NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (7th February 2023) New York Times Puzzle Solution

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 7th February (7/2/2023) : NYT Mini Crossword is the popular puzzle game which will be published in New York Times newspaper Everyday. The game will also be available on news websites of New York Times. The NYT Mini Crossword game can be accessible in android, apple ios applications. The game was developed by Joel Fagliano. Players who are playing this puzzle game can check the answers of the crosswords from this website daily. The February answers were given along with this article. The daily answers of NYT Mini Crossword will be published regularly for the players.

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NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (7th February 2023) New York Times Puzzle Solution

NYT Crossword puzzles were created by Joel Fagliano. This crossword games played by a large number of players since decades. The NYT Mini Crossword game has got a huge popularity. The NYT Mini Crossword puzzle game answers will be uploaded daily on this page. Players who are keenly searching the NYT Mini Crossword answers can check the February answers from the following.

Globle Word Answer

Game NameNYT Mini Crossword – The New york times
Created byRich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword Answer Date7th February (7/2/2023)
MonthFebruary 2023
Puzzle Available onwebsite, newspaper, Android/ IOS App
NYT Mini Crossword Official Websitenytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini

NY times Mini Crossword answers Today (February 2023)

NYT Mini Crossword Puzzle answers will be solved by our team and updated here are 100 percent correct and are free to check. The NYT Mini Crossword answers today February are given in the following.

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NYT Mini Crossword Answers 7th February, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • LANKY – S I S S Y

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 4th February, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Big party crossword clue NYT – BASH
  • Like spiteful, gossipy comments crossword clue – CATTY
  • Series of related tweets crossword clue  – THREAD
  • Paris’s ___ Neuf crossword clue – PONT
  • Ties up, as a boat crossword clue – MOORS
  • Stacey of Georgia politics crossword – ABRAMS
  • Small business, of a sort – DAYCARE
  • Jekyll and ___ crossword – HYDE
  • 50 are found on the U.S. flag crossword — STARS
  • Starting squads crossword – ATEAMS
  • Place to store alcohol at home crossword – BARCART
  • Cable news header crossword – CHYRON
  • Off-limits for discussion crossword – TABOO
  • Slightly wet crossword – DAMP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 3rd February, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Old home movie format:  VHS
  • A real mouthful?:  TEETH
  • “Little Orphan ___”:  ANNIE
  • Bugs, e.g.:  BUNNY
  • Bend under weight:  SAG
  • On this planet, a day lasts longer than a year:  VENUS
  • Temporary tattoo dye:  HENNA
  • What hornets and hurtful words can do:  STING
  • Key above Caps Lock:  TAB
  • “What’s goin’ on”:  HEY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers 1st February, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Someone you’d be unlikely to have a beef with?:  VEGAN
  • Forced banishment:  EXILE
  • Black playing card:  SPADE
  • In good shape:  TONED
  • Either blank in “___, ___, again”:  TRY
  • Sleeveless garment:  VEST
  • Convention center event:  EXPO
  • Word after Green, gentle or gas:  GIANT
  • Tree that makes catkins:  ALDER
  • Emotionally clingy:  NEEDY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 30th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Small taste of wine:  SIP
  • What gives a wine tartness:  ACID
  • Political contributor:  DONOR
  • Wine’s aroma:  NOSE
  • “___ Lasso” (TV comedy):  TED
  • Bummed out:  SAD
  • PC pic:  ICON
  • Wine grape variety:  PINOT
  • Medicinal amount:  DOSE
  • Wine choice:  RED

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 27th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Fried dumpling with a Yiddish name : KNISH
  • Supreme Court coverage? : ROBES
  • Two of its branches are seen on the United Nations flag : OLIVE
  • ___ vortex (weather phenomenon) : POLAR
  • Snowman’s neckwear : SCARF
  • Like recently picked produce : FRESH
  • Druggy dance parties : RAVES
  • Courtroom excuse : ALIBI
  • .. rotated 90° : COLON
  • Hybrid utensil : SPORK

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 23rd January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Droopy cheek:  JOWL
  • Like some hopes — and this clue:  DASHED
  • Distinct thing:  ENTITY
  • “You get where I’m coming from?”:  FEELME
  • Shade ___ (something seen twice in this puzzle):  TREE
  • Singer Jackson with five Grammys:  JANET
  • Emily who wrote “Expecting Better” and “Cribsheet”:  OSTER
  • During:  WHILE
  • “Please, I can handle it”:  LETME
  • ABC sequel?:  DEF
  • You might need it to make green eggs and ham:  DYE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 21st January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • With 8-Across, appliance in many a hotel hallway: ICE
  • “You betcha”:  YEP
  • Tex-___ cuisine:  MEX
  • Actress de Armas of “Knives Out”:  ANA
  • Acquired:  GOT
  • To be, in Spanish:  SER
  • Clownfish’s home:  ANEMONE
  • Where you might pick rosés:  WINEBAR
  • 2011 hit movie starring Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer:  THEHELP
  • Harry Styles #1 hit that became Spotify’s most-streamed song of 2022:  ASITWAS
  • Noticed:  SAW
  • Quantity: Abbr.:  AMT
  • C.P.A.’s service:  TAXPREP
  • Feature of a narrow road:  ONELANE
  • Iconic Nintendo device of the ’90s:    GAMEBOY
  • Dress border:  HEM
  • Through-the-legs tennis shot:  TWEENER
  • See 3-Down:  MACHINE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 18th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Low card in poker:  TWO
  • Slack-___ (astonished):  JAWED
  • “Okay, that wasn’t truthful”:  ILIED
  • Ones memorizing the digits of pi, perhaps:  NERDS
  • Shirt size towards the back of the rack:  XXL
  • Pirouette:  TWIRL
  • What “chronic” and “ganja” are nicknames for:  WEED
  • 50 to 1, e.g.:  ODDS
  • Superstitiously curse:  JINX
  • Nickname that drops “-ander”:  ALEX

