Free Fire Bangladesh Server Download – Free Fire Max How To Change to Bangladesh Server

Free Fire Bangladesh Server Download: Garena Free Fire Max How to Change to Bangladesh Server, Free Fire is one of the best battle royale game creations by Garena in the year of 2017. This is basically the best gift for gaming enthusiasts who always keep waiting for the launch of new games. Globally Garena Free Fire has gained a high level of demand. Initially, Free Fire used to capture the server of nearest location of players. But now it is giving an opportunity to players to change server to bangladesh, singapore etc. Here we have come to you with this article to let you all know about the possible methods on how to do server changes in Garena Free Fire online game with and without VPN. Go through the whole article to understand the processes in a better way.

Free Fire Bangladesh Server Download | Free Fire Max How to Change to Bangladesh Server


Garena Free Fire Server is like any other game server. As we all know when any game is launched globally, each country possess individual server. Likewise, Free Fire has servers for different countries. All the data is saved on the server, mainly. Different countries have different languages and more than one computer is connected to a single server. A game always requires servers and is solely dependent on it. Without servers, online gaming is impossible. So these Garena Free Fire servers are nothing but one that monitors Free Fire online games.

How to Change Server in Free Fire 2024

Here all the valid and legit ways of changing server of Garena Free Fire to bangladesh are listed below. Have a look on that-

1. Create Bangladesh Guest account using VPN:

You must create a new guest account if you want to make it using VPN, though you have your old guest account. Firstly, you need to delete all the existing files of the game from the app settings. Now open Free Fire and click on any of your preferred Free Fire server with VPN. Now return to the game and make your new guest account ready. After changing server you are now able to notice the changes by checking the left side at the bottom of your guest account on Garena Free Fire game.

1. First, you need to install ExpressVPN application from google playstore

2. Create an Free 7 days Trial Account by click on Start Free Trial button.

3. Select Bangladesh location and click on connect button

4. Open the free fire or free fire max application and create new account (Guest or Google, facebook)

5. Login and check your free fire bangladesh server at profile setting section.

2. Create Bangladesh Guest account without VPN

For this process you need to get help from your friends or other known persons. Those who play Garena Free Fire will be very helpful to you. To make this process work, your friend must have to create a new guest account on his/ her own server. Or else they can also help you create an account on Google or Facebook. Now you ask your friend for the login credentials. Once you get it simply enter the details and log in to the account. Before log in to your friend’s account, do not forget to logout of your current account. Now your server has been changed and you can operate your Garena Free Fire account from a different server.

3. Create multiple accounts on Free Fire:

If you already have an existing account and now you want to add more accounts, then just simply create your account on Google or Facebook using a VPN. Keep the record of your login credentials. Now link your new account with the existing one using login credentials of the new account.

Were you one of those who didn’t know how to change the Free Fire bangladesh server until now? Hope now after reading out our article, you know each and everything on How to change to bangladesh server in Garena Free Fire. You can leave your comment below in the comment box if you have any query related to Garena Free Fire server change to bangladesh.

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