Free Fire FFPL Redeem Code (FFPL72XC2SWE) | Grand Finals Redeem Code Live Watching Rewards

Free Fire FFPL Redeem Code: The league stages of the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter started today, with Group A and B battling it out. Eighteen teams are competing (12 invited, 6 qualified) for the 12 spots in the grand finals of 35 lakh prize pool FFPL 2023. Tomorrow Group C will battle Group B for the next six matches, where teams like Desi Gamers and defending champions Total Gaming Esports will start their FFPL journey.

30-01-2022: Free Fire FFPL Grand Finals Redeem CodeFFPL72XC2SWE

Free Fire FFPL Redeem Code (FFPL72XC2SWE) – Grand Finals Redeem Code Live Watching Rewards

We are excited to announce Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter, a gateway to becoming a professional esports athlete. FFPL 2021 Winter is an open tournament for all the players from India and Nepal region and will also act as an entry point for teams to India’s flagship event, Free Fire India Championship 2022 Spring. Players can register for FFPL 2021 Winter Open Qualifiers from 21st Dec to 24th Dec. FFC (Free Fire Cup) Mode Qualifiers will take place on 24th Dec 2021. FFPL 2021 Winter will feature a total of 18 teams. The top 6 Teams from FFC Qualifiers will be joined by 12 seeded teams from FFIC 2021 Fall Finals. The League stage will take place from 8th Jan to 23rd Jan 2022. FFPL 2021 Winter Grand Finals will see the top 12 teams battle for the majority share of the INR 35 lakh prize pool on 30th January 2022.

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FFPL Grand Finals Redeem Code 30th January 2022

Survivors, Presenting you the Live Watching Rewards of FFPL 2021 Winter Grand Finals! ๐Ÿ˜ See you at the Finals: 30 January, 6 PM ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

400K Live Watching

  • Spirit fox – battle fox

500K Live Watching

  • Spirit Fox
  • OTHO
  • Flaming Red Skin
  • wiggle walk emote

300K Live Watching

  • DR vouchers X3

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How to Claim Free Fire FFPL Redeem Code 2023

Step 1: Free Fire redeem codes have to be redeemed on the official website. Players can click on this link and get redirected to the webpage.

Step 2: Users will not be able to redeem the rewards via a guest account. Therefore, they will have to bind their Free Fire account to one of the available options to receive the rewards.

Step 3: Next, players can enter or paste the code and push the confirm button to complete the procedure.

Redeem Code: FFPL72XC2SWE

Step: 4 once, the process has been completed, you got CONGRATULATIONS! message on the screen.


You just obtained, the milestone reward for FFPL 2021 Winter Grand Finals, reward will be sent in 24 hours to your account.

Successfully Redeemed

Step 5: Players can sign in to their account in Free Fire and collect the items from the in-game mail.

Step 6: Done

We are barely a week into the new year, and the horizon is already lit up with upcoming Free Fire tournaments. We will be kicking off this year with the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter. This tournament will feature 12 teams that did well in the FFIC 2021 Fall, and theyโ€™ll be joined by 6 teams that fought their way through the FFC Mode Open Qualifiers. With only a few days left for the tournament to begin, letโ€™s familiarise ourselves with the teams that will be participating in this tournament.

The teams are divided into three groups, with each group consisting of six teams.

Group A

Free fire FFPL - Group-A



3. TSM




This group looks absolutely stacked! Group A probably looks like the toughest group of them all. Five out of the six teams in there have been in the FFIC finals, and have competed in several top tier tournaments already. While Zero Degree might be a relatively new team in the circuit, this organisation has fielded several rosters for various titles in the past, so we cannot write them out just yet. However, this group has 2 teams that have already won FFIC in the past. Orangutan Elite, previously known as Team Elite – the winner of FFIC 2021 Fall. Nigma Galaxy, on the other hand is Galaxy Racer, the winner of FFIC 2021 Spring. However, we must point out that they have had a roster change since the last time they won a premier tournament. The new Nigma Galaxy roster was largely unproven up until a few months ago, but for the upcoming FFPL, they have had enough time to hone their skills, and are looking like a serious threat.

Group B

Free fire FFPL - Group-B







Here comes another group which has a majority of FFIC representatives. Four out of the six teams here have already proved their mettle before in premier tournaments. PVS Gaming Esports made history by turning their first FFIC tournament into a ticket to the Free Fire Asia Championship. Having fought the best teams in the continent, the FFPL might just be a piece of cake for them. Godlike Esports is full of amazing talent. Their demand was certainly high during the FFWI, because everyone wanted a Godlike player in their team. Team 4Unknown have now joined Chemin Esports and will be playing under this new banner. Aura Gaming Esports also impressed us by performing really well in FFIC 2021 Fall and surprised us with their dominant run. We look forward to seeing them pull off that incredible feat again. These talented teams will be joined by two young rosters – KM Brotherhood and Surya Bhai x GMNG Esports. These two teams qualified via the FFC mode open qualifiers, and hence theyโ€™re new to the competitive circuit. However, we are hoping that they give the old guard a run for their money. Everybody loves a good old underdog story!

Group C

Free fire FFPL - Group-C







Total Gaming Esports recently bagged all the Free Fire 2021 awards under each category. Naturally, they are the team to beat in Group C. Desi Gamers Esports wore the tricolour and represented the country alongside Total Gaming Esports in the FFAC last year, however Desi Gamers Esports seemed a bit out of their depth in that tournament. Maybe a good run at the FFPL 2021 Winter will help them regain their confidence. The old roster of Head Hunters has joined Revenant Esports and will be playing under their banner for the foreseeable future. Insane Esports is a mix of fresh talent and an experienced captain. Team Tycoons and Phantom Troupe are new joinees who made their mark in the FFC mode and are now being summoned for a tougher challenge. Letโ€™s see how they fare in a group which has two teams that have international experience.

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