FFIC 2022 Spring Rules and Regulations (Official) – Free Fire India Championship Rulebook

FFIC 2022 Spring Rules and Regulations: This Free Fire Official Esports Rulebook establishes the general rules, and terms and conditions applicable for all Official Competitions organized by Garena in India and Nepal. This rulebook includes (1) the general rules set forth in Section A, and (2) the tournament-specific rules in Section B.

All teams are required to read the general rules and tournament-specific rules. Participation in the tournament signifies that the team agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations. By joining any tournaments organized by Garena, all teams and participants will allow Garena to use their image (team logos, participant photos, interview videos etc.) in promotional materials. Free Fire Official Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Booyah, and other official Garena channels or third-party channels approved by Garena will be the official broadcast channels for tournament updates.

FFIC 2022 Spring Rules and Regulations (Official) – Free Fire India Championship Rulebook

Code of Conduct

  1. General
    1. To maintain a healthy and fair esports ecosystem, it is important for participants to behave with a positive attitude towards the Garena officials and other participants throughout the tournament
    2. Participants must follow the code of conduct. Offenders may receive sanctions ranging from points deduction, disqualification, ban from future tournaments, have part-of or the entirety of their winnings forfeited or all of the above
  2. Sportsmanship & Proper Behaviour
    1. Participants may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libellous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or objectionable towards Garena officials, other participants
    2. Abuse of Garena officials, other participants, or audience members will not be tolerated. Repeated violations, including but not limited to verbal abuse, touching another participant’s devices, body, or property will result in sanctions. Participants and their guests (if any) must treat all individuals with respect
  3. Discrimination & Denigration
    1. Participants shall not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person, or group of people through contemptuous or discriminatory words or actions based on race, ethnicity, national origin, social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion, financial status, birth status, sexual orientation, or any other reason
    2. Flaming / cheating / toxic behaviour is not tolerated. Warnings will be given to the teams that commit such offences
  4. Non-Disparagement
    1. Each participant agrees that they will not, either orally or in writing, defame, comment negatively on, offer adverse opinions about or disparage in any manner Garena, its officials, its subsidiaries’ and affiliates’ agents, contractors or partners. If any participant is found to do so, he / she will be immediately disqualified from the current event and may not be permitted to participate in future official events
  5. Punctuality
    1. All Teams and Players must be in the lobby of the custom room and be ready to play no later than 1 hour before the match starts. If a team is not ready, they will be penalized 
    2. In the event a team has insufficient members to form a squad or are late/not present during the designated time, the team will be deemed unfit for the match and will receive a loss (0 points) by default for the day
    3. All teams and Players need to be punctual for all other ad hoc activities organized by Garena and their appointed partner
    4. Matches will begin as scheduled and briefed unless prior notice is given by Garena regarding postponement or cancellation
    5. Repeated breach of punctuality will result in sanctions
  6. Concluding the Competition
    1. Upon initiating participation in a Tournament, Teams and participants shall continue to participate in the Tournament to its conclusion. Teams and participants shall not refuse to participate in the tournament for any reason including, without limitation, disagreement with a decision by Garena officials, an accusation of competitive integrity of the tournament, or imperfect playing conditions.

Competitive Integrity Measures

  1. General
    1. To ensure competitive integrity, players will be required to follow the steps that will be provided by Garena admins
    2. Monitoring devices need to be arranged by the participating teams themselves
    3. These steps may include:
      1. Monitoring of phone activities during matches
      2. Recording and live streaming of player’s POV
      3. Collection and verification of player’s national identification documents
    4. To conduct player verification, Garena would require players to provide player details for registration. This includes, but is not limited to, valid identification documents, contact details, email and mailing address
    5. Players agree not to submit any information to Garena which is inaccurate or misleading, and agree to inform Garena of any inaccuracies or changes to such information. Garena reserves the right at our sole discretion to require further documentation to verify the information provided by players
    6. Teams who fail to comply with the competitive integrity measures will not be allowed to play and consequently be disqualified

