NYT Mini Crossword Answers (May 2023) Today New York Times Puzzle Solution

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 27th May (5/27/2023) : NYT Mini Crossword is the popular puzzle game which will be published in New York Times newspaper Everyday. The game will also be available on news websites of New York Times. The NYT Mini Crossword game can be accessible in android, apple ios applications. The game was developed by Joel Fagliano. Players who are playing this puzzle game can check the answers of the crosswords from this website daily. The May answers were given along with this article. The daily answers of NYT Mini Crossword will be published regularly for the players.

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NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (27th May 2023) New York Times Puzzle Solution

NYT Crossword puzzles were created by Joel Fagliano. This crossword games played by a large number of players since decades. The NYT Mini Crossword game has got a huge popularity. The NYT Mini Crossword puzzle game answers will be uploaded daily on this page. Players who are keenly searching the NYT Mini Crossword answers can check the May answers from the following.

Globle Word Answer

Game NameNYT Mini Crossword – The New york times
Created byRich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword Answer Date27th May (5/27/2023)
MonthMay 2023
Puzzle Available onwebsite, newspaper, Android/ IOS App
NYT Mini Crossword Official Websitenytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini

NY times Mini Crossword answers Today (May 2023)

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle answers will be solved by our team and updated here are 100 percent correct and are free to check. The NYT Mini Crossword answers today May are given in the following.

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NYT Mini Crossword Answers 27th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 26th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • *ook off:  LEFT
  • Smoo*h, as clo*hes:  IRON
  • Ou*se* … or a key for deciphering missing symbols in each clue:  START
  • Irri*a*ing cri**er:  PEST
  • A* no cos*:  FREE
  • Bo**le size:  LITER
  • *ake off *he board:  ERASE
  • S*reng*h:  FORTE
  • Demoli*ion ma*erial:  TNT
  • *anning le**ers:  SPF

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 25th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Helium’s atomic number:  TWO
  • Colossal ___, animal with nature’s largest eyes (12-16 inches in diameter):  SQUID
  • Place to store a phone, keys and wallet:  PURSE
  • Things that Yoda and Mr. Peanut carry:  CANES
  • Billboards display them:  ADS
  • Chances to play in a board game:  TURNS
  • Learned:  WISE
  • Praiseful poems:  ODES
  • Pet welfare org.:  SPCA
  • College courtyard:  QUAD

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 24th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Physicians, for short:  MDS
  • Sound of a smoke alarm in need of batteries:  CHIRP
  • Kind of eclipse:  LUNAR
  • Science suffix:  OLOGY
  • Gloomy ___ (grumpy person):  GUS
  • Mythological king who had the Labyrinth built:  MINOS
  • Pull, or a puff:  DRAG
  • Energetic for one’s age:  SPRY
  • Plumbing problem:  CLOG
  • Streaming service with a green logo:  HULU

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 23rd May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Slightly open:  AJAR
  • Part of a drum kit:  SNARE
  • Begin to take off, as a jacket:  UNZIP
  • Stage name of Melissa Viviane Jefferson:  LIZZO
  • Command or Caps Lock:  KEY
  • ___ Murphy, portrayer of Alexis on “Schitt’s Creek”:  ANNIE
  • Musical adjective worth 23 points in Scrabble:  JAZZY
  • Tucson’s state: Abbr.:  ARIZ
  • Bank take-back:  REPO
  • Be in one’s feelings:  SULK

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 22nd May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Fish eggs:  ROE
  • Columns’ counterparts:  ROWS
  • What “Moses supposes his toeses are,” in a classic show tune:  ROSES
  • Shore bird with a curved beak:  IBIS
  • “All the President’s ___”:  MEN
  • Violin bow application:  ROSIN
  • Gets a Venmo request, say:  OWES
  • Suffix with host or heir:  ESS
  • Post-shower wear:  ROBE
  • Edge of a canyon:  RIM

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 19th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Old-timey “Holy cow!”:  EGAD
  • Big meanie:  BRUTE
  • Group of organized workers:  UNION
  • With 5-Down, cinema lover:  FILM
  • Added logs to, as a fire:  FED
  • Bert’s pal on “Sesame Street”:  ERNIE
  • Something that’s around a quadrillion times smaller than a speck of dust:  ATOM
  • Bear’s lair:  DEN
  • See 7-Across:  BUFF

