Free Fire OB39 Patch: Unlock Character and pet skills Using Gold, No longer have varying levels

Free Fire OB39 Patch: Unlock Character and pet skills Using Gold, No longer have varying levels” Hi Survivors, We’re pumped to bring you a huge makeover to the Character system in this patch! We believe that core game content should be accessible without any barriers. The beauty of Free Fire’s Character system lies in players’ ability to mix and match skills according to their roles on the team, making characters one of the most important aspects of Free Fire’s gameplay. To reinforce this, we’re making this system more accessible to everyone!

Free Fire OB39 Patch: Unlock Character and pet skills Using Gold, No longer have varying levels


We’ve eliminated numerous barriers that have hindered many of you from fully experiencing character skills. The list below shows some of the most significant changes:

Unlock skills directly using Gold. 

No more fuss! Complicated character unlocking rules have been removed, including the LINK system.

Character and pet skills will no longer have varying levels. 

All players can now have the same experience without the need to level up their skills.

Recommendations on skill usage and combos for new players. 

We have also added tags for each skill so that you can filter based on your role on the team.In addition, the new Preset system makes it more convenient to mix and match different characters and easier to understand different combos. There will also be skill tutorial videos to help you visualize the usage and strategies each skill can bring to combat.

Significant skill balancing

Significant skill balancing and adjustments to avoid some skills being overly powerful compared to the rest, which lowers the diversity of Free Fire’s gameplay. This optimization will continue for our next few versions as well.

How Do We Decide Which Skills To Rework?

Firstly, we look at the characters in our popular game modes, analyzing them according to pick rate and win rate. Those that rate low on the chart will be prioritized for our next rework. During the rework process, we analyze whether a skill needs to have its statistics changed or undergo a mechanism redesign. In the latter case, we make sure that the skill’s new mechanism must not be the next formidable, must-pick skill and also adds to the diversity of our gameplay.

Chrono’s skill adjustment is an iconic example of how nerfs restore fairness to our game environment. Initially, Time Turner’s shield allows firing from inside, which makes it too powerful. Considering the skill’s high pick rate, we adjusted the skill’s stats but soon realized that we needed to do more than number tweaks as the mechanism itself was hurting our ecosystem. Eventually, we redesigned Time Turner by taking away its ability to shoot from inside the force field, ensuring that it’s no longer a must-pick for all players but more suited for specific team roles.

Player perception is another factor we take into account during reworks. Xayne, one of our biggest reworks this patch, has a low pick rate but her win rate meets our target. Clearly, players do not perceive Xayne’s skill as powerful as we developers have hoped. Xtreme Encounter’s original mechanism was an HP booster suitable for close combat. However, using Xtreme Encounter requires an accurate skill release time, or else the HP boost will go to waste. This patch, we significantly optimized the skill’s execution by taking away the HP decay and enhancing Xayne’s battle endurance to make the skill worth your slot!

For future new characters, we are looking into mechanisms not yet explored in Free Fire to offer you guys an entirely new gameplay experience. Stay tuned!

While we’re constantly finding ways to enhance our Character system, we also welcome any feedback from your end! Be sure to leave a message on our social media!

Until next time.

GM Andrew

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