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 17th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Word before money, meat or matter:  DARK
  • All-out brawl:  MELEE
  • Appropriate answer to be found on top of 7-Across:  ICING
  • Birthday dessert:  CAKE
  • Whole bunch:  SLEW
  • Back windshield stick-on:  DECAL
  • Similar:  ALIKE
  • Not let a subscription lapse:  RENEW
  • Beer barrel:  KEG
  • Podcasters’ needs:  MICS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 16th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • “Hey you! Over here!”:  PSST
  • State that’s home to Cedar Rapids:  IOWA
  • Main prey for the world’s largest predator, the sperm whale:  SQUID
  • So-called “Tatooine” planets have two of them:  SUNS
  • Marries:  WEDS
  • Irritated feeling:  PIQUE
  • Acoustics is the study of it:  SOUND
  • Cheese with holes:  SWISS
  • Slight bit:  TAD
  • Opposite of NNE:  SSW

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 14th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  1. Unreturned tennis serve:  ACE
  2. Slight problems:  SNAGS
  3. A.I. bot that was labeled one of 2022’s “Breakthroughs of the Year”:  CHATGPT
  4. Bit of luggage:  BAG
  5. Palindromic cry of celebration:  YAY
  6. Drug that contains psilocybin, informally:  SHROOMS
  7. Goes by boat:  SAILS
  8. Honoree on Jan. 16, 2023:  MLK
  9. “I’m not as active,” for “vacation times”:  ANAGRAM
  10. Purring pet:  CAT
  11. The “sunny” part of sunny-side up:  EGGYOLK
  12. Palindromic foreign rulers:  SHAHS
  13. Sends incessant messages:  SPAMS
  14. Stephen Colbert’s employer:  CBS
  15. Baseball’s Cobb and others:  TYS
  16. Major export of Saudi Arabia:  OIL

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 13th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Slight downtick:  DIP
  • Most-spoken language in Iran:  FARSI
  • Take in a rescue pet:  ADOPT
  • Jennifer Coolidge’s Emmy-winning role on “The White Lotus”:  TANYA
  • Optometrist’s study:  EYE
  • Device used for aerial videography:  DRONE
  • Observation game played in a car: ISPY
  • Gyro bread:  PITA
  • Kismet:  FATE
  • Page-___ calendar:  ADAY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 12th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Clump of grass or hair:  TUFT
  • One function of a phone’s Camera app:    VIDEO
  • Crunch time at the gym?:    ABDAY
  • Places to dock boats:    PIERS
  • We have two “so we can listen twice as much as we speak,” in a saying:    EARS
  • Bone in the lower leg:    TIBIA
  • Cow’s milk dispenser:    UDDER
  • Phobias:    FEARS
  • Many holiday presents for dogs:    TOYS
  • Smoke an e-cigarette:    VAPE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 9th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • In need of moisturizer:    DRY
  • With 4-Down, do the absolute minimum at one’s job, in modern lingo:    QUIET
  • Vernon Dursley, to Harry Potter:    UNCLE
  • Poker declaration:    ICALL
  • Past, present or future:    TENSE
  • Dummy:    DUNCE
  • Puerto ___:    RICAN
  • Raises one’s voice:    YELLS
  • See 4-Across:    QUIT
  • The “T” of TV:    TELE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 7th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Casual way to refer to a younger sibling:    BABYBRO
  • “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-___”:    DAH
  • Network with a peacock logo:    NBC
    Singer ___ King Cole:    NAT
  • Meditation chants:    OMS
  • Sort of text message that shows up green on an iPhone:    SMS
  • Your and my:    OUR
  • Scene at a natural history museum:    DIORAMA
  • Temporary, as a job title:    INTERIM
  • Sexual appetites:    LIBIDOS
  • Anger:    IRE
  • Digital screen type:    LCD
  • Human organ that’s a synonym for “tolerate”:    STOMACH
  • Xylophone-like instrument:    MARIMBA
  • In line with how one normally carries oneself, informally:    ONBRAND
  • “Three strikes, ___ out!”:    YER
  • Ones who owe money to lenders:    DEBTORS
  • Head case?:    CRANIUM

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 6th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Like a fireplace if you forget to open the flue:    SMOKY
  • Disney movie set in Polynesia:    MOANA
  • Be part of, as a TV show:    ACTIN
  • Request at the end of a restaurant meal:    CHECK
  • Garden hose problems:    KINKS
  • Loud kiss:    SMACK
  • Pounded sticky rice that can be filled with ice cream:    MOCHI
  • Like Cheerios and granola:    OATEN
  • New York basketball player:    KNICK
  • New York baseball team, informally:    YANKS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 5th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Words at the altar:    IDO
  • Boardwalk treat that may pull out your fillings:      TAFFY
  • 101 course, usually:      INTRO
  • Replacement’s place:      STEAD
  • “Orinoco Flow” singer:      ENYA
  • “Really?”:      ITIS
  • “The Divine Comedy” writer:      DANTE
  • Not just once or twice:      OFTEN
  • Unravel, as rope fiber:      FRAY
  • Grogu, a.k.a. Baby ___ of “The Mandalorian”:      YODA

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 4th January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Suitcase or duffel:      BAG
  • America’s second president:      ADAMS
  • Animal celebrating Hump Day in a classic Geico commercial:      CAMEL
  • “Laughing” animal:      HYENA
  • Mojito liquor:      RUM
  • “The Well-Tempered Clavier” composer:      BACH
  • Every 24 hours:      ADAY
  • Xbox user:      GAMER
  • Restaurant handout:      MENU
  • Sound of a door closing loudly:      SLAM

