Globle Answer Today (28th November 2022) Daily Wordle Global Country Hints, Solution

Globle Answer Today November 2022 : Attention all Globle online game lovers! Today’s Globle word for November 2022 is already out. Are you excited to know the answer? Come here, then, we have discussed today’s word and words for other days as well. This game is quite similar to other word games like Wordle, but there is just one difference between Globle and other word games. Global word game is mainly built to identify names of different places, countries present on the map. You can go through the whole article to evaluate Globle words for today.

Globle Answer Today (28th November 2022) Daily Wordle Global Country Guide, Hints

Globle Answer Today
 What is Globle Online Game?

Globle online game is a free and easy to play online game where you will just guess the names of countries, state, territory or other geographical areas. Abe Train is the developer of this game. You will be given illimitable attempts. And here, instead of guessing any random word, you have to identify geographical places. Those who are Geography students or travel wanderers, they might find this game very fascinating. Also, this game has no age limit or any other boundaries. Anybody of any age can enjoy this interesting game. And also you do not have to give your contact number, email id for log-in. you can access the game in a very easy way. Every day at 12 pm Globle online game releases a new word puzzle. You are allowed to play this game for unlimited times. Be with us till the end of this article where we have mentioned the process of how you can play this word game.

Game NameGloble – World Country game
Developed byAbe Train
Latest puzzle Time12:00 Am local time of your device
MonthNovember 2022
Recent Answer Updated28/11/2022
Globle Word Game official

How to play Globle Online game?

Are you a game lover who just loves to decode words in word games like Wordle, Lewdle, and Globle? But are you not aware of how to play this game online? If you are thinking that it requires any profile setting for playing this game, then let us inform you that this is not required at all. And without providing any of your personal data like your phone number, name, or location, you can easily access this game.

Globle Answer for 28th November 2022 is —

DateGloble Answer Today (Country List)
28th November 2022
27th November 2022OMAN
26th November 2022IRAN
25th November 2022SYRIA
24th November 2022KENYA
22nd November 2022Equatorial Guinea
21st November 2022MALAWI
20th November 2022Monaco
19th November 2022Côte d’Ivoire
18th November 2022Norway
17th November 2022Luxembourg
14th November 2022China
13th November 2022Bhutan
12th November 2022Eswatini
11th November 2022Burkina Faso
10th November 2022Zambia
9th November 2022Nauru
8th November 2022Belarus
7th November 2022Sweden
6th November 2022Sri Lanka
5th November 2022Suriname
4th November 2022Zimbabwe
3rd November 2022Congo
2nd November 2022Burundi
1st November 2022Dominican Republic
31st October 2022cuba
30th October 2022Vatican / Vatican City
29th October 2022Switzerland
28th October 2022Tunisia
27th October 2022Austria
26th October 2022Morocco
25th October 2022Kyrgyzstan
24th October 2022Cameroon
23rd October 2022Palestine
22nd October 2022Paraguay
21st October 2022belgium
20th October 2022Netherlands
19th October 2022Costa Rica
18th October 2022Guinea-Bissau
17th October 2022chad
16th October 2022Djibouti
15th October 2022jordan
14th October 2022Vanuatu
13th October 2022Lebanon
12th October 2022Philippines
11th October 2022Senegal
10th October 2022Guatemala
9th October 2022namibia
8th October 2022uganda
7th October 2022Dominica
6th October 2022Lesotho
5th October 2022Uzbekistan
4th October 2022Montenegro
3rd October 2022poland
2nd October 2022Greece
1st October 2022Hungary
30th September 2022Qatar
29th September 2022Kyrgyzstan
28th September 2022Oman
27th September 2022Turkey
26th September 2022Botswana
25th September 2022Ecuador
24th September 2022thailand
23rd September 2022San Marino
22nd September 2022Serbia
21st September 2022Belarus
20th September 2022Moldova
19th September 2022Kiribati
18th September 2022Somalia
17th September 2022Haiti
16th September 2022eSwatini
15th September 2022Niger
14th September 2022Chile
13th September 2022Iraq
12th September 2022Vanuatu
11th September 2022Gabon
10th September 2022Togo
9th September 2022Turkmenistan
8th September 2022 Eritrea
7th September 2022Guinea-Bissau
6th September 2022Seychelles
5th September 2022Bahrain
4th September 2022Vietnam
3rd September 2022Iceland
2nd September 2022Paraguay
1st September 2022Germany
31st August 2022FIJI
30th August 2022Angola
29th August 2022
28th August 2022
27th August 2022LIECHTENSTEIN
26th August 2022Poland
25th August 2022SURINAME
24th August 2022TUVALU
23rd August 2022UNITED KINGDOM
22nd August 2022barbuda
21st August 2022Jamaica
20th August 2022NAURU
19th August 2022MALAYSIA
18th August 2022CHAD
17th August 2022Liechtenstein
16th August 2022Brunei
15th August 2022Lithuania
14th August 2022Czechia
13th August 2022BELGIUM
10th August 2022Hungary
9th August 2022QATAR
8th August 2022Kyrgyzstan
7th August 2022ONAM
6th August 2022Turkey
5th August 2022Botswana
4th August 2022Ecuador
3rd August 2022Thailand
2nd August 2022San Marino
1st August 2022Serbia
July 31st, 2022
July 29th, 2022ALBANIA
July 28th, 2022France
July 27th, 2022El Salvador
July 26th, 2022Panama
July 25th, 2022Papua New Guinea
July 23rd, 2022Update Soon
July 22nd, 2022Guinea-Bissau
July 21st, 2022Monaco
July 20th, 2022Philippines
July 19th, 2022China
July 18th, 2022Lesotho
July 17th, 2022URUGUAY
July 16th, 2022GRENADA
July 15th, 2022Kiribati
July 14th, 2022BOLIVIA
July 13th, 2022ITALY

Here you can get the proper guidance about the procedure of Globle online game. Have a look below at the easy steps mentioned:

  • Firstly, reach to the official website of Globle i.e.
  • Then there you can check out the game. You will get an unlimited number of attempts to guess the right answer for that particular day.
  • Just keep trying until you guess the right word within unlimited number of trials. You may find an empty space where you have to put alphabets and identify the word following the given hints there.
  • With each guess the change in the color of that place on the globe will let you know whether your answer is correct or not, or if wrong, then how far or near you are to the correct answer. If you notice that the color of the place on Globe is light, then you are far away from the correct answer. But if it is darker in color then you are very close to it.

Globle Country Game Answer Today November 2022

Are you wondering here and there just to find the today’s correct word of Globle game? Then you have landed here on the right website as we post here the Globle word daily. Come and let’s see what today’s country name is. So Globle word of the day is updated today’. We hope you all have guessed it correctly.

Lists of Globle words for other months

Here you can check out the lists of Globle words for different months. These words can be Australia, America, Brazil, Bangalore etc. Here are the lists:

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • New Zealand
  • Venezuela
  • Israel
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Vanuatu
  • Gabon
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Liberia
  • Kuwait
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Final words

Play this interesting online game and don’t forget to comment down your guesses. In case you don’t find our page, you must bookmark our website by clicking on CTRL+ D. Do you know any better word game than Globle? Then you can let all of us know, by leaving your precious comments below. Do come tomorrow as well to get the clues and latest answers of Globle online game. Till then, thanks for reading.

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