Nerdle Answer Today (7th October 2022) Daily Hints, Clues & Solution

Nerdle Game Answer Today October 2022 : Nerdle is the number-based word game played by an immense number of players. The game is based on simple mathematic equations. Players has to guess the accurate math puzzle answer within 6 tries. Richard, Imogen Mann, Marcus and Graven team have developed this game and the team releases new math puzzles daily. The game will be updated at 12 am daily. Nerdle Classic, instant and mini mode puzzles will be released daily. Players have to crack the puzzles with their ideology. Hints and clues will be given to guess the answers. Players who missed to guess any answer in this puzzle game can check the October answers from the following.

Nerdle Answer Today (7th October 2022) Daily Hints, Clues & Solution

Nerdle Answer Today

Richard, Imogen Mann, Marcus and Graven team developed this Nerdle math puzzle game. Every day various math puzzles will be released by the team. Within 6 attempts, players has to guess the correct answer for the puzzle. Nerdle (Classic, mini, Instant, Pro nerdle) Equation math puzzles will be given to the players. To check the Nerdle October answers, and archives of previous months check the following.

Nerdle Puzzle Game Overview

Game NameNerdle – Daily equation Number Puzzle
ModesClassic, mini, Instant, Speed, Pro nerdle
Daily puzzle time12AM
Month & Date7th October 2022 (07/10/2022)
Nerdle web official
Nerdle Answer Today (October 2022)

Nerdle Math Puzzle Answers October 2022 were given in the following table. Nerdle Classic, Mini, and Instant answers were given for all the October puzzles. The answers given mentioned are 100 percent correct.

Nerdle Answer of the Day for 7th October 2022 is (07/10/2022) :

Nerdle Word DateNerdle Day NumberClassic Nerdle Answers
7th October 2022#261
6th October 2022#26064 / 8 / 2 = 4
5th October 2022#25914 – 8 + 2 = 8
4th October 2022#25836 / 3 – 3 = 9
3rd October 2022#25793–20=73
2nd October 2022#2569 * 6 / 2 = 27
1st October 2022#25513 – 1 – 5 = 7
30th September 2022#25465 – 12 = 53
29th September 2022#2537 + 5 = 12
28th September 2022#2526*8-44=4
27th September 2022#25112 – 4 = 8
26th September 2022#25022+56=78
25th September 2022#2491+4*7=29
24th September 2022#2482 + 9 = 11
23rd September 2022#2471*7+9=16
22nd September 2022#2461+9*9=82
21st September 2022#2459 * 2 – 2 = 16
20th September 2022#2446 * 34 = 204
19th September 2022#243168 / 21 = 8
18th September 2022#2428 x 25 = 200
17th September 2022#2412 + 4 x 6 = 26

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How to Play Nerdle game

Players can easily guess the Nedle answers with some essential mathematical knowledge. The game does not need any sign up or login. Nerdle can be played on Laptop, PC, Mobile, OR Tab. Players can simply visit the portal and play this game. The Nerdle math puzzle game can be downloaded on Android, IOS operating systems. Check the Nerdle game instructions from the following.

  • Visit the official website of the Nerdle game i.e
  • Nerdle three-modes (Mini Nerdle mode where you get six squares to fill in, Classic Nerdle – 8 squares and the Instant Nerdle Where all symbols and number will be given to guess the math puzzle answer)
  • Guess the Nerdle in 6 tries or 2 tries as per the mode you have selected.
  • Players should guess 5 numbers correctly [includes symbols].
  • After guessing the correct answer, click on the submit button.
  • After each guess, the colours of the tiles will be changed as per correct/wrong answers.

Nerdle Number game rules:

  • The puzzles will be simple mathematical calculations.
  • Players can use 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + – * / or =.
  • It must contain one “=”.
  • The calculations will be given only “=” type, not another calculation.
  • The order of operations applies, so calculate * and / before + and –
  • If the answer of the puzzle is 30+20 = 50, then the puzzle also allows 20+30=50.

Tips and tricks to play Nerdle

In the first guess, use as many numbers as possible. Guess the answer of the equation with an easy try.

Use two or more symbols in the 2nd guess to guess the correct answer easily.

If you follow the colour of the tiles changing when you are guessing the numbers and symbols, the answer can be guessed easily.

Nerdle Wiki Game Updates

The Nerdle is the word puzzle game updated 12 am every day. This 1 equation puzzle contains mathematical solutions. The guessing of answers will be simple. Anyone with a minimum mathematical knowledge can solve these puzzles. 6-tries will be given for the players to guess the correct answers. This game is accessible on Nerdle official page,

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