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 18th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Believer in Islamic mysticism:  SUFI
  • Most famous carpenter in history:  JESUS
  • Where to hear an aria:  OPERA
  • Pink Nintendo character:  KIRBY
  • Not difficult:  EASY
  • Brownish photo tint:  SEPIA
  • App customers:  USERS
  • Fad toy of the late ’90s:  FURBY
  • Brit’s “My word!”:  ISAY
  • You might laugh when it’s cracked:  JOKE
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NYT Mini Crossword Answers 17th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “It’s c-c-c-cold”:  BRR
  • Language from which we get “academy” and “democracy”:  GREEK
  • Health insurance giant:  AETNA
  • Democrats or Republicans:  PARTY
  • ___ Equis (beer brand):  DOS
  • Loaf around the kitchen:  BREAD
  • From an earlier era:  RETRO
  • Doesn’t buy, as an apartment:  RENTS
  • Parent company of Old Navy and Banana Republic:  GAP
  • Kick starter?:  KAY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 16th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • With 1-Down, small thing that really bothers you:  PET
  • Skip over in pronouncing:  ELIDE
  • It might have an “Unsubscribe” button:  EMAIL
  • Action words:  VERBS
  • Undo pencil marks:  ERASE
  • See 1-Across:  PEEVE
  • ___ Fudd, cartoon hunter:  ELMER
  • Headwear for a princess:  TIARA
  • First claim:  DIBS
  • “What ___ is new”:  ELSE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 15th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • It isn’t always greener on the other side:  GRASS
  • The “MM” of MM/DD/YYYY:  MONTH
  • Band’s version of another band’s song:  COVER
  • Number of letters in a Wordle guess:  FIVE
  • A saucer is a round one:  SLED
  • Maker of the Yukon and Acadia S.U.V.s:  GMC
  • Building tops:  ROOFS
  • Blacksmith’s block:  ANVIL
  • Martin who has hosted “S.N.L.” 16 times:  STEVE
  • Tear to pieces:  SHRED

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 14th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Only state with a three-word capital:  UTAH
  • Word after club, cream or caustic:  SODA
  • Alcohol-heavy, as a drink:  BOOZY
  • Walnut or chestnut:  TREE
  • “Give me a hand, will you”:  HELP
  • Kind of port for a flash drive:  USB
  • Dental pointer:  TOOTH
  • Really love:  ADORE
  • Brown-green eye color:  HAZEL
  • “That’s right”:  YEP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 11th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “Well, duh!,” in slangy shorthand:  OBVI
  • Yogurt choice:  PLAIN
  • How gratuity might appear on a bill for a large restaurant party:  ADDED
  • A little drunk:  TIPSY
  • “___ Majesty”:  HER
  • Song from way back when:  OLDIE
  • Negative media coverage, for short:  BADPR
  • Competes:  VIES
  • ___ 500 (race):  INDY
  • Walking trail:  PATH