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 2nd January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Logic-based exam for some aspiring grad students:      LSAT
  • 1/12 of a foot:      INCH
  • “See ya ___, alligator!”:      LATER
  • Competitor of Nike and Reebok:      PUMA
  • Spurt:      SPEW
  • Rapper ___ Nas X:      LIL
  • Sounds made during a poetry reading:      SNAPS
  • “Silence = Death” advocacy group:      ACTUP
  • Feature of a Monday crossword:      THEME
  • Like the fish in ceviche:      RAW

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 1st January, 2023 Puzzle Solutions

  • Like the number 23:      PRIME
  • Therefore:      HENCE
  • N.B.A. icon who famously wore 23:      JORDAN
  • Indigenous people of the Arctic:  INUIT
  • 23andMe analyzes them:      GENES
  • Addictive thing in your pocket:      PHONE
  • Old TV episode:      RERUN
  • Like films from small studios:      INDIE
  • Exams for future docs:      MCATS
  • Dark time of day, in poetry:      EEN
  • Happy dance:      JIG

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 30th December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • Like the number of socks you might take out of the dryer, unfortunately:  ODD
  • Eco-friendly:  GREEN
  • Playfully goofy:  SILLY
  • Feature of sales in Delaware, Oregon and New Hampshire:  NOTAX
  • Opposing vote:  NAY
  • Constellation with a “belt”:  ORION
  • Major airline since 1929:  DELTA
  • Travel headache:  DELAY
  • Channel with reruns of “Family Feud”:  DELAY
  • Greek goddess of the night:  NYX

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 29th December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • After-bath powder:  TALC
  • Computer screen dot:  PIXEL
  • Farewell that’s a popular first guess for Wordle players:  ADIEU
  • Category on a streaming service:  GENRE
  • Pushing the envelope:  EDGY
  • Nourished enough for now, with “over”:  TIDED
  • Getting rid of:  AXING
  • Suspicious:  LEERY
  • Hint for a puzzle solver:  CLUE
  • “Leaf” in a book:  PAGE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 28th December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • Creative spark, in modern parlance:  INSPO
  • Replenish, as a tank of gas:  TOPUP
  • Billboard Hot 100, e.g.:  CHART
  • Many a carousel animal:  HORSE
  • Put that in your pipe and smoke it!:  WEED
  • Annoying thing to address while wearing a snowsuit and gloves:  ITCH
  • Absolutely zero chance:  NOHOW
  • Bowling result marked as “/”:  SPARE
  • Pucker, as one’s lips:  PURSE
  • Chose, with “for”:  OPTED

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 27th December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • Active ingredient in marijuana:  THC
  • With 8-Across, modern love symbol:    HEART
  • Macaroni shape:    ELBOW
  • See 4-Across:    EMOJI
  • 2,000 pounds:    TON
  • Rap’s Megan ___ Stallion:    THEE
  • Ship’s wheel:    HELM
  • Vermont-based cheese company:    CABOT
  • Spanish for “red”:    ROJO
  • Wombmate?:    TWIN

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 26th December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • Film blamed for reduced beach attendance in 1975:    JAWS
  • Olympics prize:    MEDAL
  • Tree whose branch symbolizes peace:    OLIVE
  • Run, as dye in the laundry:    BLEED
  • Tart beer variety:    SOUR
  • Jiggly ingredient in some Midwestern “salads”:    JELLO
  • French farewell:    ADIEU
  • Hesitate:    WAVER
  • Prop in “Citizen Kane” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”:    SLED
  • Raucous crowds:    MOBS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 25th December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • Await judgment:    PEND
  • Baby’s boo-boo:    OWIE
  • “What nationality is ___? North Polish” (groaner):    SANTA
  • “Bon appétit!”:    ENJOY
  • Hacker in the woods:    AXE
  • Downward Dog in yoga, for one:    POSE
  • Actor McGregor:    EWAN
  • Teenage Mutant ___ Turtles:    NINJA
  • Goal of a juice cleanse, perhaps:    DETOX
  • Assent at sea:    AYE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 24th December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • Theater escort:    USHER
  • Shot taken after a shot:    CHASER
  • Word before finger or Dipper:    LITTLE
  • Breath mints in a metal tin:    ALTOIDS
  • Elaborately decorated:    ORNATE
  • Slang for the butt:    HEINIE
  • Gobbled down:    EATEN
  • The Bruins of the Big Ten: Abbr.:    UCLA
  • Daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:    SHILOH
  • Hallway fixture with hooks:  HATTREE
  • Latvia’s neighbor to the north:    ESTONIA
  • Dependent (on):    RELIANT
  • Something worn by a Republican during a presidential debate, often:    REDTIE
  • Viewed:    SEEN

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 22nd December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • Put in order of preference:    RANK
  • Garnish for an iced tea:    LEMON
  • Fill (with):    IMBUE
  • Children’s author whose son, Christopher Robin, had a stuffed donkey named Eeyore:    MILNE
  • Old flames:    EXES
  • D.J.’s fresh take on a song:    REMIX
  • Meander:    AMBLE
  • Words that can be pluralized:    NOUNS
  • Part of the leg:    KNEE
  • Garnish for a Corona:    LIME

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 21st December, 2022 Puzzle Solutions

  • About 3.5% of the ocean:    SALT
  • Where J.D. Vance is senator-elect:    OHIO
  • With 7-Across, what an introvert uses to recharge:    ALONE
  • See 6-Across:    TIME
  • Biblical garden:    EDEN
  • Like pool balls from 1 to 8:    SOLID
  • “Oh, give me ___ where the buffalo roam …”:    AHOME
  • Napkin material:    LINEN
  • 1/5 of a foot?:    TOE
  • Consumed:    ATE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 20th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Shapewear brand with the tagline “Don’t worry, we’ve got your butt covered”:    SPANX
  • “I can row a boat. ___?” (groaner joke):    CANOE
  • First noble gas, alphabetically:    ARGON
  • Word before toast or after peach:    MELBA
  • ___ Moines, Iowa:    DES
  • “___ Likely” (caller ID warning):    SCAM
  • Prepared, as a pear:    PARED
  • It might be acute or obtuse:    ANGLE
  • Video game beginners, in slang:    NOOBS
  • Warrior princess of ’90s TV:    XENA

