Free Fire India Pre-Registration on Google Playstore & FFI Official link To Register

Free Fire India Pre-Registration Google Playstore Link: Garena International going to launch Free Fire India (FFI) on 5th September on Google Play Store & App Store. Pre-register the Free Fire India and get exclusive free rewards.

It’s almost here! Set your alarms for 5 September! Gather your squad & brace yourself for the epic launch of Free Fire India! Free Fire India comes to Google Play Store & App Store on 5 September, get ready to Booyah like never before! Pre-register kiya kya?

Free Fire India Pre-Registration – FFI Official link To Register

How to Pre- Register Free Fire India (FFI)

Here is the Official link to Pre-Register Free Fire India. Pre-registered users will receive exclusive rewards and will be able to enjoy Free Fire INDIA right as it officially launches on 5th September.

Free Fire India (FFI) Pre Registration

FREE FIRE INDIA IS HERE! Jump with excitement, call your squad & prepare to conquer the battlefields in IndiaKaBattleRoyale! A huge shoutout to our incredible collaborators, including the legendary @chetri_sunil11, @leanderpaes , @rahulkabaddi and @nehwalsaina Together, we’ll write a new chapter in gaming history. Let’s embark on this epic journey! Free Fire India launches on 5 September on Google Play Store & App Store. Pre-register today!

Free Fire India Features (FFI)

Play It Right with Free Fire India! The game comes packed with various exclusive features that ensure our survivors reach Grandmaster the right way 😀

1. Playtime Limits ⌛
2. ‘Take A Break’ Reminders 🍽
3. Age Limits
4. Virtual World Reminders 📢
5. Spending Limits 💸
6. Toxicity Reporting Mechanism 📱

Gather your squad & brace yourself for the epic launch of Free Fire India on September 5!


Free Fire India is the ultimate survival action experience available on mobile phones. Experience all the free-to-play multiplayer content, accessible anywhere, any time.

Challenge yourself in our Classic Battle Royale and 4v4 Clash Squad to be the last team standing.

In Battle Royale, every lite, 10-min match sets you on a remote island, pitted against 49 other players, seeking the apex of thrill. Answer your call of duty with a parachute dive, outrun the Electromagnetic Zone, and outlast all other opponents.

In Clash Squad, queue up with 3 other players to co-op in a tense, 7-min match and lead your team to victory!


[Classic Battle Royale]

  • Carry out wild battle tactics
  • Take strategic positions through the usage of terrains
  • Take cover in grasslands and rifts
  • Use the Revival System to your advantage
  • Complete in-game side missions to gain an edge
  • Utilize your surroundings
  • Search for loot
  • Outrun the Electromagnetic Zone

[4v4 Clash Squad]

  • 4v4 (Squad v.s. Squad) best-of-7 playoffs in all the iconic maps
  • Allocate resources & use fun team strategies
  • Outlast the other team to BOOYAH!

[Own the Experience, Design Your Own Experience]

  • Come to Craftland to realize your fantasies:
  • Clash Squad? Party mode? You make the rules.
  • Create your own playable maps
  • Over 50 fun, interactive objects available
  • Invite some friends over, and GLHF! 😀

[Battle in Style]

  • Our all-encompassing Character System allows you to hand-pick from:
  • Over 50 available characters
  • Unique character skills & combinations
  • Customizable outfits from top to bottom
  • A variety of loadout combinations to fit your playstyle

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