Player and Teams

  1. General
    1. Each player can only be a member of one team/organization in each tournament. Teams with players found to be part of multiple teams (either as a player or substitute or with multiple accounts) will be disqualified
    2. All teams are required to submit their team name, player ingame names and team logo for approval
  2. Seeding
    1. Seeded teams are required to maintain at least 50% of the same roster from the previous tournament that they won the seed from
      1. In the event, the team is split into multiple teams with each of the team holding 50% of the original roster, the team with the original captain will receive the seeded slot
    2. Teams that fail to maintain at least 50% of the same roster will forfeit their seeded slot
  3. Team name and identity
    1. Team name must be unique and must not contain any explicit or vulgar words
    2. Team logo must be unique and original. Logos should not infringe on any copyrights
    3. If the team has no logo or Garena deems the logo unsuitable for the tournament, Garena will provide a logo based on the team’s name
    4. Team name and logo change is not allowed unless approved by Garena
  4. Player ingame name
    1. Player ingame name must be unique and must not contain any explicit or vulgar words
    2. Player ingame names should include their team tag of not more than 3 characters followed by a “-” and their desired name. (e.g TAG-PLAYER1)
    3. Player name change is not allowed unless approved by Garena
  5. Team Roster
    1. After pre-registration and registration, the team roster is locked in and finalized for the event
    2. Player removal will be allowed upon confirmation from all team members
    3. No additions of team members is allowed unless faced with extraordinary circumstances, up to Garena’s discretion
    4. In the event that a player permanently loses access to his/her account, Garena has the discretion to allow the player to use a fresh new account for the tournament, subject to the below conditions:
  • Player provides proof that he/she has lost access to the account permanently (eg. proof that linked Facebook account is banned)
  • Player provides proof that he/she had tried to regain access to the account (eg. communication with Facebook)
  • Player agrees to permanently suspend the old account
  • Player is only allowed to use a fresh account, existing secondary account not allowed (level requirements will be waived for this particular fresh account)
  1. Team Sponsors and Partners
    1. Garena reserves the right to prohibit or remove teams with sponsors or partners that are solely or widely known for drug use, tobacco or cannabis products, pornography or other adult/mature themes and products, gambling, alcohol, cryptocurrency, promoting the use of in-game hacks, cheats, exploits, skins gambling, or in-game currency farming; any product or service prohibited by applicable law, being competitors of Garena or its affiliates, games or tournaments that are not published or organized by Garena or its affiliates
    2. In the event an organization wants to sponsor or acquire a team, the affected team will be allowed to change their team name if the following conditions are fully met:
      1. The player roster remains unchanged
      2. The request is made before the technical meeting of the tournament
      3. The team has not made a prior name change during this tournament
  2. Promotions and ad hoc commitments
    1. Teams and players are required to commit and cooperate with Garena and the appointed tournament organiser in carrying out pre-match test games, photo or video shoots, webcasts, podcasts and other ad hoc activities 
    2. Teams or players that fail to participate or cooperate fully in any promotional or ad hoc activities requested by Garena will be faced with sanctions. Sanctions include, but are not limited to, points deduction penalty, immediate disqualification, ban from future tournaments, forfeiting of a part-of or the entirety of their winnings, or all of the above
  3. Multiple Teams
    1. Limitation of Teams per Organization : Each organization can only own a single team in an official Garena sanctioned league within a region. However, an organization may take part in up to two official Garena sanctioned leagues. This means that an organization may own a maximum of two teams, as long as they are in two separate regions.
    2. If it is identified that an organization has more than one team within a single region, or teams in more than two regions, the organization must immediately dispose of any bonds with one of the teams, as determined by Garena Officials in each case, and penalties up to disqualification may apply, at the sole discretion of Garena Officials.
    3. Establishing Bond : If a team has a partner, officer, director, employee, stockholder, owner, affiliate, representative, agent, consultant or advisor who also participates in any capacity in another team that is in an official Garena sanctioned league, or if the team uses a third-party entity to manage (partially or entirely) its operations and such entity is also contracted by another team, the teams will be considered to belong to the same organization. A team partner, officer, director, employee, stockholder, owner, affiliate, representative, agent, consultant, or advisor may not directly or indirectly control and have financial interest of any kind in any other team and/or organization participating in an official Garena sanctioned league.
    4. If two individuals, each with established bonds with a different team, have ownership in a common entity or venture that is not an esports team, Garena Officials may allow for an exception to this policy, provided that such interest comprises of a completely passive ownership and none of them undertake any operating role (including as an officer, director, employee, representative, agent, consultant, or advisor), and none of them has the ability to control or exercise influence over such common undertaking.