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 18th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Hit sci-fi horror film of 1979:    ALIEN
  • Large in scope:    MACRO
  • Thoroughly enjoyed, as a meal:    ATEUP
  • ◯ or △, e.g.:    SHAPE
  • Send provocative pics, say:    SHAPE
  • Gather in piles:     S E X T
  • Carpenter’s wood-turning device:    AMASS
  • Tool for climbing glaciers:    LATHE
  • Blow, as a volcano:
  • Hit sci-fi horror film of 2022:  NOPE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 17th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Word before appétit or voyage:    BON
  • Bulls in Barcelona:    TOROS
  • Drink with tapioca pearls:
  • Gooey substance made of cornstarch and water, with a name that comes from Dr. Seuss:    BOBATEA
  • Speak very softly:    OOBLECK
  • Particle with a charge:    WHISPER
  • Commotion:    ION
  • “Star Trek” extras, for short:    ADO
  • Home for a family of foxes:    ETS
  • Sewing machine spools:    DEN
  • Verbal exams:    BOBBINS
  • Place to write a to-do list:    ORALS
  • Like Papa Bear’s porridge, to Goldilocks:    NOTEPAD
  • Leave, as from the Union:    TOOHOT
  • Glam rock icon David:    SECEDE
  • Ohio birthplace of LeBron James and Stephen Curry:    BOWIE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 16th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Milk option:    SKIM
  • 5×5 crossword puzzle:    MINI
  • ___ Monsoon, drag queen who has won two seasons of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”:    JINKX
  • Word in some shoppe names:    OLDE
  • Bit on a friendship bracelet:    BEAD
  • The ) of :-):    SMILE
  • Sorta:    KINDA
  • Signed, as a contract:    INKED
  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that:    MIX
  • What pays the bills:    JOB

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 13th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Point of a fable:    MORAL
  • Last Greek letter:    OMEGA
  • Beer type that’s 3-Down backward:    LAGER
  • The “t” of a texter’s “ty”:    THANK
  • Tabletop seasoning:    SALT
  • Sheds one’s feathers:    MOLTS
  • Nebraska city with alternating consonants and vowels:    OMAHA
  • Having a majestic air:    REGAL
  • Actor’s representative:    AGENT
  • Whimsical escapade:    LARK

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 12th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Double-___ sword:    EDGED
  • With 2-Down, spotted clothing pattern:    POLKA
  • Totally wiped out:    ATEIT
  • Mentally sound:    SANE
  • Tiny metric units: Abbr.:    MGS
  • Clean energy org.:    EPA
  • See 6-Across:    DOTS
  • Shine brightly:    GLEAM
  • Barely getting (by):    EKING
  • Palm tree fruits:    DATES

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 10th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Throat-clearing sound:    AHEM
  • Holy place:    SHRINE
  • Cash collector on a counter:    TIPJAR
  • Unaccounted for, as a soldier:    MIA
  • Card up one’s sleeve, say:    ACE
  • Unscathed:    INTACT
  • Animals said to make good pets if their scent glands are removed:    SKUNKS
  • ___ buco (Italian dish):    OSSO
  • Jean ___, pioneering artist of the Dada movement:    ARP
  • Take over, as a conversation … or an airplane:    HIJACK
  • Puts into law:    ENACTS
  • No more than:    MERE
  • Smells like 12-Across, maybe:    STINKS
  • Period of inactivity:    HIATUS
  • Paste used in Japanese cooking:    MISO
  • “It’s ___-brainer!”:    ANO

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 9th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Uber or Lyft, e.g.:    APP
  • Chances to shine, in an ensemble:    SOLOS
  • On the lookout:    ALERT
  • Deep serenity:    PEACE
  • Hydroelectric construction:    DAM
  • “Stat!”:    ASAP
  • Battery’s + or -:    POLE
  • Beg:    PLEAD
  • Quint’s boat in “Jaws”:    ORCA
  • Thorny part of a rose:    STEM

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 8th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Corn cores:    COBS
  • Per person:    APOP
  • Facetious response to “How’d you do that?!”:    MAGIC
  • “___ Gets the Call” (kids’ book about a planet finding out he’s no longer a planet):    PLUTO
  • Do some stitching:    SEW
  • Pitch a tent:    CAMP
  • Iridescent gemstone:    OPAL
  • Phony:    BOGUS
  • Malicious feeling:    SPITE
  • Animal seen on a carton of Ben & Jerry’s:    COW

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 7th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • San Francisco’s metro:    BART
  • Gluten-free alternative to beer:    CIDER
  • “___ of Two Cities” (Dickens novel):    ATALE
  • D.J.’s creation:    REMIX
  • “Hey you, over here!”:    PSST
  • Mosquito marks:    BITES
  • N.Y.C. mayor after de Blasio:    ADAMS
  • Ignited again:    RELIT
  • Fearsome display at a natural history museum, for short:    TREX
  • Incessantly complain:    CARP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 5th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Maine or Michigan, e.g.:    STATE
  • Tea variety:    PEKOE
  • How paper contracts are often signed:    ININK
    Musical anagram of 4-Down:    NOTE
  • Important historical span:    ERA
  • Backbone:    SPINE
  • Justin Bieber’s vocal range:    TENOR
  • Japanese dog breed with a curly tail:    AKITA
  • Musical anagram of 8-Across:    TONE
  • Scared scream:    EEK