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 10th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Pirate’s eye cover:  PATCH
  • Sound during pollen season:  ACHOO
  • Good, in Spanish:  BUENO
  • Small slice of Apple, e.g.:  STOCK
  • Skilled with computers, say:  TECHY
  • ___ Blue Ribbon:  PABST
  • Like a less-than-right angle:  ACUTE
  • Early 2000s Fox show with the theme song “California”:  THEOC
  • Spiral seashell:  CONCH
  • Unjustified absence from school:  HOOKY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 9th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Gigantic:  LARGE
  • Opposite of 1-, 4- and 5-Across:  TINY
  • Verbal stumbles:  ERS
  • Catches on fire:  BURNS
  • Rapper ___ Azalea:  IGGY
  • “Well, gosh!”:  GEE
  • Stuff found in a bun:  HAIR
  • 4G ___ (smartphone network letters):  LTE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 8th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Alternatives to showers:  BATHS
  • Major media mogul from Mississippi:  OPRAH
  • Part of a razor:  BLADE
  • Fancy place to catch a baseball game:  SUITE
  • Pig food:  SLOP
  • Floats up and down:  BOBS
  • Great grade:  APLUS
  • Be behind:  TRAIL
  • Was given no choice:  HADTO
  • Things to count in bed:  SHEEP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 6th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Major industry in the Maldives and Bahamas:  TOURISM
  • Singer Lana Del ___:  REY
  • Period of history:  ERA
  • Attila or one of his army members:  HUN
  • ___ chi:  TAI
  • Fast-forwarded parts of podcasts:  ADS
  • “For ___ a jolly good fellow …”:  HES
  • Like an unfair deck of cards:  STACKED
  • In abundance:  APLENTY
  • Actress Lyonne of “Poker Face”:  NATASHA
  • Palindromic name found in “radar”:  ADA
  • “Hard pass”:  NAH
  • “Back when I was a kid …”:  INMYDAY
  • Severe in manner:  AUSTERE
  • Contemplative Rodin sculpture, with “The”:  THINKER
  • ___ league (amateur sports org.):  REC
  • Really get a move on, in slang:  HAULASS
  • Rescued, as a pet:  ADOPTED

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 5th May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Word before “golf” or “jockey”:  DISC
  • In first place:  ONTOP
  • Slowly eat away at:  ERODE
  • Number of stars in the Big Dipper:  SEVEN
  • Total disarray:  MESS
  • Mothers of fawns:  DOES
  • When dreams occur during sleep, for short:  INREM
  • Kitchen appliance:  STOVE
  • Works on an app:  CODES
  • Jarful on a desk:  PENS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 3rd May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

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  • Like sudoku puzzles with few starting numbers:  HARD
  • Rebound, as sound:  ECHO
  • Ice cream alternative, for short:  FROYO
  • Senior facility:  DORM
  • Actress Hathaway:  ANNE
  • Long-legged wading bird:  HERON
  • Squirrel’s nut:  ACORN
  • No hidin’ for Joe Biden, e.g.:  RHYME
  • Scooby-___:  DOO
  • Vaccine approver, for short:  FDA

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 2nd May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Nondairy milk option:  OAT
  • Internet-related:  CYBER
  • Agreement between a tenant and renter:  LEASE
  • Resident of 123 Sesame Street:  ELMO
  • Try to fly:  FLAP
  • Time’s Person of the Year in 2008:  OBAMA
  • Storyteller who coined “sour grapes”:  AESOP
  • Uno, due, ___, quattro, cinque:  TRE
  • Music staff symbol:  CLEF
  • Raise one’s voice:  YELL

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 1st May, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Begin to flower:  BLOOM
  • ___ Island, immigration site in New York Harbor:  ELLIS
  • Your, in French:  VOTRE
  • Largest artery of the body:  AORTA
  • “April showers bring ___ flowers”:  MAY
  • Very:  ULTRA
  • Like a gardener’s hands, maybe:  DIRTY
  • Actress Longoria:  EVA
  • “There are plenty more fish in the ___”:  SEA

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 29th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Ready for business:  OPEN
  • “Grand” instruments:  PIANOS
  • Like emails in the Drafts folder:  UNSENT
  • ___ back and relax:  SIT
  • $1,000,000, casually:  MIL
  • Has-been star?:  NEBULA
  • Full of courage and resolve:  GRITTY
  • Loch ___ monster:  NESS
  • Musician’s masterpiece:  OPUS
  • Yearning (for):  PINING
  • Two days after Good Friday:  EASTER
  • Opposite of SSW:  NNE
  • Like a meeting attendee who’s constantly ignored, maybe:  ONMUTE
  • Clown’s leg extensions:  STILTS
  • Potato chips brand:  LAYS
  • Recycling receptacle:  BIN

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 28th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Had a bite:  ATE
  • Largest airport in California, familiarly:  LAX
  • Things that cause dings:  TEXTS
  • Give, as effort:  EXERT
  • Stuvved ub from a cold?:  NASAL
  • Wake word for an Amazon device:  ALEXA
  • Major April to-do:  TAXES
  • Crowd scene actor:  EXTRA
  • Start of a rocket launch countdown:  TEN
  • Midwest city home to the Gateway Arch: Abbr.:  STL

