Sakshi EPaper Today AP & TS PDF Download Free

Sakshi EPaper Today AP & TS: Sakshi is an Indian Telugu language daily newspaper sold mostly in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It was launched on 23 March 2008 by Jagati Publications Ltd. owned by Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. Now, the Sakshi e-paper PDF is accessible to download for readers who are using mobile, tab or laptop to read this news editorial. The Sakshi paper publishes various news articles daily for all types of news followers. Mainly, students and competitors who are appearing in various competitive examinations like IAS, SSC, RRB, PSC, UPSC, and all other Competitive Exams can check the daily educational articles on Newspaper. Now, the competitors can download important articles from the Sakshi Paper archives and save them to refer further.

Sakshi EPaper Today AP & TS PDF Download Free

Sakshi was the first Telugu daily to publish all of its pages in colour for all editions. It is currently run under the chairmanship of Y. S. Bharathi Reddy, wife of Jagan Mohan Reddy. The media group also owns the Telugu news channel, Sakshi TV. From July to December 2019, Sakshi had an average daily circulation of 10.64 lakh. It ranks second in circulation among Telugu daily newspapers behind Eenadu and sixteenth in India across languages.

Sakshi Newspaper Today – Important Information

Newspaper NameSakshi
TypeIndian Telugu-language daily newspaper
Owner(s)Y. S. Bharathi Reddy
Founded23 March 2008
HeadquartersHyderabad, India

Download Sakshi Newspaper PDF – Sakshi ePaper Free PDF

The Sakshi Daily Newspaper various national and international news for reader’s awareness. The news articles related to Education. Science and Technology, Politics, and many other categories will be published daily. Sakshi paper is having a lot of reputation in not only Telugu states but also across India. Now, the Sakshi is letting the readers to go through the newspaper online in e-paper format. Readers can read and download Sakshi e-paper pdf daily. Students and competitors appearing for the competitive exams can download the educational contents from the sakshi paper and save them to read further.

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Sakshi ePaper Today PDF Download For AP and Telangana

We will Update the Official Sakshi epaper PDF link every day at 6.00 to 7.00 AM.

Andhra Pradesh ePaper PDFTelangana ePaper PDF
AP SAKSHI 30-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 30-03-2023 PDF