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 4th December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Like a home speaker with Wi-Fi and voice command:    SMART
  • Sister of Kendall Jenner:    KYLIE
  • Words of surrender:    IGIVE
  • Seattle’s ___ Sound:    PUGET
  • Piano-like instrument in electronic music, informally:    SYNTH
  • Album tracks not worth listening to:    SKIPS
  • “Dude!”:    MYGUY
  • Make parallel:    ALIGN
  • Completely engross:    RIVET
  • Canines, molars, incisors, etc.:    TEETH

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 3rd December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Do some voiceover work, as for a foreign film:    DUB
  • Expands, as bread dough:    RISES
  • “Mwah!”:    LOVEYOU
  • Computer programming pioneer Lovelace:    ADA
  • Hosp. areas:    ORS
  • Disavows, as a statement:    RECANTS
  • One checking IDs at the bar:    BOUNCER
  • Made like a secret agent:    SPIED
  • Modern period piece?:    DIVACUP
  • Function:    USE
  • Singer with the 2022 #1 album “Renaissance”:    BEYONCE
  • Events featuring bronc and bull riding:    RODEOS
  • Arranged:    SORTED
  • Traditional Laotian meat salad:    LARB
  • Cold War inits.:    USSR
  • Singer DiFranco :    ANI

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 2nd December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Earthy bread:    RYE
  • Pizazz:    OOMPH
  • Have heart eyes for:    ADORE
  • College student’s selection:    MAJOR
  • Words that bid a bachelor adieu:    IDO
  • Wander about:    ROAM
  • A Jedi master, he is:    YODA
  • Face of modern communication?:    EMOJI
  • Poke:    PROD
  • Villain’s counterpart:    HERO

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 1st December, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Word with gravy or banana:    BOAT
  • The first “L” of LOL:    LAUGH
  • Prefix with -naut:    ASTRO
  • Take the wheel:    STEER
  • Roll call response:  HERE
  • Moisten while cooking:    BASTE
  • ___ Banks, N.C.:    OUTER
  • See eye to eye:    AGREE
  • Norse god for whom a day of the week is named:    THOR
  • Hair over the eye:    LASH

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 30th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Maker of the Mini:    BMW
  • Vowels in a children’s song refrain:    EIEIO
  • Big performance venue:    ARENA
  • What cubes have that squares lack:    DEPTH
  • Solver of the Mini:    YOU
  • Hand-strung bracelet bit:    BEAD
  • Boggy area:    MIRE
  • Visibly affected by a moving film:    WEEPY
  • “___ the Woods” (musical):    INTO
  • Honolulu’s island:    OAHU

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 27th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Icon for a possible mine square, in Minesweeper:    FLAG
  • Big name in pasta sauces:    RAGU
  • Like some fun-looking French fries:    CURLY
  • Seedy bar:    DIVE
  • Bit of analytics:    STAT
  • What’s found hidden between words in “deli meat,” “little monster” and “radio range”:    FRUIT
  • Stage of insect growth:    LARVA
  • Plastic tip on a shoelace:    AGLET
  • “I hate to be that ___ …”:    GUY
  • Music player inserts:    CDS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 26th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Sleep stage where dreams take place:    REM
  • Big name in plastic wrap:    SARAN
  • Bag for an overhead luggage compartment:    CARRYON
  • What might cross a St.:    AVE
  • “___ got you covered!”:    IVE
  • Bundle with bags full of building blocks:    LEGOSET
  • Loudly enjoy oneself:    REVEL
  • Actress Whitman of “Parenthood”:    MAE
  • Exceptional discovery:    RAREGEM
  • Hit reply instead of forward, for instance:    ERR
  • “Can you show me?”:    MAYISEE
  • Penny-pincher:    SAVER
  • Many a best-selling book:    NOVEL
  • ___ Tech (West Coast school, casually):    CAL
  • Part of a badminton court:    NET
  • Egg cells:    OVA

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 24th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Thanksgiving sauce:    GRAVY
  • Comaneci of gymnastics:    NADIA
  • Starting squad:    ATEAM
  • Place for a pumpkin pie to cool:    SILL
  • Long-handled garden tool:    HOE
  • Grind together, as teeth:    GNASH
  • Three parts flour, two parts liquid, one part fat, for a biscuit recipe:    RATIO
  • One-named singer of “Turning Tables,” 2011:    ADELE
  • Laboratory test tube:    VIAL
  • Thanksgiving vegetable:    YAM

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 21st November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • With 4-Down, “Your mileage ___”:    MAY
  • Apt anagram for EVIL:    VILE
  • Pour juices over, like a roasting turkey:    BASTE
  • Zones:    AREAS
  • Consonant-heavy gift from the Magi:    MYRRH
  • Mean-spirited, money-hoarding person:    MISER
  • Promising place?:    ALTAR
  • “Hoo boy!”:    YEESH
  • See 1-Across:    VARY
  • Comic book sound similar to “Pow!”:    BAM

