special Cookie Cutters, 30 EXP Star Jellies lvl 6, 300 Rainbow Cubes, 1500 Crystals
  • CRKWELCOMEDISNEY – 3,000 Crystals, 400 Radiant Shards, 5 Treasure Tickets, 50 Topping Pieces, 80 EXP Star Jelly Lv.6, 3 Aurora Compass, 3 Aurora Brick, 3 Aurora Pillar
  • 0728CKCOOKIELIVE – 3 30-min Speed-ups, 3 Treasure Tickets, 300 Rainbow Cubes and 1,500 Crystals
  • BEI25I3Y2BDI7829
  • EHEUUE73I63UT6
  • RIEJ1572HE51GE

Expired codes:

  • GOMAGICOVENEVENT – 500 crystals (new!)
  • WEMADECKTOGETHER – 3,000 crystals (new!)
  • CK1STANNIVERSARY – 5k crystals and 3k rainbow cubes
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD1 – 1,000 crystals
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD2 – three special cookie cutters
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD3 – 100 Lv. 6 star jellies
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD4 – 30 time jumpers
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD5 – three of each aurora item
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD6 – three magic cookie cutters
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD7 – 500 rainbow cubes

Currently, there are tons of codes to celebrate Cookie Run: Kingdom’s first anniversary. These are set to expire around mid April. You can follow the procedure to cookie run kingdom codes redeem.

Cookie Run Kingdom codes are way too simple to be redeemed by users. Many newbie players must be thinking it is a tough procedure. But don’t worry! Here we are sharing details about the whole process. Any player can effortlessly redeem their codes in Cookie Run: Kingdom game, as the process is very handy. Anyone who wants to redeem codes here follow the easy steps mentioned in the article. Here is the process:

1. If you are a player of this game then you must have an ID in the game. Just collect the ID. To get it follow the steps

2. Go to the official website of this game i.e.

3. Then click on the Coupon Code button at right corner on the screen.


4. Enter your DevPlay Account Id & Coupon Code, And then click on claim reward option.

5. You will get your rewards against the entered code in just a few moments in the mailbox of this game.

Note: Each Coupon Code can be used only once per account. To receive the reward, restart the game after entering the Coupon Code.

How to find your DevPlay account

1. Click on the 3 horizontal line seen on the screen and tap setting option.

2. Go to the Settings!

3. Click on the information tab and copy your name from there, which can be in the form of an email ID or a simple username.

4. Now go to Cookie Run: Kingdom and open DevPlay Coupon section.

This is how you can access these amazingly designed codes, which will surely bring you exciting freebies. If you are looking for how to redeem these codes on IOS then let us tell you that the process of codes redemption on any device is just the same.

How can a user earn more new Codes?

Users can easily earn extra redeem codes from the official social media handles of Cookie Run Kingdom, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channel. Also from live on Reddit or discord can also bring you the mind blowing free surprises.

We can’t get enough free stuff, so we also have lists full of Coin Master free spins, Genshin Impact codes, Roblox promo codes, Anime Fighter Simulator Codes and Fortnite Redeem Codes. If none of that is of interest to you, go and take a look at our list of the best gacha games on iOS and Android to find something new to play. Now, let’s get into our list of CRK codes.

These codes are not re-redeemable, so you must not try to redeem codes which are already being used by you once.

Make sure to refresh and restart the app again and again, as sometimes because of some glitch it does not show the rewards. Also, you will not receive any notification or message on your mobile number but will get it from the official website of the game.

  • Free-to-play game with gifts: This game is totally free to play. Anyone can install it from Google Play Store and can easily play it. And so the codes released here after each interval are also free of cost. Nobody has to use their real cash to redeem those codes to obtain the free rewards and stuff.
  • Make you reach the advanced level in the game: These rewards help you to reach the next level and Crack new sections in the game as well, which are otherwise tough enough to reach. So the free codes come in favor of the players, no doubt.
  • Easy redemption process: Its  redemption process is very simple. Just in few uncomplicated steps you will be able to redeem the codes.

Final Words

As these codes get expired within one month from when these codes are available on Official website of Cookie Run: Kingdom, you are advised to access and redeem those in time.

If you want to get notified about redeem codes of other games, then you guys are requested to drop your valuable comment below there in the comment section. We will be very happy to respond to your requests and queries as well. All the codes are so far usable and valid. So without wasting any more time, just use these codes and enjoy your rewards. We are updating the page with updated lists of codes. So come often and keep checking our site. We will try our best to keep you updated with the new codes. Each and every time new codes are arriving, we will be coming up with a new article. Feel free if you have any query regarding anything related to Cookie Run: Kingdom. Here on this site we will come back with the responses to your questions.

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