  1. General
    1. Players have to meet all of the following requirements before they are eligible to participate in this tournament:
      1. Player Age Requirement
      2. Rank and Level Requirement
      3. Nationality Requirement
    2. Failure to meet the requirements will result in disqualification
  2. Player Age Requirement
    1. All players have to be 16 years of age or older in 2022
  3. Rank and Level Requirement
    1. All players have to be at least level 40 and Diamond I rank with a Rank Point of 2538 throughout the entire period of FFIC FFC Qualifier
  4. Nationality Requirement
    1. Players have to be from India or Nepal
    2. Shortlisted players are required to submit proof of nationality after FFC to determine that they are residents of India or Nepal.

Match Rules

  1. General
    1. Players can use supporting items in the game such as load outs, characters, character skills and other skins
    2. Use of emulators (Bluestacks, Nox, Memu, etc.) is prohibited during the tournament
    3. Use of illegal third-party programs is prohibited
    4. It is forbidden to use additional or supporting devices, such as a gamepad or additional buttons such as Controller R1 – L1 and others during the matches. For example, X mode – Air trigger ban. External software that changes the FF game mechanism. ROG’s X Mode feature will not be enabled and available for the tournament.
    5. Players are responsible for their own internet connection and Garena will not be responsible for any network or connection issues
  2. Tournament Settings
    1. Squad Mode Battle Royale
    2. Squad Size: Minimum 5 players  (4 Players and 1 Substitute) and Maximum of 6 players (4 Players and 2 Substitutes). Teams are strongly encouraged to register 6 players, to ensure adequate substitutes
    3. Gun properties: Off
    4. Revival System – ON

Tournament Schedule

  1. Registration
    1. Registration will be done through the ingame mode, FFC
    2. Registration starts from 7 February 2022, 09:00 IST until 11 February 2022, 20:00 IST through FFC Mode
    3. Teams are required to have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 6 players. 
    4. Teams are strongly encouraged to register 6 players, to ensure adequate substitutes
    5. FFC Matchmaking will take place between 16:00 – 20:00 IST on 11 February 2022
  2. Tournament Format

(The below mentioned date / time may be changed at Garena’s discretion. Players will be informed beforehand through official channels)

FFC RegistrationsMon- Fri, 7 – 11 Feb 202209:00 IST
FFC Match DayFri, 11 Feb 2022 17:00 – 21:00 IST
Closed Qualifiers Day 112 TeamsWed, 16 Feb 202218:00 IST
Closed Qualifiers Day 212 TeamsThu, 17 Feb 202218:00 IST
Closed Qualifiers Day 312 TeamsFri, 18 Feb 202218:00 IST
Closed Qualifiers Day 412 TeamsSat, 19 Feb 202218:00 IST
Closed Qualifiers Day 5 (League Play-ins)Sun, 20 Feb 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 1AB (12)Fri, 11 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 2BC (12)Sat, 12 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 3AC (12)Sun, 13 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 4BC (12)Fri, 18 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 5AC (12)Sat, 19 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 6AB (12)Sun, 20 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 7AC (12)Fri, 25 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 8AB (12)Sat, 26 Mar 202218:00 IST
League Match Day 9BC (12)Sun, 27 Mar 202218:00 IST
Finals Play-insSun, 3 Apr 202218:00 IST
Grand FinalsSun, 10 Apr 202218:00 IST

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