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 19th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Catchy songs, in slang:    BOPS
  • Border on:    ABUT
  • Giant wave:    TSUNAMI
  • _lassi_ _uessin_ _ame:    HANGMAN
  • N.F.L. division for the Dolphins and Patriots:    AFCEAST
  • In the vicinity:    NEAR
  • Orgs.:    GRPS
  • What the Brits call sausages:    BANGERS
  • Onetime running mate of Biden:    OBAMA
  • Mountain lions:    PUMAS
  • Period of work:    STINT
  • “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ ___” (Dr. Dre hit):    THANG
  • Less risky:    SAFER
  • Open, as a toothpaste tube:    UNCAP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 18th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Tic-___-toe:    TAC
  • Opera highlight:    ARIA
  • Gets closer to:    NEARS
  • Word repeated before “Who’s there?”:    KNOCK
  • Full of attitude:    SASSY
  • Sleeveless tees, casually:    TANKS
  • Venue for a rock concert:  ARENA
  • Italian bye-byes:    CIAOS
  • Rainbow shapes:    ARCS
  • Backdrop for a rainbow:    SKY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 17th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • “Exit full screen” computer key:    ESC
  • Syrup flavor:    MAPLE
  • Deodorant brand whose name sounds like a synonym for “dry”:    ARRID
  • Arm holder for a harmed shoulder:    SLING
  • Danish concept of cozy contentment:    HYGGE
  • Before the deadline:    EARLY
  • Small amount of parsley:    SPRIG
  • Hold on tightly (to):    CLING
  • Prepare, as potatoes for Thanksgiving:    MASH
  • Sharp part of a blade:    EDGE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 14th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • What can be everything, but not anything?:    BAGEL
  • Pleasant scent:    AROMA
  • Video game beginners:    NOOBS
  • Opposite of a liability:    ASSET
  • English city between Manchester and York:    LEEDS
  • Hackneyed:    BANAL
  • Got up:    AROSE
  • Rooster’s father in “Top Gun”:    GOOSE
  • Plant firmly:    EMBED
  • Stands the test of time:    LASTS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 13th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Show hosts, for short:    MCS
  • “You people,” more informally:    YALL
  • Morning news show since 1952:    TODAY
  • Conover of comedy:    ADAM
  • Reservoir structure:    DAM
  • ___ Vice President, title for Kamala Harris:    MADAM
  • Any animal in the class Bivalvia:    CLAM
  • Like a knowing wink:    SLY
  • Oldest member of the Jedi Council:    YODA
  • Tiny bit:    TAD

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 12th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • SpongeBob’s boss is one:    CRAB
  • ___ couture:    HAUTE
  • Material for Michelangelo’s David:    MARBLE
  • Place to sip merlots and chardonnays :    WINEBAR
  • Los Angeles baseball team:    ANGELS
  • Frighten:    SCARS
  • That lady’s:    HERS
  • Medicine, law, crossword puzzle making(!), etc.:    CAREERS
  • Demolition debris:    RUBBLE
  • Book of world maps:    ATLAS
  • “Cold one”:    BEER
  • Building that houses airplanes:    HANGAR
  • Chop finely:    MINCE
  • Laundry load:    WASH

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 11th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Chicken ___ king: ALA
  • See 2-Down:  MAGIC
  • Fully caffeinated, say:  AWAKE
  • Gave in under pressure:  CAVED
  • In the blink of an ___:  EYE
  • Desert succulent used to make tequila:  AGAVE
  • With 4-Across, remarkably effective:   LIKE
  • Got everything right on, as a test:  ACED
  • A club, or a spice:  MACE
  • “You take my breath ___!”:   AWAY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 10th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Choose:    OPT
  • Dazzling display:    ECLAT
  • Tilts diagonally:    LEANS
  • Comic read right to left:    MANGA
  • The One, in “The Matrix”:    NEO
  • Home to an orca:    OCEAN
  • ‘It’s a bird, it’s a __!’:    PLANE
  • South American Dance for two:    TANGO
  • You might see Freddy Kreuger on this street:   ELM
  • Employer of airport guards:    TSA

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 9th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Undecided, on a schedule: Abbr.:    TBD
  • Put points on the board:    SCORE
  • Nerdy role on “Family Matters”:    URKEL
  • King or queen:    ROYAL
  • “Star Wars” creature:    EWOK
  • World capital that’s home to Henn na, “The World’s First Robot Hotel”:    TOKYO
  • What you take when you “take ten”:    BREAK
  • Farmer in the ___:    DELL
  • “Okay!”:    SURE
  • Bird that can build tools made from multiple parts:    CROW

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 8th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Participate in a democracy:    VOTE
  • Clothes dewrinkler:    IRON
  • Ingredient for 3-Down:    BREAD
  • Swelled heads:    EGOS
  • In need of G.P.S.:    LOST
  • Baby born between August 23rd and September 22nd:    VIRGO
  • Creme-filled cookies:    OREOS
  • Breakfast dish prepared sideways:    TOAST
  • Phase out:    END
  • ___ Air (Los Angeles neighborhood):    BEL

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 7th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Salad with blue cheese, boiled eggs and bacon:    COBB
  • Tempted with bait:    LURED
  • Able to move quickly:    AGILE
  • Krill seeker:    WHALE
  • Pest control product:    TRAP
  • Grabber in an arcade machine:    CLAW
  • “You ___ to be ashamed of yourself!”:    OUGHT
  • Prickly patch plant:    BRIAR
  • Protagonist in the “Twilight” books:    BELLA
  • Eliciting a slack-jawed “Whoaaa …”:    DEEP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 6th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Long parts of giraffes:    NECKS
  • Savory taste, like that of fish sauce:    UMAMI
  • “Honesty is the best policy” or “Look before you leap”:    MORAL
  • Icelandic singer with a 2015 retrospective at MoMA:    BJORK
  • River sediment:    SILT
  • Desensitizes, in a way:    NUMBS
  • Cowboy Hat Face, for one:    EMOJI
  • Song of joy:    CAROL
  • “Attention ___ shoppers …”:    KMART
  • Fiber made from caterpillar saliva:    SILK

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 5th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Like almost every prime number:    ODD
  • Slug with a shell, essentially:    SNAIL
  • Bird whose name can mean “believe”:    SWALLOW
  • Feel poorly:    AIL
  • Attorney’s org.:    ABA
  • Star quality that’s hard to define:    XFACTOR
  • Nesting sites:    TREES
  • Boxing triumphs, for short:    KOS
  • Just for giggles:    ONALARK
  • Lentils, on an Indian menu:    DAL
  • Widens, as pupils in the light:    DILATES
  • Bird whose name can mean “sudden”:    SWIFT
  • Spanish for “wolves”:    LOBOS
  • Instrument played by Charlie “Bird” Parker:    S A X
  • Dove : peace :: hawk : ___:    WAR
  • Corp. head:    CEO