SAKSHI Newspaper Today Download Districts Wise

Andhra PradeshTelangana
Ananthapur District

Alluri Sitarama Raju District

Anakapalle District

Annamaiah District

Bapatla District

Chittoor District

East Godavari District

Eluru District

Guntur District

Kakinada District

Konaseema District

Krishna District

Kurnool  District

Nandyala District

NTR District

Palanadu District

Prakasam District

SPSR Nellore District

Sri Satyasai District

Srikakulam District

Tirupati District

Vijayanagaram District

Visakhapatnam District

West Godavari District

YSR Kadapa District
Adilabad District

Bhadradri District

Hanamakonda District

Hyderabad District

Jagtial District

Jangaon District

Jayashankar District

Jogulamba District

Kamareddy District

Karimnagar District

Khammam District

Komaram Bheem District

Mahabubabad District

Mahabubnagar District

Mancherial District

Medak District

Mulugu District

Nagarkurnool District

Nalgonda District

Narayanpet District

Nirmal District

Nizamabad District

Peddapalli District

Rajanna District

Ranga Reddy District

Sangareddy District

Siddipet District

Suryapet District

Vikarabad District

Wanaparthy District

Warangal District

Yadadri District

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Andhra Pradesh ePaper PDFTelangana ePaper PDF
AP SAKSHI 29-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 28-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 27-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 26-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 29-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 28-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 27-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 26-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 25-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 24-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 23-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 22-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 21-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 20-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 19-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 18-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 17-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 25-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 24-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 23-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 22-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 21-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 20-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 19-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 18-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 17-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 16-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 16-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 15-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 14-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 15-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 14-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 13-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 13-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 12-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 11-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 12-03-2023 PDF
TS SAKSHI 11-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 10-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 10-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 09-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 09-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 08-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 08-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 07-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 07-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 06-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 06-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 05-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 05-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 04-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 04-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 03-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 03-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 02-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 02-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 01-03-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 01-03-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 28-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 28-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 27-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 27-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 26-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 26-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 25-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 25-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 24-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 24-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 23-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 23-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 22-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 22-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 21-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 21-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 20-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 20-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 19-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 19-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 18-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 18-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 17-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 17-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 16-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 16-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 15-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 15-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 14-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 14-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 13-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 13-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 12-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 12-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 11-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 11-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 10-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 10-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 09-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 09-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 08-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 08-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 07-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 07-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 06-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 06-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 05-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 05-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 04-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 04-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 03-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 03-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 02-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 02-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 01-02-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 01-02-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 31-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 31-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 30-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 30-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 29-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 29-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 28-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 28-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 27-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 27-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 26-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 26-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 25-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 25-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 24-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 24-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 23-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 23-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 22-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 22-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 21-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 21-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 20-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 20-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 19-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 19-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 18-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 18-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 17-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 17-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 16-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 16-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 15-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 15-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 14-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 14-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 13-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 13-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 12-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 12-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 11-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 11-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 10-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 10-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 09-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 09-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 08-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 08-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 07-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 07-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 06-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 06-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 05-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 05-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 04-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 04-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 03-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 03-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 02-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 02-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 01-01-2023 PDFTS SAKSHI 01-01-2023 PDF
AP SAKSHI 29-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 29-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 28-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 28-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 27-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 27-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 26-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 26-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 25-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 25-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 24-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 24-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 23-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 23-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 22-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 22-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 21-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 21-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 20-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 20-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 19-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 19-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 18-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 18-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 17-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 17-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 16-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 16-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 15-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 15-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 14-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 14-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 13-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 13-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 12-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 12-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 11-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 11-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 10-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 10-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 09-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 09-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 08-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 08-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 07-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 07-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 06-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 06-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 05-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 05-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 04-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 04-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 03-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 03-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 02-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 02-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 01-12-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 01-12-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 30-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 30-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 29-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 29-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 28-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 28-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 27-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 27-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 26-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 26-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 25-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 25-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 24-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 24-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 23-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 23-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 22-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 22-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 21-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 21-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 20-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 20-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 19-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 19-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 18-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 18-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 17-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 17-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 16-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 16-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 15-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 15-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 14-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 14-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 13-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 13-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 12-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 12-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 11-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 11-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 10-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 10-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 09-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 09-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 08-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 08-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 07-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 07-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 06-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 06-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 05-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 05-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 04-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 04-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 03-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 03-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 02-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 02-11-2022 PDF
AP SAKSHI 01-11-2022 PDFTS SAKSHI 01-11-2022 PDF

How to download SAKSHI Epaper PDF Free?

  • Visit the Sakshi e-paper official website,
  • You can Select your respective state like Andhra Pradesh or Telangana
  • Click on “sakshi e-paper download” link.
  • The PDF file will be downloaded.
  • Click on it to read the Sakshi e-paper.

SAKSHI Newspaper History

Sakshi was founded by Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the son of then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy. According to a CBI chargesheet filed against Jagan Mohan Reddy, the investments in Sakshi newspaper and Sakshi TV were quid pro quo bribes by those people who had benefited from their unfair deals with his father’s government.

Sakshi was launched on 23 March 2008 with 23 editions — nineteen editions from Andhra Pradesh, and four from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. At a price of ₹60 per month, Sakshi was marketed as a less expensive alternative to all other prominent Telugu dailies at the time which were priced at ₹96–100 per month. To stand out from its competition, Sakshi adopted high-quality production values. It had 30-pages, all of them in colour broadsheet format. The paper’s layouts were designed by Mario Garcia.

23 Multi Colored Editions

Sakshi newspaper is published in 23 multi-colored editions (one edition per district) by Jagati Publication, of which Y. S. Bharathi, wife of Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, is the chairperson.

Sakshi was launched on 24 March 2008. It gained recognition as the first regional newspaper designed by newspaper designer, Mario García.

Sakshi began with 25 editions published simultaneously from 19 cities (in then Andhra Pradesh) along with the four metropolitan areas of Maharastra, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. This record was acknowledged by the Limca Book of Records. Sakshi was the second newspaper in India to publish all of its pages in colour. Sakshi is now available online every day with all of its editions along with the regional editions.

IMP NOTE: This is not official website of Sakshi Epaper. We are just sharing the newspaper pdf’s files which is already freely available on Sakshi official website. Official website of Sakshi ePaper is If, anyone has any questions, feel free to contact us.


What is the Official Website to Download Free Sakshi Epaper Pdf?

Sakshi Epaper is available in PDF format at official website;

Is Sakshi E-paper is Free to Download?

Yes, readers can download Sakshi e-paper for free. Visit the SAkshi official website, to download the e-paper PDF. Students can download educational articles for free and save them to pursue later.

Can I read old Sakshi newspapers on website?

Yes, On Sakshi website, readers can view the archives of old newspapers date-wise and month-wise. Simply, Navigate to the date and download the newspaper of that date.

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