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 27th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Big celebrity:  STAR
  • Ten bowling pins on two tries:  SPARE
  • Bowling venue:  ALLEY
  • Small relative of a rabbit:  PIKA
  • Home for a hog:  STY
  • Bad break in bowling:  SPLIT
  • Heavy on the dialogue:  TALKY
  • The United States ranks fourth in the world in this, after Russia, Canada and China:  AREA
  • Spanish for “king”:  REY
  • Drains of energy:  SAPS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 26th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Like I.P.A.s:  HOPPY
  • Chicago airport:  OHARE
  • Country whose capital is Damascus:  SYRIA
  • Something you click “I have read,” when you usually haven’t:  TERMS
  • Up to this point:  ASYET
  • Leafy garden plant:  HOSTA
  • “But of course!”:  OHYES
  • Ward off, as a fencing attack:  PARRY
  • Like the numbers 3, 5, 7, 11, etc.:  PRIME
  • Baker’s leavening agent:  YEAST

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 25th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Title coveted on HBO’s “Succession”:  CEO
  • Make coffee or beer:  BREW
  • ___, end-all:  BEALL
  • Letters of support, for short:  RECS
  • 1960s atty. gen. whose brother served as president:  RFK
  • Noted feature of the Liberty Bell, as depicted in this grid:  CRACK
  • Wriggly fishes:  EELS
  • Bird with excellent night vision:  OWL
  • Personal feud:  BEEF
  • [Shiver]:  BRR

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 22nd April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • English channel:  BBC
  • Something tossed in the air at graduation:  CAP
  • What aptly fills the blanks in “f_ss_l fue_”:  OIL
  • Anger:  IRE
  • “Take my word on this”:  TRUSTME
  • High naval rank:  ADMIRAL
  • Eighth planet from the sun:  NEPTUNE
  • Football field units: Abbr.:  YDS
  • Respectful title:  SIR
  • “You can’t plant flowers if you haven’t ___” (dad joke):  BOTANY
  • Looked at some flyers?:  BIRDED
  • Tight bunches:  CLUMPS
  • Lemon or lime:  CITRUS
  • Major Italian fashion house:  ARMANI
  • Kitchen gadget for carrots:  PEELER
  • Take a chair:  SIT

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 21st April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Sports bars are lined with them:  TVS
  • Preppy clothing brand:  JCREW
  • Animal playfully referred to as a “chubby unicorn”:  RHINO
  • Capital of South Korea:  SEOUL
  • Notice:  SEE
  • What Third Eye Blind and 3 Doors Down are not, despite their names:  TRIOS
  • Setting:  VENUE
  • Synonym of “ripped” and “jacked”:  SWOLE
  • Third-year students: Abbr.:  JRS
  • Michael of “Saturday Night Live”:  CHE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 18th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Apparel with cups:  BRA
  • Become red, as a face:  BLUSH
  • Growing well, as a garden:  LUSH
  • “I’m so over this”:  UGH
  • Do in a hurry:  RUSH
  • Shade of gray:  ASH
  • Talk show guest’s blatant promotion:  PLUG
  • Winter bug:  FLU
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NYT Mini Crossword Answers 17th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “See ya!”:  BYE
  • Superman villain ___ Luthor:  LEX
  • Mountain lions:  PUMAS
  • Tree with smooth gray bark:  BEECH
  • Instrument in electronic music:  SYNTH
  • Hit canine cartoon show on Disney+:  BLUEY
  • Neighbor of Saudi Arabia:  YEMEN
  • Precise:  EXACT
  • Network supported by “Viewers Like You”:  PBS
  • “Keep it down!”:  SHH

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 16th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Places for science experiments:  LABS
  • American ___ (U.S. territory in the Pacific):  SAMOA
  • Three-point driving maneuver:  KTURN
  • “No worries”:  ITSOK
  • Nirvana’s “Smells Like ___ Spirit”:  TEEN
  • Drink with espresso and steamed milk:  LATTE
  • Make laugh:  AMUSE
  • Element with the symbol B:  BORON
  • Didn’t stay afloat:  SANK
  • Short comedic sketch:  SKIT