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 4th November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Word after King or Hong:    KONG
  • Second-highest rank in Spelling Bee:    GENIUS
  • Mysterious puzzle:    ENIGMA
  • “Goodness gracious!”:    MYOHMY
  • Matthew ___, “West Wing” president after Josiah Bartlet:    SANTOS
  • Its capital is Nairobi:    KENYA
  • Cause of crying in the kitchen:    ONION
  • Perpetual state at the North Pole in winter:    NIGHT
  • Only Marx brother not in any Marx Brothers films:    GUMMO
  • Jewels:    GEMS
  • Simon ___ (playground game):    SAYS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 3rd November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Thick chunk of concrete:    SLAB
  • Its capital is Lima:    PERU
  • Fruits you might aptly buy in twos?:    PEARS
  • In addition:    ALSO
  • Angrily think over:    STEW
  • Wheat type:    SPELT
  • Landlord’s document:    LEASE
  • Symbol on a One Way sign:    ARROW
  • Public transit option:    BUS
  • Faux ___:    PAS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 2nd November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • “Same here” (3 wds.):    ASAMI
  • Football end zone marker:    PYLON
  • Opposite of ashamed:    PROUD
  • First word of the “Sesame Street” theme song:    SUNNY
  • Teacher’s ___:    PET
  • Smartphone downloads:    APPS
  • It’s brown and sticky (and not a stick):    SYRUP
  • Single-handedly:    ALONE
  • Climb up on:    MOUNT
  • ___ 500 (race):    INDY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 1st November, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Country with the smallest border along the Persian Gulf (36 miles):    IRAQ
  • Get the glitches out of:    DEBUG
  • Major airport in Chicago:    OHARE
  • Beelzebub, by another name:    SATAN
  • Mercedes-___:    BENZ
  • Promises exchanged at the altar:    IDOS
  • Post-injury treatment process:    REHAB
  • Lessen in intensity:    ABATE
  • Islamic text:    QURAN
  • Large chunk of TikTok’s audience, for short:    GENZ

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 30th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Q: How did the mummy start his letter?” A: “___ it may concern …”:    TOMB
  • Scare:    SPOOK
  • Coke competitor:    PEPSI
  • Cardinal’s home:    NEST
  • Hair colorer:    DYE
  • Kitchen measure: Abbr.:    TSP
  • Respond to a dentist’s request:    OPEN
  • Speedy two-wheeler:    MOPED
  • Overly demanding:    BOSSY
  • “Let’s Go Fly a ___” (“Mary Poppins” song):    KITE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 29th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • “Good ___ only”:    VIBES
  • Person with kids:    PARENT
  • Display of big-headedness:    EGOTRIP
  • They may form lines at the beach:    SUNTANS
  • Traditional Chinese snacks that are boiled, cracked and peeled:    TEAEGGS
  • “Earl” of beveragedom:    GREY
  • Curvy letter:    ESS
  • Wishy-washy, as an answer:    VAGUE
  • Historical period that saw a rise in steelmaking:    IRONAGE
  • Improves:    BETTERS
  • Really ticks off:    ENRAGES
  • Unwilling to spend:    STINGY
  • One getting shooed away:    PEST
  • Letter writers’ afterthoughts: Abbr.:    PSS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 28th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Six-pack muscles:    ABS
  • Recording artist Davis potrayed on screen by Don Cheadle in 2015:    MILES
  • “___ ears!”:    IMALL
  • Recording artist Davis potrayed on screen by Don Cheadle in 1998:    SAMMY
  • Drink with green and black varieties:    TEA
  • Target:    AIMAT
  • Point the finger at:    BLAME
  • Site of a 1965 civil rights march:    SELMA
  • Prefix with direct or deed:    MIS
  • Like a fox:    SLY

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 27th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Get older:    AGE
  • Treat with contempt:    SCORN
  • With 7-Across, “That’s not good!”:    OH
  • See 6-Across:    NO
  • Vuitton of fashion:    LOUIS
  • One of the Snow White’s seven dwarfs:   DOPEY
  • Sneezing sound:    ACHOO
  • With 9-Down, rise:    GO
  • First name that anagrams to IRENE:    ERNIE
  • Auctioneer’s cry:    SOLD
  • Not minding one’s own business:    NOSY
  • See 2-Down:    UP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 26th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Wilbur in “Charlotte’s Web,” e.g.:    PIG
  • Ruby red or emerald green:    COLOR
  • “Humble” dwelling:    ABODE
  • Yankees rival, for short:    BOSOX
  • “The best is ___ to come”:    YET
  • New Orleans sandwich:    POBOY
  • “You win”:    ILOSE
  • Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for ___”:    GOBOT
  • Taxi:    CAB
  • Tyrannosaurus ___:    REX

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 25th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Polluted air:    SMOG
  • “Only Murders in the Building” airer:    HULU
  • Like blue bread and white strawberries:    MOLDY
  • Repetitive learning method:    ROTE
  • What moisturizer moisturizes:    SKIN
  • Rattled, in modern slang:    SHOOK
  • Lead-in to vitamin or verse:    MULTI
  • Bygone:    OLDEN
  • Dude:    GUY
  • “___ Dalloway” (Virginia Woolf novel):    MRS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 24th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Bit of land in the ocean:    ISLE
  • Not amazing, not awful:    OKAY
  • Bale bond?:    TWINE
  • Opportunity to get some fresh air:    WALK
  • Word before fair or Fans:    ONLY
  • One living in Des Moines or Dubuque:    IOWAN
  • Résumé listing:    SKILL
  • Tall and thin:    LANKY
  • Retina’s place:    EYE
  • Lowest card in a game of hearts:    TWO

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 23rd October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Delivery room directive:    PUSH
  • ___ bitten, twice shy:    ONCE
  • Instrument in a string quartet:    VIOLA
  • First video game character to have a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:    SONIC
  • Call at a deli counter:    NEXT
  • First-person perspectives, for short:    POVS
  • Collective bargaining group:    UNION
  • British baked good:    SCONE
  • Double ___ (DNA structure):    HELIX
  • Perform a role:    ACT

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 21st October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Was introduced to:    MET
  • Chilled self-serve dessert:    FROYO
  • What the suffix “-phile” means:    LOVER
  • ___ by the rules:    ABIDE
  • Garment that can be graphic:    TEE
  • Studio Ghibli product:    MOVIE
  • Gave the once-over:    EYED
  • Ripped:    TORE
  • Like stale soda:    FLAT
  • Slippers go-with:    ROBE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 20th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Country’s economic stat : GDP
  • Greek god of love : EROS
  • Ice cream drink + A : MALTA
  • Retail store with a Småland play place : IKEA
  • Afternoon activity + A : NAPA
  • Topaz or lapis lazuli, e.g. : GEM
  • Deplete of energy : DRAIN
  • U.S. president + A : POLKA
  • Division of an instruction manual : STEP
  • Big initials in roadside assistance : AAA

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 19th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Used to be, in the plural:    WERE
  • Musk of Tesla Motors:    ELON
  • Bit of white in a sea of blue:    CLOUD
  • Mail inits.:    USPS
  • Rap’s Megan ___ Stallion:    THEE
  • ___ corgi (dog breed):    WELSH
  • Run away for marriage:    ELOPE
  • Wake up:    ROUSE
  • It might justify the means:    END
  • Director’s cry:    CUT

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 18th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Tiny lie – FIB
  • Salmon eggs – ROE
  • Belt’s location – WAIST
  • Mined rock – ORE
  • Covert _ (military missions) -OPS
  • Burger go-with : FRIES
  • Siri’s platform – IOS
  • Ante action – BET
  • Pursue before Valentine’s Day perhaps – WOO
  • Jean _ Dadaist sculptor – ARP

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 17th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Partner of services:    GOODS
  • Shop-till-you-drop outing:    SPREE
  • Nut in a Thanksgiving pie:    PECAN
  • Tests without pencils:    ORALS
  • Sweet or salty:    TASTE
  • Target for some s*x toys:
  • Performance with an aria:    OPERA
  • Marine animals whose genus name means “of the kingdom of the dead”:    ORCAS
  • Gave out, as cards:    DEALT
  • Common ___:    SENSE

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 15th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Like a good pre-marathon meal, informally:    CARBY
  • “Mr. ___ & the Big Steppers,” 2022 #1 album for Kendrick Lamar:    MORALE
  • Sprinted faster than:    OUTRAN
  • Athletes with polos and tees:    GOLFERS
  • “Ripe” period of one’s life:    OLDAGE
  • Diaper wearers:    BABIES
  • Laced cigarette (found inside FISHERMAN):    SHERM
  • “It’s a possibility”:    COULDBE
  • Cultural event with craft booths:    ARTFAIR
  • Red diamond or black opal, for instance:    RAREGEM
  • Plays at a loud volume:    BLARES
  • Strong desires:    YENS
  • Money, informally:    MOOLAH
  • Oodles and oodles:  GOBS

NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 14th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution

  • Constellation component – STAR
  • Osman of HBO Max’s “Rap Sh!t” – AIDA
  • Aches and ___ : PAINS
  • Archetype of solidity : ROCK
  • Pale and grayish : ASHY
  • Source of maple syrup : SAP
  • Part of a princess costume : TIARA
  • “Hasta la vista” : SEEYALATER
  • Most popular salad dressing in America, per a study : RANCH
  • Firmament : SKY
NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 13th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution
  • Place for saltwater:  OCEAN
  • Not well-thought-out:  HASTY
  • ♫ ♫ ♫:  MUSIC
  • Toucan ___ (cereal mascot):  SAM
  • Painful place for saltwater:  EYE
  • Unit of electrical resistance:  OHM
  • Effect’s counterpart:  CAUSE
  • English class assignment:  ESSAY
  • “Once upon ___ …”:  ATIME
  • It has M.S.G. in it:  NYC
NYT Mini Crossword Answers – 12th October, 2022 Puzzle Solution
  • Ticked off:  MAD
  • Stage of growth:  PHASE
  • One preferring solitude:  LONER
  • Internal body part, or a musical instrument:  ORGAN
  • Crime lab material, for short:  DNA
  • Japanese comics style:  MANGA
  • Sailing the Atlantic, say:  ASEA
  • Laura of “Jurassic Park”:  DERN
  • Trudge slowly:  PLOD
  • External body part, or a musical instrument:  HORN

How to Play NY Times Mini Crossword game

NYT Mini Crossword is the puzzle game that is being updated on a regular basis. The puzzles will be available on NYT Newspaper,  NYT official website, and also Android app. Check the NYT Mini Cross playing instructions and other details from the following.

  • Open the official website of NY times game i.e nytimes.com/games on your browser.
  • Log in to your New York Times account.
  • You can start playing the NYT Mini Crossword.

Steps to Play NYT Mini Crossword game on Android/ IOS App:

  • Open the New York Times app on your Android or IOS device.
  • Play section will be visible.
  • Click The Mini Crossword game
  • Tap Play to begin playing the puzzle.

NYTimes Mini Crossword (NYT) Updates

The NY Times Mini Crossword new words puzzle will be updated at 12:00 AM local time every day. The NYT Mini Crossword game is free to download on any Android device. This game can be played on laptop, PC, Mobile, Tablet, or any other gadget for free.

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