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 15th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Professor Dumbledore of the Harry Potter books:  ALBUS
  • Opposite of later:  SOONER
  • Loaded ice cream desserts:  SUNDAES
  • Cross swords:  FENCE
  • Barbershop service:  HAIRCUT
  • One who might look up and say “Duck!”:  BIRDER
  • Black-and-white snacks:  OREOS
  • Donkey, by another name:  ASS
  • “Skip to My ___” (old folk song):  LOU
  • Big blaze:  BONFIRE
  • Not cook for long enough:  UNDERDO
  • Spirited meetings?:  SEANCES
  • Happen again:  RECUR
  • “Ready, ___, go!”:  SET
  • “Succession” network:  HBO
  • Put on TV:  AIR

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 14th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “___ the night before Christmas …”:  TWAS
  • Board game with a global map:  RISK
  • Positive adjective for music, negative adjective for socks:  FUNKY
  • A single time:  ONCE
  • Gave the thumbs up, for short:  OKED
  • Elephant’s snorkel when swimming:  TRUNK
  • Make a small grimace:  WINCE
  • Inquired:  ASKED
  • Shade of blue:  SKY
  • Rock’s ___ Fighters:  FOO

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 13th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “___ Lake” (ballet):  SWAN
  • “What a shame!”:  OHNO
  • Move quickly to another topic:  PIVOT
  • Cost of a ticket, maybe:  FINE
  • Show off one’s muscles:  FLEX
  • Soak (up):  SOP
  • Brief smell:  WHIFF
  • Blacksmith’s block:  ANVIL
  • “… said ___ ever”:  NOONE
  • Cartoonist Avery who created Bugs Bunny:  TEX

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 12th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “Super” campaign org.:  PAC
  • Some branded products, informally:  MERCH
  • Pleasant smell:  AROMA
  • Philly N.B.A. player:  SIXER
  • It’s good to sing in it:  KEY
  • Stand-in:  PROXY
  • Brand used by Wile E. Coyote:  ACME
  • Burn slightly:  CHAR
  • What a raccoon looks like it’s wearing:  MASK
  • One of the Great Lakes:  ERIE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 11th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” e.g.:  SHOW
  • Hip-shaking dance:  HULA
  • A magician has secretly placed them in each Across clue — can you find them all?: CARDS
  • ___ queen:  PROM
  • Tennis great Lacoste:  RENE
  • Social media button:  SHARE
  • One of the Great Lakes:  HURON
  • Who I used to be, with “the”:  OLDME
  • Used to be:  WAS
  • Lifesaving technique, for short:  CPR

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 10th April, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Floor-washing tool:  MOP
  • Food Network personalities:  CHEFS
  • Airplane seating choice:  AISLE
  • Bottom figure on a receipt:  TOTAL
  • Who goes “Whoo … whoo …”:  OWL
  • Exam for a future doctor: Abbr.:  MCAT
  • Neighbor of Pennsylvania:  OHIO
  • Green pasta sauce:  PESTO
  • Deficiency:  FLAW
  • Put on the market:  SELL

How to Play NY Times Mini Crossword game

NYT Mini Crossword is the puzzle game that is being updated on a regular basis. The puzzles will be available on NYT Newspaper,  NYT official website, and also Android app. Check the NYT Mini Cross playing instructions and other details from the following.

  • Open the official website of NY times game i.e nytimes.com/games on your browser.
  • Log in to your New York Times account.
  • You can start playing the NYT Mini Crossword.

Steps to Play NYT Mini Crossword game on Android/ IOS App:

  • Open the New York Times app on your Android or IOS device.
  • Play section will be visible.
  • Click The Mini Crossword game
  • Tap Play to begin playing the puzzle.

NYTimes Mini Crossword (NYT) Updates

The NY Times Mini Crossword new words puzzle will be updated at 12:00 AM local time every day. The NYT Mini Crossword game is free to download on any Android device. This game can be played on laptop, PC, Mobile, Tablet, or any other gadget for free.

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